Visteon Dockable Entertainment System

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Visteon Dockable Entertainment System
Dockable entertainment 34.jpg
Released USA July 2006
Discontinued Unknown
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Unknown
The console's controller.

The Visteon Dockable Entertainment System is a combination of car DVD Player and a Game Boy Advance. Sold at car dealerships, the console is notable for containing officially licensed Game Boy Advance hardware, as Visteon partnered with Nintendo to announce the product at CES 2006.

Hardware Specifications[edit]

  • 10.2" Flip Down LCD Display
  • 6-Pin Auxiliary Port
  • Infrared Port
  • DVD Drive
  • Game Boy Advance Cartridge Slot

Alongside this, the console came with a wireless game controller, a set of wireless headphones, a remote control, and compatibility with MP3 and WMA CD files