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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. Therefore, this page is kept and protected strictly for historical reference.

This PipeProject attempts to add articles for every single level in the Marioverse – game by game, focusing mainly on sidescrollers. This task will span over many pages and is especially flagged in need of contributors. In addition, no one level gets its own article: levels will be grouped by world and game.


  1. Create articles for levels, organized by what World they appear in and what game:
    1. Super Mario Bros.
    2. Super Mario Bros. 2
    3. Super Mario Bros. 3
    4. Super Mario World (see Structure below for a note on this game)
    5. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (+6 secret levels in GBA version, see below)
    6. New Super Mario Bros.
    7. Yoshi's Island DS
    8. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    9. Bonus Games: SMB: The Lost Levels, Doki Doki Panic. Save for last.
  2. Create articles for secret levels, organized by game, not world.
  3. Bonus: In relation to PP:M, upload as many images, audio & video for these levels as possible!


A Levels and Secret Levels category is to be created, with possibly a list page as well. Most levels have names that are either a) common (i.e. Level 2-3) or b) specified places that have articles already (Donut Plains). However, it is more important to note the organization of the pages, mentioned above:

  • Sets of levels is to have one page, by game and World.
  • Titles of level pages will be World # (Game abbreviated). I.e. World 4 (SMB), World 4 (SMB2), World 4 (YI), World 4 (NSMB) would include all normal levels (see below) of that particular game.
  • The actual World # page will be a disambiguation page (World 4 will link to all of the pages just listed).
  • If levels have names (like the Yoshi's Island series and SMW), they get the {{levelbox}} template and their own article.


We need helpers for this PipeProject! Please add #~~~ as soon as possible!

  1. 3dejong (creator)
  2. Wayoshi (talk)
  3. Monty Mole (talk)
  4. King Piranha Plant
  5. Purple Yoshi (talk)
  6. Bottle Wizzerd
  7. Lario (talk)
  8. 1337Yoshi
  9. Time Q
  10. Super Luigi! Number one! (talk)
  11. MC Hammer Bro. (talk)
  12. Super-Yoshi (talk)
  13. User:Yoshi Boo 118
  14. User:Paper Boo Guy I'll do what I can.
  15. User:RotMS I can make articles about levels in the DS Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
  16. LaLaLand123 (talk) I can help with NSMB DS and Wii plus Mario 3 and Mario world.
  17. Silver Eevee (talk) I'm already working on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and DK: Jungle Climber
  18. Mario&Kirby180 (talk) I'll work on Yoshi's Island DS
  19. SKmarioman (talk) I have SMB: TLL, SMB3, SMW, NSMB and NSMBWii.
  20. Goomba6 (talk)
  21. guprad (talk)
  22. Goomblob (talk)
  23. Arceus79
  24. Ultra Fuzzy (talk)
  25. Mario & Luigi (talk) I have a lot of Mario games
  26. Cool mario bros (talk) Have:Nsmb wii,smb3,and lost levels
  27. Boidoh (talk) I can help with NSMBWii


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