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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. Therefore, this page is kept and protected strictly for historical reference.

This PipeProject is devoted to add as many images, and now that .ogg files can be uploaded onto the wiki, also as much audio (ogg vorbis), and as a bonus, video (ogg theora) files to the wiki as the bandwidth allows (current condition: Steve [Porplemontage] has said that there is plenty of bandwidth, so there are no limitations as of yet).

As explained on Help:Media and Wikipedia:Media help, .OGG is the only format allowed for audio & video because it has no patents (and thus no copyright issues). If you're interested in contributing files, there is some information on converters below that can change WAV, WMV, AVI, MP3, and more to OGG and back.


Bookmark http://www.mariowiki.com/PP:M or type PP:M when you first log in. It is your option to watch this page and the adjacent talk page.


  1. Upload as many images as possible (see Category:Image requested to get started now)
  2. Upload as many official Nintendo music (not VGMusic) and other audio files as possible
  3. Use media templates to add these files in groups of 1-8 into articles (with video files).
  4. Bonus: Upload as many official Nintendo videos (for the time being no fan-made videos and definitely no speed runs) and other video files as possible
  5. Bonus: Use media templates to add these files in groups of 1-8 into articles with audio files.

Heavy focus should be put on audio first, as most contributors who listen to video game music have .mp3s or another easy-to-convert file type.


Type a number sign and three tildes (#~~~) if you want to help in any of the five goals (even if you can't upload, you can help organize files into articles with image tags or media templates). Then, find out how you can start out at the talk page.

  1. Wayoshi (talk) (creator)
  2. Spike
  3. Coincollector (talk) (for the 1st goal)
  4. RAP (talk) (for the 1st goal...)
  5. Greenpickle (talk)
  6. Super-Yoshi (talk) I'll do w.e I can, and for both, I can now record sound from games =3
  7. Stooben Rooben (talk) I'm all for it.
  8. SKmarioman (talk)I have Paint.NET, so I can convert bmp files into jpg, png or gif. I'm also good a t converting video/audio files with my wide range of media converters on my PC.
  9. Ultramariologan (talk) (for the first goal)
  10. guprad (talk)
  11. SWFlash (talk) I am the only who's doing 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th goals.

For Images

Honestly, the text below is to aid in the more complicated audio & video portion of the PipeProject. Lack of images has been an ongoing problem on the wiki that you can help with at any time by seeing the image requested category, which lists all pages marked with {{image}}, find a picture via google or a website database, save it, change it if necessary, upload it, and add it properly, removing the image template as you do so. It is up to your judgment to decide which articles without an image could benefit from having at least one.


If you would like to help add licenses for all existing images (catch-up, so to speak), as well as new images, please see here.


Copy of the original from Help:Media

OGG isn't a file you will see for immediate download on most sites, if any. You'll need a converter to change your files to this patent-free format so the wiki software can accept it:


Uploading in progress.

Convertfiles.com provides free online conversion of files from and to most of the file types, including archive, document, presentation, e-book, drawing, image, audio, and video files. The audio files can be converted to .ogg, which later would be uploaded to the Wiki.


Online-convert.com displaying the upload page.

Online-convert.com is another online converter, but has more file types to choose. The audio files can be converted into OGG Vorbis on this page, and video files can be converted into OGG Theora-Vorbis on this page. The converter is also limited to 100 Megabytes per file, which is five times lower than Convertfiles.com. To bypass this, try converting the file to .FLV then to .ogg.


Let's get two issues out of the way, right now:

VGMusic .MIDIs

VGMusic is an awesome website with remixes of video game music, composed with music programs by fans. I have plenty of their files, and the remixes are great, but they aren't official Nintendo music like Gabladia Hotel's database, not only because of the remix, but because it's by fans. Fan-made audio or video is not part of the Marioverse in-story and is not accepted here. In addition, those files are downloadable through the file & file extension of .midi, which is a pain to convert to .ogg (you'd probably need to double-convert, which means more money...and no, Super © does not cover .midi).

Fan-Made Videos

Just covered above, fan-made stuff is not allowed, videos especially. These are often speed runs, or even worse for an encyclopedia, tool-assisted speed runs. Some cases will be accepted, for example, if it shows off a lot of a level or something similar, or we broaden our scope to include glitches (not yet, though).


Be familiar with the following two help pages and two article pages: Help:Media#Audio & Video, Media help, Ogg Vorbis, and Theora before reading on.

All extensions must be .ogg or the upload will fail; convert if necessary.
This is the rule of thumb for this PipeProject, or an even shorter version is OO – OGG Only."

Length of .OGGs

For audio, we suggest a minimum limit of 1 minute and a maximum limit of 4-5 minutes, sometimes 6. When we get to video, hopefully a few episodes of the SMW/SMB3 TV series will be uploaded, as long as there's plenty of bandwidth.


For the first time in awhile for a PipeProject, template is necessary: {{media table}}. The template has 20 variables.

Add a new section to an article titled Media (==Media==) and put the template on it.


This can go on Image talk:Filename.ogg pages for clarification if it isn't clear the audio/video is related to the Marioverse (ex.: Culex battle music in SMRPG may seem unrelated to those who haven't heard of the game) and is on the Talk:Music page. Otherwise, why put this on every .ogg talk page or article with media?

{{partofpipe|image=[[File:Audio.png|48px]]|type=list|name=Media|goal=upload media files}}


Media's Userbox Tower

For anyone who is in this PipeProject, paste this code into your userpage. Pasting it is entirely optional. {{userbox|border=#FF0000|mainbkgd=#FF5555|codebkgd=#FF0000|codecolor=#000000|code=PP:M|msg=This user is a part of the [[PipeProject:Media]].}}