Jungle Jam Tournament

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Kongs competing in Barrel Blast 1.

The Jungle Jam Tournament is an event that occurs in DK: King of Swing. The Tournament can be played in single player or multiplayer. The Jungle Jam Tournament is also the main event in DK: King of Swing. When completing a certain amount of challenges, the player can unlock additional playable characters, such as Kritter.

The Jungle Jam Tournament was what the Kongs were about to have, but King K. Rool stole all their medals to be given out whoever won a race or battle.

There are many races to the tournament, and based on how good the player's record is at the end of a race, the player receives a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Also, other players can have their records on the record board.

Two of the events in the tournament are Attack Battle and Barrel Blast. This is where the player chooses a character and fights against 3 CPU characters. The object of the game is to break the most barrels, and also hit other Kongs or another player.

Another one is a race, where the player chooses a character and needs to get to the top of the race first. There can be obstacles like barrels on a race or it can be open where the player needs to climb on the pegs as fast as possible. The events are called Climbing Race and Obstacle Race.

There is a minigame called Color Capture, too.