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I, Super Volker89, am the official successor to Volker89, who mysteriously stopped coming to the site. It is rumored that his account got hacked.

History of the Volker Namesake

The name's creation began five years ago, at the beginning of Volker89's German class. His class had to pick their own German names from a list. Not knowing what name to pick, he saw the name "Volker" on the list and went with that. Unfortunately, someone else picked the name first, but after a short dispute, he decided to be addressed as Volker Zwei (Volker 2). He was called this for most of the year, and part of the following year, until "Volker the Great" dropped out of class. Eventually, after "Volker the Great" left, everyone began calling him just plain Volker.

Long story short, he began using the name Volker as his screen name on many websites. Later, he added "89" on the end of it for no reason at all. To honor him, I adopted his name and added "Super" onto the name to distinguish me from him.

Mario related dreams

For some reason I've had the same dreams at the same time that Volker89 did. Cosmic isn't it?

The first dream I had, that I can recall, took place when I was six years old. I was in the first world of Super Mario 64. Mario and I were running around and butt stumping blocks. Then we began juming off the elevator and doing wall jumps.

The next dream that comes to mind happened when I was ten or so. My Grandparents', Luigi and I were walking into the attic of an old house. We began hearing bumps and thuds, then part of the floor collapsed. All of a sudden, ghosts started to pop out. We tried to fight them off, but they overwhelmed us and we had to retreat. Weird thing is, I dreamt this before Luigi's Mansion was even an idea. When the game was announced, it made me feel ripped off, like someone was reading my brain waves. Which reminds me of yet another dream...

I was about eight years old and it was one year after Diddy Kong Racing was released. The dream started just like the opening cinema, except there was a difference: Donkey Kong was a racer. When the title screen appeared, the announcer shouted "Donkey Kong Racing." Sure enough, years later Donkey Kong Racing was coined. It's like I'm psychic or something.

Friend Codes

Wii console: 5561 2429 8797 4433

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

Mario Kart Wii:

Mario Kart DS:

Let me know if you added me.

Tasks to accomplish

  • Add comments about the games I've played.
  • Contribute more.
  • Edit pages besides my own.

Favorite Marioverse songs

Marioverse games I'm looking forward to getting (when they come out)

Marioverse games I've played

Donkey Kong series

Box Cover Name Ownage? Status
Diddysracing.jpg Diddy Kong Racing Check mark.svg Beat Adventure mode and unlocked all characters
Donkey Kong NES Cover.png Donkey Kong Check mark.svg (Animal Crossing)
X mark.svg (all others)
Beat the Animal Crossing version
DKGBBoxAmerica.jpg Donkey Kong Check mark.svg
100x100px Donkey Kong 3 Check mark.svg (Animal Crossing)
Dk64.jpg Donkey Kong 64 Check mark.svg Beat 100%
Boxart dkc front.png
Donkey Kong Country GBC US box art.jpg
Donkey Kong Country
X mark.svg (SNES)
Check mark.svg (GBC)
Almost beat the GBC version
DKC2.jpg Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest X mark.svg (SNES)
Check mark.svg¹ (VC)
DKC3 Cover.jpg Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! X mark.svg (SNES)
Donkey Kong Jr NES Cover.png Donkey Kong Jr. Check mark.svg (Animal Crossing)
X mark.svg (NES)
Played the NES version at a friend's house
Dk jr math box.jpg Donkey Kong Jr. Math Check mark.svg (Animal Crossing)
Donkey Kong Land Box Art.jpg Donkey Kong Land Check mark.svg
Donkey Kong Land 2 Box Art.jpg Donkey Kong Land 2 Check mark.svg
Donkey Kong Land 3 Box Art.jpg Donkey Kong Land III Check mark.svg

Game & Watch series

Box Cover Name Ownage? Status
GameWatchGallery.jpg Game & Watch Gallery Check mark.svg
Game Watch Gallery 2 NA boxart.png Game & Watch Gallery 2 Check mark.svg Beat 100%
Gameandwatch3.jpg Game & Watch Gallery 3 Check mark.svg Beat 100%
G&WGA-BoxCover.jpeg Game & Watch Gallery 4 Check mark.svg

