Adee Don't

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Adee Don't"
Adee Don't
Production number 138
Airdate November 13, 1989
Guest star(s) Melanie Chartoff
Title reference Adee Do!
Cartoon episode "Karate Koopa"
Zelda preview "Fairies in the Spring"
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"Adee Don't" is the fifty-first live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Karate Koopa."

Plot Synopsis

One day at Mario Brothers Plumbing, all sorts of filming equipment has been set up, along with a large, cardboard tap wheel. As Mario finishes practicing a jingle he made up for his and Luigi's business, Luigi whines that he is nervous about doing their first live TV commercial. Mario tells him to relax, as it's only going to be broadcasted in Brooklyn, but Luigi warns him that Brooklynites have very big laughs, and that they may end up embarrassing themselves. Mario tells Luigi to relax again, and informs him that he asked TV star Tawny Tyler to come over and help them.

Luigi doesn't buy Mario's claim about Tawny Tyler, and asks how he got her to come despite the trouble they caused her beforehand. The doorbell rings, so Luigi tells the guest to enter, and she reveals herself to be none other than Tawny Tyler. After Mario thanks Tawny for coming, Tawny brings up a proposition; she'll help them with their commercial, provided that they help her disconnect the sprinkler system that they installed in her house the previous month, as she claims that her three-story house is currently a three-story pool. After hearing Tawny's story, Luigi figures that her house cleaning must be a breeze.

Sitting down in a chair, Tawny asks to see Mario and Luigi's performance, prompting Mario and Luigi to sing their jingle for her:

For super clogs and toilet blogs
Don't call your dog or mother
We're very fast and very cheap
Cuz we're the Mario Brothers

After hearing their jingle, Tawny tells Mario and Luigi that it was "interesting", and tells them to go right ahead and perform it in front of the cameras. As Mario and Luigi stand in front of the camera, Mario suddenly begins to feel petrified, and stops moving.

Pacing back and forth, Tawny concludes that Mario has developed a case of camera fright. Waving his hand in front of Mario's face, Luigi asks Tawny as to what they should do, and after some pondering, she tells him that she usually does her famous twirl, as it always loosens her up. Luigi agrees to let Tawny try it, picks up a microphone, and proceeds to narrate her actions. After Tawny walks over to the couch and displays it for the camera, Luigi fails to revive Mario. Tawny tries to present Mario and Luigi's vase full of dead, artificial roses, as well as their porcelain cat with a broken tail which also doubles as a pinky ring, and their turquoise bowl that also serves as a pith helmet.

Having barely revived Mario, Luigi leads him over to the tap wheel and tells him to spin it. As he does, a rod from the filming equipment hits his head, bringing him back to reality. As Mario stands in front of the camera again with Luigi and Tawny, he redevelops his case of camera fright. Luigi asks Tawny as to what they should do at this point, and she tells him that they have plenty of time, but an announcer tells them that they only have fifteen seconds before they go live.

Tawny tells Luigi to panic, and just as Luigi announces that he's giving up the whole commercial, Tawny tells him to go on camera as an unknown, boring plumber from Brooklyn, and come back a famous, boring plumber from Brooklyn, and to leave Mario to her. Just as the filming starts, Tawny stands behind Mario and uses her hands to make pretend gestures for Mario, while Luigi and her proceed to sing their jingle. As Mario takes a bow, he reveals that Tawny was standing behind him the whole time, embarrassing her greatly.