Fortune Teller

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Fortune Teller"
Fortune Teller
Production number 118
Airdate October 19, 1989
Guest star(s) Kay Ballard
Title reference None
Cartoon episode "Mario Meets Koop-zilla"
Zelda preview "Doppelganger"
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"Fortune Teller" is the thirty-fourth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Mario Meets Koop-zilla".

Plot Synopsis

Near the refrigerator in the apartment, Mario is searching for the "lucky spot" on the refrigerator; after discerning that one small portion of the fridge isn't the lucky spot, due to him and Luigi not winning a church raffle while something was there, Mario places a piece of paper on what he thinks to be the lucky spot on the fridge. As Mario places the paper there, Luigi approaches him and asks what Mario has, which Mario responds to by taking the paper off the bridge and telling Luigi its for the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway. After informing Luigi about the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway, Mario goes on to tell him the prizes that they could win; third prize is an all expense paid trip to Italy with Sophia Loren, second prize is a tour of Hollywood with Annette Funicello, first prize is a night on the town with Madonna and the grand prize is milk and cookies with Scott Baio, a prospect which confuses Mario and Luigi somewhat.

After learning about all these prizes, Luigi goes to sit down, while Mario, after putting the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway paper back on the refrigerator, tells him that there are also several consolation prizes that will be announced next month; as Mario wonders what they could win, an offhanded remark by Luigi gives him the idea of calling someone who can see into the future, which Luigi thinks is a good idea. Sitting at the table, Mario begins to look through the Brooklyn Area Yellow Pages for fortune tellers. After finding listings for fortune cookies, fortune hunters and Wheel of Fortune, Mario and Luigi finally find fortune tellers in the phonebook. Looking over the fortune teller listings, Luigi notices an advertisement for one named Madam AGoGo, which tells Mario and Luigi to call her to discover the prize they will win. Amazed at this extremely specific advertisement, Luigi refers to Madam AGoGo as amazing and terrific, and decides with Mario to call her.

Later, Madam AGoGo, having arrived at Mario Brothers Plumbing, begins shrieking at her crystal ball as Mario and Luigi sit nearby. Finishing shrieking, Madam AGoGo is asked by Luigi if she is conjuring spirits, only to reply to him that she isn't and that her yelling is caused by the chili peppers she had for lunch. After telling Mario and Luigi this, Madam AGoGo exclaims that before she can begin a séance, Luigi must ask her what is on her mind. Doing this, Luigi learns from Madam AGoGo she is thinking about her twenty-five dollar fee, which Luigi hastily gives Madam AGoGo. Putting the twenty-five dollars away, Madam AGoGo has Mario and Luigi join hands with her to begin the séance. Beginning the séance, Madam AGoGo begins trying to call forth spirits and has the lights of the apartment dim. After some trying, Madam AGoGo suddenly tells Mario and Luigi that either all their questions will be answered or they will need to play a quick game of Ring Around the Rosie.

Still overseeing her crystal ball, Madam AGoGo dramatically exclaims that she thinks she's done it, only to say seconds later that she thinks someone is stepping on her foot. After Mario or Luigi take their foot off hers, Madam AGoGo states that she feels a presence listening and tells Mario and Luigi to ask their question; doing so, Mario asks Madam AGoGo if he and Luigi will win the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway, which Madam AGoGo answers with an affirmative. After answering this question, Madam AGoGo tells Mario and Luigi for the bonus round,they can ask one more question; doing so, Luigi asks Madam AGoGo who they will a date with, Sophia Loren, Annette Funicello, Madonna or Scott Baio. To answer Luigi's question, Madam AGoGo states that she sees none of these celebrities, but does state that Mario and Luigi will win a date with a beautiful and mysterious woman.

Asking who this woman is, Mario gets the response from Madam AGoGo that the woman has something to do with a consolation prize before unexpectedly saying that she's hungry. As the lights turn back on, Madam AGoGo asks Mario and Luigi if they want to get some Thai Food with her, which Mario and Luigi decline, saying they are "pizzatarians". Grabbing her crystal ball, Madam AGoGo says her goodbyes to Mario and Luigi and leaves. Once Madam AGoGo is gone, Mario checks what the consolation prize for the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway and, upon reading what it is, can only stutter "Uh-oh!". Confused by Mario's behavior, Luigi grabs the paper revealing what the consolation prize is and is shocked to see that it is a date with the beautiful and mysterious Madam AGoGo.