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I like Toads.

Games I've Beaten

  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Paper Mario
  • Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door
  • Super Paper Mario
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • New Super Mario Bros.

The below list is a list of characters (good) that appear in the Mario series. Some names/info may be fanon/conjecture, but it is the most appropriate for the character, especially for the unnamed.

Podler - Podler is a bar owner in the town of Glitzville. He has a huge love for hammers and even gives Mario one. That's the manager of the Glitzville Fresh Juice Shop. His name is Podler. Looks like a lot of fight dans gather here since the Glitz Pit is so close. Oh, hey, and by the way...Podler is a huge hammer fan. He totally LOVES hammers.

Eve - Eve is a woman and mother of three living in Twilight Town. She was turned into a pig when Doopliss wrecked havoc on the town. She hada romance with Rogueport innkeeper Podley.

Professor Frankly - Frankly is a professor of U Goom living in the east side of Rogueport. His star student is Goombella and he assists her and Mario's adventure of the secret of the Thousand-Year Door.

Koops - Koops is Koopa living in sunny Petalburg. He is very shy and has a relationship with Koopie Koo. He joined Mario on his adventure of the secret of the Thousand-Year Door. In Hooktail Castle, he, along with Goombella and Mario, fought the dragon and rescued his father, Koopley.


Koopley - Koops father, Koopley, was eaten by Hooktail, but he survived in his stomach by hiding in his shell for ten years. After rescue by Mario and party, he returns to Petalburg.

Lucky - This Bob-omb runs the lottery in the west side of Rogueport.

Herb Toad - This Toad runs and owns a small bar underground, Herb's Tea Shop, below Rogueport.

Wonky - Wonky is an infomation seller who resides at Herb Toad's bar. He will sell infomation on legends and local gossip for a mere price.

Zess Toad - This fiesty old woman is a world renowned chef in Rogueport. She is very cranky and snappy. She was seen flirting with Toadsworth. She is Tayce Toad's sister.


Chancellor - This older Toad is the advisor to Princess Peach who resides at Mushroom Castle. He has a high level of authority and has command of the Royal Gaurds, including the Vault Guard.

ToadMinister PM.png

Toad Minister - This Toad is a high ranking government offical along with Chancellor. He oversees issues and matters throughout the kingdom from his home in the castle. He was one of those who was imprisoned in the attack on the castle by Bowser when under control of the Star Rod.

Prince Mush - Former champion of the Glitz Pit, Prince Mush resides with his sister in Glitzville. He was kidnapped and almost killed by Grubba who stole Prince Mush's power and strength.

Excess Express Waitress - This woman is the Excess Express's waitress. She makes her home in Poshley Heights but works 24/7 on the train, serving numerous passengers. Her ex-boyfriend is the Regular Squeek Customer who lives at Podley's Place in Rogueport. She was kidnapped along with the other passengers and crew on the train when the Smorg monster attacked, but was rescued.

Toodles - Toodles is a rich lady who makes her residence in the luxurious community of Poshley Heights. She is dressed in expensive clothing and wears pricey jewelry and makeup. She was kidnapped along with the other passengers and crew on the train when the Smorg monster attacked, but was rescued.

Chef Torte - This Koopa chef is an extrodinary baker, especially in cakes. He resides at the Marrymore wedding chapel in the Mushroom Kingdom. At first he was hostile towards Mario and his party, but backed down. He was only trying to protect his cake.


Monstermama - This elderly woman is the leader of Monstro Town in the Mushroom Kingdom. She helps Mario in his quest for the seven stars. Her job is to prevent the residents of the town from turning back to their old, monstrous lifestyles.


Sergeant Flutter - This Paratroopa is a resident of Monstro Town and good friends with Monstermama. He, under the request of Monstermama, helps Mario in his journey for the seven stars.


Dyna Mole & Mite Mole - These two children were trapped in the mines of Moleville. However they were rescued by Mario and returned to their parents.

Lady Bow - This Boo is the leader of Boo's Mansion located near the village of Gusty Gulch. She is aided by her butler, Bootler. She joins Mario on his adventure to rescue the star spirits and Princess Peach. She often travels to Poshley Heights for vacation.

Peeka - This young lady runs the Westside Goods store in western Rogueport. She also seems to have a connection to the Pianta Syndicate, only allowing those who know the password to get to their headquarters. Her sister is the Pianta Parlor clerk, Lahla.

Lahla - This 18 year old ex-model is the counter-girl of the Pianta Parlor in Rogueport. Her sister is Peeka, owner of a shop in western Rogueport.

Arfur - This Doogan is a resident of Rogueport. He lives in the eastern part of town and is often whispering to Swindell, probably about schemes and scams. He is always trying to find out the best deals to save his money.

