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Status: Paper Mario: Sticker Star comes out today, and the Wii U comes out next week! Anyone (or everyone) excited?


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Real Name: Too bad; I will never tell you!
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall The best MMO game I ever played! I'm Jackson Thunderblade, Boone Boompop, and Amazing Spacefang (the one I'm using for my Let's Play on YouTube), so if you see me, group, buddy, or trade invite me!
Second Most Favorite Game: Mario Kart DS I love how you get to make emblems and I love those Action Replay codes! I also love it when you can play as Shy Guy, but that's only for DS Download Play -_-. Well, at least you can use him with Action Replay in singleplayer.
Favorite Character: Look in the picture above and you can tell.
Least Favorite Character: Don't know anymore...
Favorite Video Game Hero: Kirby - Of course, he can swallow his enemies, use special powers, and do many other stuff, so it has to be him!
Least Favorite Game: Don't know anymore...
State: New York
Weegee's Userbox Tower OF DOOM!!
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GEX (talk)
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A sprite of Supremo for the signature of Supremo78
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“Obey Weegee...DESTROY MALLEO!”
Ultramariologan, Super Mario Wiki


Note: This account is outdated and I will now use the account of xxjaredisradxx (please ignore the first capital X).

I wonder who's online?

Who's online: Somethingone, CreativeDolphin42891, Memelord2020, Gulliblepikmin, WonderGirl2800, Results May Vary, BMfan08, Kingoffire6873 U, ExoRosalina, Power Panpour, Camwoodstock, Koopa con Carne, KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Avenger, Sparks, Mach 7, Mario, Hero Vladimir, Shiryoga kun, Jkgkffdfb, RHG1951, Aomaf, ShadowPrinceLuigi, ZefuS08, Jdtendo, Mariuigi Khed, JavTendo Gaming, Porplemontage, Rodmjorgeh, TheRaoul1992, KevinM, Swallow, PrincessLover7777

Hmm... I think they should talk to me!

Hello and welcome to my user page! If you have any questions, please post your question on my talk page. If you want to know about me, scroll down until you see "Description". Here's the code of my friend userbox and please let me know on my talk page if you want to be my friend:

{{userbox|border=blue|mainbkgd=brown|codebkgd=#F7B3DA|codecolor=#000000|code= [[File:Ultramariologan Picture.png|40px]]|msg=This user is friends with '''Ultramariologan'''.}}

If you are nice to me, you are pretty much am my friend. :)


  • I am male.
  • I have lots of accounts in some websites. If you want to see them, scroll down until you see "Links".
  • Bowser and Donkey Kong is my favorite Mario character.
  • Metal Sonic is my favorite Sonic character.
  • I have a lot of video games.
  • I don't own many systems.
  • I want to get Mario Kart Double Dash!!, 'cause that's my favorite game (you get to use 2 people on a car).
  • I think boys AND GIRLS rule. But mostly boys.
  • My favorite show is Adventure Time.
  • My occupations are working for Bowser, obeying Weegee and being a game-freak (a game-freak is someone that loves video games).
  • I hate girl stuff.
  • I hate baby stuff.
  • I want to be a teenager.
  • I am not Supermariologan from YouTube. Some people don't know that.
  • I am right handed on writing.
  • I write so dark.
  • I love food.

My Video Game Library


Rating Meaning
2 Deplorable
3 Ugh...
4 I don't know, kinda?
5 Half Rating
6 Good
7 Great
8 Cool
9 Awesome!!
10 Best Game EVER!!!


Mario Games

Game Rating Status Description
Luigi's Mansion boxart
Luigi's Mansion
7.8 Complete This game is good; unless Mario was playable. I mean, come on! He appeared in all of the Mario games!
North American box art for Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. Melee
8.9 Got everything except the trophies. I got it for the Dolphin emulator, but the status is still the same. I lost the disc, anyway.
North American box art for Super Mario Sunshine.
Super Mario Sunshine
9.0 Complete The game was awesome! Too bad Shadow Mario appears in this game and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour only.
North American box art for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
9.0 Complete Very good game! Good graphics, good story and happy ending! Love this game.

Friend Codes

Note: I do not have any DS game that has Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, so don't ask me if you want to be my friend in any one of the DS games.

If you want to go online with me, tell me that you want to play with me online and enter my friend code. If you don't have any of the following games, too bad!

Some Random Images



Note: I will be changing signatures during the holidays, so stay tuned! I also need a request of what signature I should use for the holidays and if you want, ask me if you want yourself to make another signature for me (like Bowser's luma). I only do it if I see a sig I like.

Current Signature: MP8 DryBones.pngHappy Halloween! Bone Goomba.png

Normal Signature: Artwork of Mario in New Super Mario Bros. WiiUltramariologanPromotional artwork of Mario for the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

Halloween Signature: MP8 DryBones.pngHappy Halloween! Bone Goomba.png

Christmas Signature: Artwork of Mario in New Super Mario Bros. WiiHappy Holidays!! Promotional artwork of Mario for the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.


Characters I Think Should Appear in More Video Games


User:Ultramariologan/Wiki Projects <--- Big goals are here.

  • Become a patroller (after patroller comes sysop).
  • Become an admin.
  • Welcome users without talk pages.
  • Expand articles and sections that have the {{rewrite-expand}}, {{stub}}, and {{stub}} templates.

More coming soon.

Favorites List

  • Game: Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall
  • Character: Bowser and Donkey Kong
  • Move: Copy Flower
  • Song: Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye
  • Show: Adventure Time
  • Channel: Cartoon Network (even though they have some bad shows (DC Nation, LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu, etc.), no offense to people who like those shows)
  • Food: Everything.
  • Voice Actor: Tom Kenny

Official Profiles and Statistics

Mario Kart series

Mario Kart Wii

  • Size: Large
  • Actual Bonuses
    • Speed: +8
    • Weight: +8
    • Acceleration: +8
    • Handling: +8
    • Drift: +8
    • Off-Road: +8
    • Mini-Turbo: +8

Mario Baseball series

Mario Super Sluggers

Template:MSSluggers stats

Mario Sports Mix

Character Name Character Type Home Court Power Statistic Speed Statistic Technique Statistic
Ultra Mario
All-Rounder, Technical, Powerful, and Speed
Ultra Mario Stadium