Goal (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)

The Goal[1] in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is a door found at the end of most levels in the game. The Goal has a bell above it, which will allow the player to play a bonus game[2] (or Bonus Round[3]) when hit. Usually to get to the bell, the player has to jump on platforms or other obstacles to reach it. Some levels also contain a star-marked door that takes the player to a secret exit.

Bonus gamesEdit

If the player hits the bell, a bonus game begins.

Mario CatcherEdit

Mario Catcher.

In 「マリオキャッチャー[4]」 (Mario Kyacchā, Mario Catcher), the player has to press the   to make the moving crane drop and collect one of the rewards, which are moving on a conveyor belt. The rewards vary between levels, but usually contain power-ups and 1-ups. Collecting the reward will have it take an immediate effect on Mario. It is possible for the crane to grab nothing at all.

Amida Game IIEdit

Amida Game II.

In 「アミダゲームⅡ[4]」 (Amida Gēmu II, Amida Game II), players can move Mario to one of four slots where players then press the   button to hit a block. Two rats jump around very rapidly on wires, which lead to a Mushroom, a Fire Flower, a Carrot, or a 1-Up Heart. When a block is hit, the rats eat two of the wires, and an electric shock travels to the item, which floats down to Mario and grants him the power-up. If the shock leads to a power-up that the player does not want, then the player can simply press left on the D-Pad to exit the game without obtaining it.

This game is a reference to Amidakuji, as well as the bonus game from Super Mario Land.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴール[5]
Kakushi Gōru

Goal (normal version)

Hidden Goal (star-marked version)

French Arrivée du stage[7]
Stage goal
Italian Traguardo[6]
Traguardo nascosto[6]
Hidden goal


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