Dupree - Dupree is blue Doogan with a pink afro and a French accent. He can be seen following Mario to all the towns he comes across while searching for the crystal stars. He also can be found hitting on a woman in each town such as the Twilight Town Shopkeeper's Wife and the Fahr Outpost Inn Inkeeper. He also seems to be stalking Goombella.

Yoshi Excess Express Passenger - This green Yoshi is sometimes passenger of the Excess Express. He can be seen traveling to and from Rogueport and Poshley Heights. It is unknown where he makes his home, possibly Yoshi's Village, or even in Rogueport or Poshley Heights.

Yoshi's Village Chief - This old Yoshi is the leader of the village, Yoshi's Village located on tropical Lavalava Island. He was once a micheivious hooligan when younger.

PM Yellow Yoshi.png

Yoshi's Village Chief's Advisor - This yellow Yoshi is his hometown leader's best friend and advisor of some sorts.

Paratroopa NSMB artwork.png

Paratroopa - This Koopa is a Paratroopa who shares the same name as his species. He's a neutral Koopa who likes to partake in sporting and racing events such as golf, tennis, baseball, kart racing and so on.


Pa-Patch - Pa-Patch is a purple Bob-omb sailor. He has a lot of experience venturing the seas. He once lived in Rogueport but now makes his home in Keelhaul Key. That's Pa-Patch the Bob-omb. He's a real salty sailor type. Totally active guy, huh? Yeah, he looks pretty burly, too. Gotta love strong go-getters, huh?

Bruce - This blue Bob-omb was once held captive in the Koopa Bros. Fortress, however he was rescued and now resides in Kooper's house with two other Bob-ombs. He is in love with Bombette.

Fahr Outpost Mayor - This older green Bob-omb is the mayor of the Bob-omb town, Fahr Outpost. He is a secretive and stubborn person. He won't let Mario use the town cannon in order to reach the X-Naut Fortress at first, but eventually allows him to do so.

Don Pianta - This Pianta is the head of the Pianta Syndicate located in the town of Rogueport. He is retired and spends his days overseeing his Pianta Parlor. His daughter, Francesca, is now head of the mob. He is rivals with Robbo Gang leader, Ishnail.

Ishnail - This snail-like creature is the leader of the Robbo Gang and rivals with Don Pianta. He lives in the east side of Rogueport with his gang members in a house. He is apparently suffering from some financial issues.

Francesca Pianta - This woman is the son of Don Pianta and husband of Frankie. She is now the head of the Pianta Syndicate and makes her home in Keelhaul Key with her husband and some of the crew of the sunken S.S. Flavio.

Desert Toad - This famous composer can be found living in Dry Dry Outpost. He helps Master Poet by turning his lyrics into a melody for Chanterelle so she can get her voice back and sing again.

Master poet.png

Master Poet - This extrodinary poet is a resident of the kingdom capitol, Toad Town. He resides at Club 64 and writes a song (through the help of Desert Toad) for his love, Chanterelle, so she can get her voice back.


Parakarry - This Paratroopa is the kingdom's mail carrier, along with Mailtoad. He makes the Post Office his home and spends his time delivering mail all throughout the kingdom's towns.


Postmaster - This guy is one serious, stubborn and hardheaded Paratroopa. He's the kingdom's postmaster. He resides in the Post Office in Toad Town, sorting through letters for Parakarry and Mailtoad to deliver.

Mailtoad - Mailtoad is a purple Toad who accompanies Mario and Peach to Isle Delfino. He was also a part of the Toad Brigade. Mailtoad delivers letters to Mario while at the Comet Observatory. Upon returning to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mailtoad gets a job at the Post Office.


Toadette - Toadette is a cute Toad clad in pink. She lives in Peach's castle with Toad since she is his sister. She loves to partake in sporting and racing events.

PM Red Yoshi.png

Yoshi's Village Greeter - This friendly Red Yoshi is the greeter of Yoshi's Village. He warmly greets passerby and visitors entering the village.

Podley - This fellow owns Podley's Place in Rogueport. He is old friends with Admiral Bobbery and had a romance with Eve. His Chuckola Cola is a popular drink in town and there's two residents, a Squeek and a Bob-omb sailor, who've practically made the bar their home because they love Podley's drinks so much!

PMTTYD Bobbery Artwork.png

Admiral Bobbery - This retired sea captain is an old Bob-omb living in Rogueport, next to Professor Frankly. He is a very good navigator and is recruited by Mario to come along on Flavio's voyage to Keelhaul Key.


Flavio - Twenty-five year old Flavio is a very rich man, in fact, the second richest man in Rougeport (the first presumably being Don Pianta). He was the richest man until he lost his ship when Cortez and his embers attacked it. He lives in Podley's Place.


