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The team emblem logo.

Yoshi Islanders is a team in Mario Superstar Baseball. It is lead by Yoshi, and the team practices on Yoshi's Island. It can also be called Yoshi Eggs, Yoshi Flutters, or Yoshi Speed Stars, but it is mainly called Yoshi Islanders. When the Sub-Captain, Birdo, heads the team, she lends her name to the team and it is called Birdo Beauties, Birdo Models, Birdo Fans, or Birdo Bows. The team can be chosen in Exhibition Mode, but during Challenge Mode, the team is chosen for Yoshi. When the Yoshi Islanders are challenged, they are faced in Yoshi Park.

In Mario Superstar Baseball, this is the only team whose initial members get only 4 star skills at the start of each game. All other teams start games with 5 star skills in stock with their initial members.

Mario Superstar BaseballEdit

Team MembersEdit

The Yoshi Islanders are a team built with great speed whether it's fielding or running. They have five Shy Guys and two babies, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, who is unlockable after clearing Challenge mode with Yoshi. Their chemistry is mixed with good and bad; the babies share good chemistry with Yoshi, but bad chemistry with the Shy Guys who share good chemistry with Birdo. Mario has good chemistry with Yoshi. Petey Piranha has good chemistry with Birdo. Monty Mole has good chemistry with the Shy Guys.

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Mario Super SluggersEdit

The team reappeared in Mario Super Sluggers, now known as the Yoshi Eggs, and its home stadium is Yoshi Park. When led by Birdo, it is called Birdo Bows. The team is mostly composed of different color variations of Yoshi and Shy Guy, who have bad chemistry with each other. However, both parties do share good chemistry with Birdo, the assistant captain of the team. The team also includes Wiggler, who does not show chemistry with any of the Yoshi Eggs team members. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, along with the other baby characters, have joined the teams of their adult selves, but still hold good chemistry with the Yoshis.

The Yoshi Eggs are tied with the Bowser Monsters for having the most players on one team.


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Names in other languagesEdit

Yoshi IslandersEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーアイランズ
Yosshī Airanzu
Yoshi Islands

Yoshi Speed StarsEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシースピードスターズ
Yosshī Supīdo Sutāzu
Yoshi Speed Stars

Yoshi EggsEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーエッグス
Yosshī Eggusu
Yoshi Eggs

Yoshi FluttersEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーフローツ
Yosshī Furōtsu
Yoshi Floats

Birdo ModelsEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャサリンゴージャス
Kyasarin Gōjasu
Birdo Gorgeous

Birdo BeautiesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャサリンビューティー
Kyasarin Byūtī
Birdo Beauty

Birdo BowsEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャサリンUSA
Kyasarin USA
Birdo USA


  • In both games, this team is the only team where every single member uses an actual baseball bat when batting.