Stage 2-4

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Not to be confused with World 2-4, Level 2-4, or Area 2-4.
Stage 2-4
Stage 2-4 of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy.
Level code 2-4
World Forest
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 100 seconds
Boss Donkey Kong
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Stage 2-4 is the fourth level of the Forest in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong and the first encounter with Donkey Kong in the forest. This stage is similar to the Vine Scene of Donkey Kong Jr.


Mario starts at the bottom where to get to the top he must climb Ropes while avoiding Snapjaws thrown by Donkey Kong that go down the ropes to get him. There are also spikes in the gaps which cause Mario to lose a life. Mario must climb up the ropes up and across the platform with a Snapjaw where he can knock fruit down to defeat it. After climbing across the four ropes Mario must jump from the last rope over to two more where he can jump over to knock the fruit down to defeat the Snapjaw below. Mario can either choose to jump to the next rope or use the Jump Stand to get up to the next rope. Once on it he must climb up while still avoiding the Snapjaws until he reaches the top. Then he must head left and hold on to the rope if there are any Snapjaws in his way then make it to the last rope to climb up to Pauline ending the level with Donkey Kong taking Pauline away again.


Cutscene after level completion[edit]

Donkey Kong runs and encounters some Barrels (which he puts Pauline on top of) and throws them at Mario once he arrives. Mario jumps over the first barrel then Handstand Jumps over the second barrel, then he deflects the last two barrels with his feet. Donkey Kong is shocked by this, grabs Pauline and runs while Mario chases after Donkey Kong while still handstanding. This cutscene shows the handstand can also block barrel attacks from above. The player is then given lives based on their score.