Chain-Link Charge
SM3DW World3-2.png
Level code World 3-2
World World 3
Game Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Time limit 400 seconds
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Chain-Link Charge (spelled as Chainlink Charge in the British English version), otherwise known as World 3-2, is the second level in World 3 from Super Mario 3D World and its Nintendo Switch port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. It is unlocked via clearing Snowball Park, and completion of either this level or Shifty Boo Mansion unlocks Pretty Plaza Panic. The level is blocked by a Bowser statue, which can be cleared by collecting 30 Green Stars.


The main feature of this auto-scrolling level are the chain-link fences, which are either stationary or moving, and work as walls for players in a Cat Suit to climb or as obstacles to push them off the stage.

The first piece of land explored starts out with two Biddybuds and fences that move forward and backward. It is followed by a series of walls moving up and down and Donut Blocks. At last, there is a Warp Box to the next area.

The second part has the Checkpoint Flag and scrolls upward. There are two lines of fences which slide across the screen, one horizontally and the other, vertically. A short Clear Pipe drives the characters to another horizontally scrolling section, now formed mainly by clouds and Donut Lifts, it also has three Para-Biddybuds and more fences sliding across it. It ends with another Warp Box, that warps them to the final ground, which contains the Goal Pole and a Cat Wheel to rise a platform.


Green StarsEdit

  • Green Star 1: Above two Gold Rings in the first area. (See picture)
  • Green Star 2: The player must jump across four moving fences at the far right of the first section when they make room for it. The Green Star is placed above a cloud platform.
  • Green Star 3: Right after the Clear Pipe, there is a Cat Wheel. A Cat character must spin it to temporarily rise a platform. Then, they must climb it to get the final Green Star.


  • Just before the entrance of the Clear Pipe, Cat Mario must climb the fence behind it to reach the Stamp. The stamp is Cat Luigi.

Luigi sightingEdit

If the player breaks the sign after the Checkpoint Flag, a crouching 8-bit Luigi can be seen.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かなあみアスレチック
Kana ami asurechikku
Chain-link Mesh Athletic

Chinese 金屬網運動場
Jīnshǔwǎng Yùndòngchǎng
Metal Mesh Sportsground

Dutch Het hek van de dam
Literally The fence of the dam, a saying which means that everyone can do whatever they want to
French (NOA) Gare aux Grilles
Beware Grids
French (NOE) Gare aux grilles !
Beware grids!
German Akrobatik am Gitterzaun
Acrobatics at the chain-link fence
Italian Griglie a ostacoli
Obstacle grills
Korean 철망 애슬래틱
Cheolmang Aeseullaetik
Wire Net Athletic

Portuguese Salto à vedação
Jump to the fence
Russian Бег с препятствиями
Beg s prepyatstviyami
Obstacle Run

Spanish ¡Vaya con las vallas!
Dang Fences!