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Welcome to King Piranha Plant's (Kelt's) Userpage! I'm a Super Mario Galaxy fan, partly because I enjoyed playing the demo, and partly because I just love it. I also love Paper Mario, more than the sequel. For more info, scroll down the page. (And userboxes thank you very much)

My Projects

Super Paper Mario Project - Helping expand this wiki to have articles filled with SPM information.

My username

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Kelt was based off my old username for most forums and websites, "King Piranha Plant." My avi character is quite simply a detailed recolour of Naval Piranha with four piranha buds and instead of living in a volcano or water, he lives in the jungle. I eventually named him Keltick Piranha (A wordplay on celtic, as his vines grow in a celtic way and wrap around trees around him) and shortened it to Kelt.

My Capabilities

I'm an undoubtably lucky person because I have an uncle named Kris who owns the company Smart Bomb Interactive and makes video games for Nintendo. He allows me to BETA-test his games and visit his company building, and once he took me to e3 when I was younger.

He's teaching me how to program levels for his games simply because that's one thing I wish to do for him, and it may end up being my job as an adult rather than a writer. I was given a Wii a few days before its release because of him, and other things as well. He's taken me to e3 in the past and to game symphony concerts.

Anyway, my Capabilities:

-Can Make Custom Sprites

-Can Make 2-D Mario Games of any graphic style

-Can Write Fairly Well

-Can Breath (Thank goodness for that)

-Can Enhance Images

Look at for more info on 2-D game making. (Mario fangaming)

Some Useless Info.

My Favorite Mario Game: Super Mario Galaxy or Paper Mario

My Favorite Wiki: Either Super Mario Wiki or Uncyclopedia.

My Favorite Movies: Hard to say... It might be the Star Wars series, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, or something likewise.

My Favorite Genre: When it comes to video games, Adventure is my favorite, meaning flat-out adventure. What I mean is, I prefer Superstar Saga's "traversing the world" adventure over Partners In Time's "come back and forth" adventure. When it comes to movies and books and such, it would be either Fantasy or Sci-Fi.

My Favorite Mario Characters: Lava Piranha, Naval Piranha, and King Kaliente.

What I Like: Writing, Programming, Pixel Art (such a nerdy hobby), Gaming, Running, Drama (As in musicals, acting, comedy, plays), and anything that involves creativity or imagination.