Mario series

Box Cover Name Ownage? Status
DDRMMboxartfront.jpg Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix X mark.svg Only played once at EB Games
DrMarioBox.jpg Dr. Mario X mark.svg (NES) Played at a friend's house
DM64 Cover.jpg Dr. Mario 64 Check mark.svg
Luigi's Mansion Box.png Luigi's Mansion Check mark.svg Got a Rank A mansion in the normal mansion
MarioLuigiPartnersTime.jpg Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Check mark.svg Got to the final battle
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Box NA.png Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Check mark.svg Ditto
Mario Bros NES Cover.png Mario Bros. X mark.svg Played at a friend's house
MGGBC Cover.png Mario Golf Check mark.svg
Mario Golf 64 box.png Mario Golf Check mark.svg Unlocked everything
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour.jpg Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Check mark.svg Unlocked everything
Mario is Missing! Check mark.svg (NES) Beat
Mk doubledash.jpg Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Check mark.svg Unlocked everything
MKSC Box Art.jpg Mario Kart: Super Circuit Check mark.svg Got up to the Special Cup
MK64 Cover.png Mario Kart 64 Check mark.svg (N64) Unlocked everything
MKDS NA Box Art.png Mario Kart DS Check mark.svg Unlocked everything
MarioKartWiiNTSC.png Mario Kart Wii Check mark.svg
MP1 Cover.png Mario Party Check mark.svg Beat 100%
Mario Party 2 box art.jpg Mario Party 2 Check mark.svg
Mario Party 3 box art.jpg Mario Party 3 Check mark.svg Beat
Mario Party 4 Cover.jpg Mario Party 4 Check mark.svg Beat 1-player mode with Mario
Mario Party 5 box art.png Mario Party 5 Check mark.svg Beat
MP6 Cover.jpg Mario Party 6 Check mark.svg Beat story mode
MP8Box.png Mario Party 8 Check mark.svg Same
MariopartyGBA.jpg Mario Party Advance X mark.svg Played only once at GameStop
MarioParty-e.jpg Mario Party-e Check mark.svg Barely played
MarioPowerTennisBox2.jpg Mario Power Tennis Check mark.svg (GCN)
Mario Teaches Typing 2 X mark.svg Played at a friend's house
MarioTennisGBC.jpg Mario Tennis Check mark.svg Made it to the Island Open
Mario Tennis 64 box art.jpg Mario Tennis Check mark.svg
MTM NES Title Screen.png Mario's Time Machine Check mark.svg (NES) Beat
New Super Mario Bros box.png New Super Mario Bros. Check mark.svg Beat 100%
Paper Mario 64 box.png Paper Mario Check mark.svg Won final battle against Bowser
Super Mario 64 Boxart.png Super Mario 64 Check mark.svg (N64) Got all 120 stars
SMAS.jpg Super Mario All-Stars X mark.svg
SMA.jpg Super Mario Advance Check mark.svg Beat Wart
Super Mario Advance 4 Box.png Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Check mark.svg Beat
Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch) Check mark.svg Beat
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt Check mark.svg Beat
SMB2 Boxart.png Super Mario Bros. 2 Check mark.svg (NES)
SMB3 Boxart.png Super Mario Bros. 3 Check mark.svg (NES)
SMB Deluxe cover art.png Super Mario Bros. Deluxe X mark.svg Played at a friend's house
SMB TLL Title.jpg Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Check mark.svg¹ (VC) Made it to World 4
Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg Super Mario Galaxy Check mark.svg Got all 242 stars
SMK Player's Choice Box Cover.jpg Super Mario Kart Check mark.svg
SarasalandBoxArt.png Super Mario Land Played Played at a cousin's house
Super Mario RPG Box.png Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Check mark.svg (SNES) Made it to Bowser's Keep under Smithy Gang control.
Super Mario World Box.png Super Mario World Check mark.svg
Box NA - Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2.png Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 Check mark.svg Beat 100%
SuperPaperMarioBoxart.jpg Super Paper Mario Check mark.svg Beat the main story and Flipside Pit of 100 Trials
Super Smash Bros N64 box.png Super Smash Bros. Check mark.svg Unlocked everything
SSBM cover art.jpg Super Smash Bros. Melee Check mark.svg Unlocked all but a couple of trophies
SSBB Cover.jpeg Super Smash Bros Brawl Check mark.svg
TAT.jpg] Tetris Attack X mark.svg (SNES) Played briefly at Sears
100x100px Wrecking Crew Check mark.svg
Vs. Super Mario Bros. X mark.svg

Wario series

Box Cover Name Ownage? Status
WarioLandBoxArt.jpg Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 X mark.svg Only played once, at a friend's house
WarioLand2.jpg Wario Land II X mark.svg (GB)
Warioland3.jpg Wario Land 3 Check mark.svg Beat 100%
WL4 European Box Art.jpg Wario Land 4 Check mark.svg Beat 100%
WarioLandShakeIt.jpg Wario Land: Shake It! Check mark.svg
Wario Master of Disguise NA box art.jpg Wario: Master of Disguise Check mark.svg
WarioWare MM EUR cover.jpg WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! X mark.svg Played a friend's copy
Wario World game cover.jpg Wario World Check mark.svg Close to beating

Yoshi series

Box Cover Name Ownage? Status
SMW2.jpg Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island X mark.svg
Nes Box - Yoshi.png Yoshi Check mark.svg
Nes Box - Yoshi's Cookie.png Yoshi's Cookie X mark.svg (NES) Rented once
Super Mario Advance 3 Box Art.jpg Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Check mark.svg Beat Baby Bowser
Yoshi'sSafariBox.png Yoshi's Safari Check mark.svg Barely played
Yoshi's Story Box.png Yoshi's Story Check mark.svg (N64) Beat Baby Bowser

¹ Can't actually own a Virtual Console game

Just in case you haven't figured it out already, I am actually Volker89 under a new alias. What was mentioned about my account being hacked is true.