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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. This page is kept and protected strictly for historical purposes.

Super Mario Wiki's PipeProjects are similar to Wikipedia's WikiProjects. Therefore, Wikipedia's standards for WikiProjects are roughly equivalent to ours (except that ours are almost all Mario-related) and external links to those guidelines are included on this page for help.

A PipeProject is a portal for a major project that often branches out into multiple articles. With the Super Mario Wiki growing day by day and upcoming Mario games, articles about and relating to those games could use some organization to be completed, hence PipeProjects. When creating PipeProjects, using Template:PipeProject to start out with is straightforward.


Luigi's Mansion, including the article, its talk page, and its two side articles, ghosts and rooms, was the first project to be worked on and inspired the idea behind PipeProjects. As a total of 99 articles were being created (49 ghosts, 49 rooms, and 1 main article), the talk page became cluttered, and ideas on how to create some of the ghosts and rooms' pages were split between the template talk pages and the main talk page, thus making it hard to spread pertinent messages and inspirations throughout the people working on the expansive article. PipeProjects are meant to keep everything related to a project like such on a single page, with its talk page acting as a forum and organizer of the project. It took 25 days to create all 99 articles for Luigi's Mansion, and collaborative PipeProjects are meant to cut that time at least in half on any future undertakings of similar size.

See PipeProjects' own talk page for more details on the origin from one of Super Mario Wiki's contributors.

Should I?

Before creating a PipeProject, be sure that it will involve more than one article, since you can communciate with other members on a single article's talk page instead. Please see Wikipedia's guidelines for more details.

For more on how to create and lead a PipeProject, refer to Wikipedia's best practices for WikiProjects.

Rules for Suggesting PipeProjects

  1. If you have an idea for a PipeProject, you can suggest it here. Make a brief yet clear "description" of what you want the project to do and list yourself as the "director". You also need list for the "supporters" other than yourself and a place for "comments". if you are unsure what to do, copy the formatting of existing PipeProject suggestions.
  2. PipeProjects must contain multiple articles: if you only want to fix a single page, just hold an informal discussion on the talk page; changing a few pages can also be done without the formalities of a PipeProject.
  3. PipeProjects should be about expanding, rewriting and creating content; applying existing templates, categories and infoboxes; and any other work that will fill holes in the database or bring neglected pages up-to-date. If your plan involves changing or creating any policies, you have to propose it through MarioWiki:Proposals, instead of coming straight here.
  4. After a PipeProject is suggested, it must have ten supporters (including the director) in order to be made into an actual, active PipeProject, with its own subpage.
  5. A PipeProject only has two weeks to amass those ten supporters: if there is less than ten supporters two weeks after the project was first suggested, it will be deleted.
  6. If no one joins your PipeProject within the first week after you suggested it, the project will be deleted.
  7. After your project amasses ten supporters you have two weeks to launch it as an active PipeProject. If you have not removed the project suggestion from this page and replace it with a separate subpage within two weeks of when it gained its tenth supporter, the PipeProject will be deleted.
  8. If a launched PipeProject goes inactive for two months straight, its will be re-suggested, with all the original supporters removed from the list. If no new support can be generated, as with all other PipeProjects, will be deleted.

PipeProjects follow the No-Signature policy.

Contents of the Portal

A PipeProject should be created at PipeProject:_____.

On the main page the following is included, but not limited to:

  • So users can bookmark the page, a shortcut can be made that redirects to the PipeProject (PP:__)
  • What it hopes to get accomplished in a set of goals
  • A sign-up section (where you can join by using ~~~).
  • Structure: How to create and/or edit the articles the project applies to
  • Templates and/or Categories to add for each article
  • A link to a good article as an example, if necessary
  • A userbox users can add saying they are part of the specific PipeProject

List of PipeProjects