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Cheep-Cheep: doing his best to get on your nerves.

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Hey! I'm Cheep-Cheep, although I try to be much more helpful in the Super Mario Wiki than Cheep-Cheeps are in the games! (I needed a "Cheep" tagline - get it, "Cheep, Cheap?" HAHA! Geez, I'm funny...)

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Goals on Super Mario Wiki

  • To make 1,000 contributions.
  • To make over 100 contributions.
  • To help expand and improve small or little-known articles.
  • To make Cheep-Cheeps more popular.
  • To help with any Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart Double Dash!! articles.
  • To think of more goals.

Random Words Of Caution For Those Who Throw Caution To The Wind

WARNING: For those of you who are ill-adapted to using a computer, press the >Ctrl< and >W< buttons at the same time now.

Notice: For those of you who are still reading this, press F11.

Hint: Here, the word normal does not exist. The word Cheep, on the other hand, does.

Now, before we get on with any actual information, press >PrintScreen/SysRq<, open Paint (or whatever your image editing program is), click Paste, save the new image, and set it as you Desktop Background.

Also, just another quick note before you delve into the endless depths of randomness in this page, you might want to put on some music, such as "Also Sprach Zarathustra." This way, you will experience the immense amount of awesomeness which this funkadelic page presents.

OK - The time has come to put skills you possess that you never knew even existed in SPAM to the test. Read on, young Cheepawan, and find your Inner Cheepness.

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Games That I Play

If you couldn't tell from the title "Games That I Play" that this section is about games, I would suggest seeing a doctor. If you actually understood what it said and still want to read on, I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist. Well, since you're still reading, you might as well take a look at my poorly-made graph-thing of SOME of the games that I've played/owned/eaten:

Mario Kart Double Dash!!: My very first video game. No, seriously, THIS WAS MY FIRST VIDEO GAME - EVER!!! I got it (and a Gamecube) one Christmas and could never put the controller down; until my parents threatened to send me back to summer camp, a torture worse than being sat on by Wario. I beat the game (unlocked everything) fairly quickly, which lead me to believe that I had superpowers and could fly; so, naturally, I went to the hospital many times. My favorite character in the game was a three-way tie between Luigi, Waluigi, and all the other characters... Except for Birdo: there should be some way to "ununlock" her, and lock her back up in the system's memory from where she came... My favorite course in the game? Rainbow Road. I fell off about 20 times in total, and unlocked the Expert Staff Ghost for it.

Yeah. There ya' have it. One of the billions of games I've played. Moving on.