Mousimilian - This Squeek lives in Rogueport and can be found hanging out in front of the Toad Bros. Bazaar everyday, scheming up ways to learn loot; quickly and easy. He also seems to get his ideas from being struck violently in the head due to the trouble he posted in the Trouble Center asking that someone hit him in the head until he thinks of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Dazzle - Dazzle is in love with star pieces. He will trade badges to those who have star pieces. He can be found living in Rougeport (in the ruins aka the sewers).

Vanna Toad - This lady is Chuck Quizmo's lovely assistant. She awards the winner of Chuck's game shows with a lovely star piece. She is always seen by his side and they both travel allthroughout the kingdom. Their home is in Toad Town.

Tayce Toad - This elderly Toad is a famous and talented cook living in Toad Town. She excells in baking cakes. According to a neighbor, she was taught how to cook by Gooma. She is Zess Toad's sister.

Niff Toad.png

Niff Toad - Niff Toad makes his home at Niff T.'s Shop in Petalburg selling goods to the townsfolk and passerby. His local competitors are the Toad Bros. of Rogueport.

Fice Toad - This Toad is the royal guard watching over the entrance to the Forever Forest in Toad Town. He lives in a shack near the entrance and is a easily-terrified guard, especially afraid of Boos. Bootler will sometime scare him for fun.

Worried Toad Sailor.jpg

Worried Toad Sailor - This sailor is a worrywort. He lives in Rougeport with his brother, who was one of the hundred of shipwrecked sailors on Keelhaul Key. He can be found each day working at the docks as well as worrying about everything!

Toad Sailor.jpg

Worried Toad Sailor's Brother - This Toad was once shipwrecked on Keelhaul Key but returned to Rogueport and reunited with his brother. He has jumped back into his daily lifestyle, working at the docks.

Stewart - Stewart is the conductor of the blimp that travels to and from Rogueport and Glitzville. He is a kind Cheep-Cheep who loves helping his passengers, however he actually wanted to be a train conductor, nevertheless, he is still happy.

PM Bartender.gif

Club 64 Bartender - The Toad running the resturant in Toad Town known as Club 64 is a great guy. He serves the town's large population and provides musical entertainment through Chanterelle. He'll share stories with his customers and guarantee everyone a great time.

General White - This white Bob-omb is a citizen of Fahr Outpost and really good friends with Admiral Bobbery. He seems to be an elusive Bob-omb, always going somewhere and disapearing. He is also a very heavy sleeper, being able to ignore numerous hammer whacks.

Chef Shimi - This Cheep-Cheep is a chef who works and lives on the Excess Express serving the passengers and crew, particularly, Heff Toad. He was one of those kidnapped by the Smorg monster, but was rescued by Mario and his party. He has some speech problems when speaking to non Cheep-Cheep people. It is teased that he is only able to cook with mushrooms.

NSMB Green Koopa Troopa Artwork.png

Koopa - Koopa, who shares the same name as his species, is a neutral denzien of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is also somewhat greedy, being obsessed with money and business, known for being a part of the hotel business. While not working, he also likes to be competitive in sporting and racing events. He usually pairs up with his good friend, Paratroopa. He lives in Koopa Village, running a shop, Koopa's Shop, and eager to make money. What a suprise.


Koover - This Koopa is a resident of Koopa Village. He spends his days hanging by the Toad House in the village, greeting visitors. He is fishing pals with Goompapa, Muss Toad and Fishmael.

PMTTYD Goombella Artwork.jpg

Goombella - Goombella is a student of U Goom and works under Professor Frankly. She is an aspiring archeologist. She knows just about everything about everyone everywhere. She is a sassy and smart Goomba. She was saved from some X-Naut thugs and joins Mario in his adventure for the crystal stars.

Goombario - Young Goombario is a Goomba living in Goomba Village with his family. He was named after Mario according to his father. He joins Mario in his adventure for the seven star spirits and prooves himself as not a wimp anymore once defeating Red & Blue Goomba in a fight. He later becomes friends with the pair.

Ms. Mowz - Ms. Mowz is the owner of the Lovely Howz of Badges shop in Rogueport. How she gets her wares is not entirely known, but it is assumed that she steals them from places such as Hooktail Castle since she is a petty theif. She is also quite flirtatious and can annoy other females.

Carl - Carl is the Excess Express's engineer making his home in western Rogueport. He has the busy job of ferrying passengers to and from Rougeport and Poshley Heights and really enjoys it.

Excess Express Conductor - This Toad is the conductor of the Excess Express. He makes his home in western Rougeport. He serves his passengers with pride. Unfortunetly, he is sometimes possessed by the ghost that lives on the train.