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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. Therefore, this page is kept and protected strictly for historical reference.

This PipeProject is to get as much information on the game Wario World as possible. There barely is any information about the game. Treasures, levels, bosses, moves and enemies all need to have articles created and categorized.


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  1. Create articles on all the bosses in the game.
  2. Create articles on all the areas in the game.
  3. Make articles on area-specific enemies.
  4. Create articles for the objects used in the game.
  5. List the treasures found in each area.
  6. Document the moves and add them to the Special Moves category.
  7. Bonus: List the treasures in an organized manner on the Wario's Treasures page and add them to the Items list.
  8. Bonus: Make pages for all the different types of Blocks in the game, tag them with {{Blocks}} and add them to the Blocks template.

Remember to keep all articles SMWikified!


Type a number sign and three tildes (#~~~) if you want to help!

  1. Monty Mole (talk) (creator)
  2. Paper Jorge (talk)
  3. 3DeJong
  4. WarioLoaf (talk)
  5. Cheep-Cheep (talk)


Wario World's Userbox Tower

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