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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. Therefore, this page is kept and protected strictly for historical reference.

This PipeProject is devoted to create articles for each race course in the Mario Kart series, with some other goals as well.



http://www.mariowiki.com/index.php/PP:MK or PP:MK


  1. Complete the template {{Racecourses}} with links to all the race courses, including battle courses
  2. Create articles for each course, describing the following:
    1. Game(s) it's in
    2. Description
    3. Layout
    4. Shortcut(s) (if necessary)
  3. Add as much information as possible for the game pages.
  4. Make articles for cups like the Mushroom Cup or Flower Cup and also tell which race track is in which cup and which game.
  5. Add Category: Race Courses & Category: Places to each and every race course.
  6. Bonus Goal: Find as many images as possible, especially to explain shortcuts.
  7. Expand the article and pages of the upcoming Mario Kart 7 game.
  8. Bonus Goal: Mario Kart Arcade GP 2. Game and courses.


Type a number sign and three tildes (#~~~) if you want to help in any of the five goals, even for only a couple of articles! Then, find out how you can start out at the talk page. We need people who have played Arcade GP!

  1. Wayoshi (talk) (creator)
  2. Hk-47 (talk)
  3. Monty Mole (talk)
  4. User:Tyranno128
  5. Salty (talk)
  6. Paper Jorge
  7. Volker89
  8. 3DeJong
  9. WarioLoaf (talk)
  10. Aipom (talk)
  11. Mario
  12. Atsech
  13. Max2 Can I join?
  14. MKDS Intermediate - wanna race?
  15. Time Q I'm trying to do the SMK things.
  16. €zlo Inspecting the upcoming Mario Kart Wii.
  17. Storm Yoshi (talk) I'll help and I'll also do a personal one by adding music for courses!
  18. User:WaluigiKart Got Mario Kart Wii!
  19. EnPeached (talk)I can help clean up and check articles and stuff :) (I have played MKGP)
  20. Garlic Man (talk) - I thought I was already a member... must have been my imagination. :P
  21. Cheep-Cheep (talk)
  22. Mario1023-I played all Mario Karts!!!
  23. MegaMario9910 (talk) I have all but SMK!
  24. Stooben Rooben (talk) 16:31, 30 May 2008 (EDT)
  25. Philibuster Beetle (talk) I'll be adding info on the coloring schemes on the vehicles of Mario Kart Wii as best as I can.
  26. ppi80 (talk)
  27. Mrsdaisyluigi i can help out sorting articles to do with mario kart DS.
  28. Mametchi-Lover (talk)
  29. Littlefoot4321 (talk)
  30. Dry Luigi (talk)
  31. Marioguy1 (talk) - I'll try to help with MKWii, I have the game and would like to contribute
  32. OhlawdsHunter (talk) - I've MKWii and MKDS, so I'd be happy to supply any info/pictures needed for those. Already know I'm getting MK7.
  33. Fawfulfury65 (talk) I'll work on some of the MK64 tracks.
  34. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) I'm going to help with the courses
  35. KS3 (talk) yeah
  36. WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135 (talk) I'll help put the info for the shortcuts for each track on MKwii
  37. Fuzzipede27 (talk) I'm-a gonna help on records and courses
  38. Mario&Kirby180 (talk) I'm good with courses
  39. Turtwig A (talk)
  40. SKmarioman (talk) I've been playing Mario Kart ever since I was 4, so I can help.
  41. Peteypiranhafan (talk) I have Mario Kart DD!!, Mario Kart DS, and Mario Kart Wii, so I'll see what I can do.
  42. guprad (talk) I love Mario Kart and I know a lot about it so I'll Help Too.
  43. Peanutbutter-girl (talk) Mario kart rules!
  44. DKPetey99 (talk) I'll help
  45. GEX (talk)me too
  46. Toad85 (talk) I already helped a bit on the Toad's Factory and Luigi Circuit articles, I can surely do more.
  47. Babyluigi111 (talk) I LOVE Mario Kart And I will help a lot. i play Mario Kart Wii All the time!! Thanks.
  48. Yoshidude99 (talk) I have Double Dash and Wii and I have played Arcade GP.
  49. Pixl Power (talk) Can I join? I love Mario Kart Wii! It's so fun! So, can I join? Please?
  50. B.wilson (talk)
  51. Roman144 (talk) I LOVE Mario Kart Wii!
  52. Mario102300 (talk) I WANT TO HELP WITH MARIO KART 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  53. YoshiKid1 (talk) I love Mario Kart 7!!!!!
  54. SuperMario_3DLand (talk)
  55. Reversed (talk) I own MKDS and MK7. I also have limited access (It's at my grandparents' house) to MKWii and I'm a big fan with merchandice and strategy guides.
  56. Danimario9 (talk) Got MK7 and MKDS. Can help a little with ghost data for MK7!
  57. LightBlueYoshiRider (talk)
  58. Sonicmasher (talk) Played MKAGP1 But Dosen't Have A Mario Card
  59. Jammiedodger123 I have MK7, and have access to MKDS and MKWii at my cousins (I've played them alot)

Exemplar Articles

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Rainbow Road

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Cups

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Bowser Castle

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario Kart (series)

The most common course in the series, this article gives a concise description and layout for each of the seven games, even Arcade GP and Arcade GP 2. big>


Reminder: Please italicize game titles!

After each article on a course, following the guidelines in goals, please add {{racecourses}} to add the template (completed) in addition to [[Category:Race Courses]] + [[Category:Places]]. [[Category:Battle Courses]] is a sub-category of Race Courses, even though both types are included in the same template.

Part Of

A new feature for PipeProjects is the ability to add a message like this:

MKDS art small.jpg This article is part of PipeProject Mario Kart, an attempt to create race & battle course articles and expand on the Mario Kart Series game pages on the Super Mario Wiki. If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this page, or visit the PipeProject Mario Kart page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.

to article talk pages, signifying they are part of this PipeProject. For the example above (Note: External edit link here goes to a redirect page), the code is:

{{partofpipe|image=[[File:MKDS_art small.jpg]]|type=article|name=Mario Kart|goal=create race & battle course articles and expand on the [[Mario Kart Series]] game pages}}

For type, put the namespace (Template, Category, etc). If there is no namespace (ie Talk:Article), then the type of plainly article, the most common type.


Mario Kart's Userbox Tower
MKDS art small.jpg

Adding this userbox is entirely optional.

There may or may not be an update to the left-hand box to include a more interesting image instead of text. For now, however, the code is:
{{userbox|border=red|mainbkgd=red|codebkgd=#FFF9F9|codecolor=#110077|code=[[File:MKDS art small.jpg]]|msg=<span style="color:f9f9f9">This user is part of the '''[[PipeProject:Mario Kart|Mario Kart PipeProject]]'''.</span>}}

Be sure to add {{userboxtop}} and {{userboxbottom}} if this is your first time using a Userbox Tower.