King Zing Sting (Donkey Kong Land 2)

King Zing Sting
King Zing Sting from Donkey Kong Land 2
Level code 3 - BOSS
World Krazy Kremland
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Boss King Zing
Music track Crocodile Cacophony
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King Zing Sting is the boss level of Krazy Kremland, the third world of Donkey Kong Land 2, and it involves a boss fight against King Zing. Clearing this stage unlocks the fourth world, Gloomy Gulch.


The battle takes place in a square-shaped enclosure inside a hive. The Kongs spawn on top of an Animal Barrel which forcefully transforms them into Squawks. King Zing flies from side to side, moving up or down when he reaches a wall. Squawks can damage him by hitting him with eggs. After each hit, he will enter a state of invulnerability in which he flashes while chasing Squawks for a brief period, then return to the top of the screen and resume his regular movement pattern. After the second hit, he starts leaving behind Zingers, which fly in place. These can be defeated with eggs like any other Zinger, otherwise they will simply disappear after a few seconds. The more damage King Zing takes, the faster he gets. He takes five hits to take down, and he drops a Banana Coin when defeated.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たいけつ!ボス・キングB
Taiketsu! Bosu Kingu Bī
Showdown! Boss King B