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Hi I'm Pixl Power. I am a boy. I have two cats and one dog and a fish. I love Pixls and trains. I am 9 years old. My sister is Red Snifit. I have a younger brother. He is kind of like me. When he joins his name will be Ganon Cannon. I'm not so sure if he is gonna join or not, I hope he does! I love trains so much that I have 4 train games on the computer. One is Train Simulator and the other one is called Trainz Simulator World Builder Edition and trainz 2012 and railworks 3. They're awesome games!!! Anyway, on my talk page please don't talk about Call Of Doody. And don't say anything bad about my favorite characters or about trains, please don't. I hate people who are obsessed with Call of Doody. It is fun to say doody in Call of Doody. So, if you like Pixls, you should be friends with me. If you like Call of Doody, don't come near my page. Please DON'T!!! I have favorite characters, and we all do, so, my favorite Mario characters are...

These are most of my favorite characters.

I love Mario Bros.3 on DVD. They are so funny on it! I like Ludwing's laugh. I it so kooky! But that is not why he's my favorite Koopaling. I like the bad guys better. The good guys are so wimpy. And Mario is so dumb. In the Mario bros. Movie, they make Luigi so dumb, even know he's not. We all know who's the dumb one... MARIO IS!!!!! Well some people think Mario is not dumb. I don't. Anyway I would KILL to get in to the Mushroom Kingdom! It would be AWESOME!!!!! I would love to meet the Koopalings, especially my favorite, Ludwig von Koopa. He is AWE-SOME!!! I love him! Here is my list of favorite Koopalings, favorite to least favorite:

My favortie Wii games is Mario Kart Wii. I love racing games they are so much fun! And my 2nd favorite game is Super Mario Bros. Wii My bad, New Super Mario Bros Wii! They are so much fun!!!! My third favorite game is... I have no idea. Sorry, but I don't really have third favorite game. I just like 2 games. My forite DS games are New Super Mario Bros DS and Mario Kart DS. I am so glad make any mistakes again. Anyway, thoose are my 2 favorite games, for DS and Wii.

Hey, I'm back on! And... i need help on some help. I asked one user already, and put a section on my talk page about it. The thing I need help on is... The b dasher or the sprinter on Mario Kart Wii. I know how to do it. (24 expert staff in time trials or win 3,000 wi-fi races) But HOW do you know how many expert staff in time trials??? Well, anyway plz reply. Feel free to help me on my on my talk page under the section Re b dasher (or the sprinter). Thx :D

Pixl Power's Userbox Tower
Artwork of Yoshi from Mario Party Advance
Bowser Jr. animated in the select character screen.

I just started making a Userbox Tower! If you want to be on it, just tell me on my talk page. I want to maake it super tall! Please help me on the Sprinter. Thx :D

I keep editing my page but if you want to know where I got the train games and where are good wedpages to download other trains to the game. But right now Red Snifit and I are goin' mini golfin'!!! YEAH! (Be back in about and hour. Wish me good luck! :D)

Alright back, no hole in 1s. >:( Blaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!!!!!! Well anyway for the game Train Simulator, the best two websites are.. 3DTrain Stuff (something like that) and streamlines. For Trainz 2009 and 2012, Jointed Rail (Best website ever) and if you have any of those games, when you first click on it you can go to content. (dosen't always work) Or go to download station. (Only on TS12) Last but not least Railworks. (1,2 and/or 3) Okay really so sorry but do not really know of any webpages. (Got to game two months ago but if you know feel free to tell and I' pu it here: _______________________________________ Anyway to download to games. Very simple to find, just type in MSTS (train simulator) digital download or boxed verson. Type that in for every one but just type one in (digital download OR boxed version.) Oh yeah you coulld download TS12 or TS10 on jointed rail. (Jointed rail is the best) If you want to download another game, Rigs of Rods (a car game) type in Rigs of rods 0.38.67 (newest version) download. You could always download different car/trucks/planes/trains/terrain from the repository which is free. (Type in on google search Rigs of rods repository. The best part, it's freeeeeeee!!! For cars the Gavril series is the best. Alright thats all for today. (Warning all the games cost money besides rigs of rods.)