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Yes, you read correctly, I'm the one and only Volker89. I joined Super Mario Wiki on June 28, 2006, while I was looking for music from Super Mario 64.


Hey all, I'm finally back from a long, unplanned Wikibreak. I will once again be contributing regulary. Time left: 03:18, 29 August 2006-Time returned: 20:58, 2 May 2007.

History of the Namesake

The names creation began two years, at the beginning of German class. The class had to pick their own German names from a list. Not knowing what name to pick, I saw the name "Volker" on the list and went with that. Unfortunately, someone else picked the name first, but after a short dispute, I decided to be addressed as Volker Zwei (Volker 2). I was called this for most of the year, until "Volker the Great" dropped out of class. Eventually, after he left, everyone began calling me just plain Volker.

Long story short, I began using the name Volker as my screen name on many websites. Later, I added "89" on the end of it for no reason at all.

Mario related dreams

The first dream I had, that I can recall, took place when I was six years old. I was in the first world of Super Mario 64. Mario and I were running around and butt stumping blocks. Then we began juming off the elevator and doing wall jumps.

The next dream that comes to mind happened when I was ten or so. My Grandparents', Luigi and I were walking into the attic of an old house. We began hearing bumps and thuds, then part of the floor collapsed. All of a sudden, ghosts started to pop out. We tried to fight them off, but they overwhelmed us and we had to retreat. Weird thing is, I dreamt this before Luigi's Mansion was even an idea. When the game was announced, it made me feel ripped off, like someone was reading my brain waves. Which reminds me of yet another dream...

I was about eight years old and it was one year after Diddy Kong Racing was released. The dream started just like the opening cinema, except there was a difference: Donkey Kong was a racer. When the title screen appeared, the announcer shouted "Donkey Kong Racing." Sure enough, years later Donkey Kong Racing was coined. It's like I'm psychic or something.

Marioverse games I've played

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