Blooper Surfing Safari

Blooper Surfing Safari
Blooper Surfing Safari.png
Location Ricco Harbor
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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“Show me some super Blooper-surfing, and win yourself a prize!”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

Blooper Surfing Safari, or Blooper Surfin' Safari,[1] is the second episode of Ricco Harbor in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to use Blooper Racers to complete a racecourse. After completing the episode once, the player can return to this episode to collect the Secret Shine Blooper-Surfing Sequel. The title is a reference to The Beach Boys song "Surfin' Safari".


During this mission, a pier is placed to the right of the player's starting position, which contains the Pianta Big Daddy and his Blooper Racers. The player needs to use a Blooper Racer to enter a tunnel underneath the plaza (where Gooper Blooper was fought in the last episode), as the tunnel entrance is surrounded by oil, making entering the tunnel difficult. Once the player enters the tunnel, they are brought to a racecourse.

Once the player lands in the racecourse, the Pianta there challenges the player to race a lap of the racecourse in under forty-five seconds. The path of the race is a large road filled with water, so the player needs to use one of the Blooper Racers to complete the challenge. However, the course has many obstacles on it and crashing into one or the surrounding walls makes the player lose a life and have to start over. Obstacles include stationary and moving blocks, spikes, and spinning walls. If the player makes it to the goal in under forty-five seconds, they are rewarded with a Shine Sprite.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese GO!GO!イカサーフィン
Gō! Gō! Ika Sāfin
Go! Go! Squid Surfin'

French (NOE) La surf attitude
The Surf Attitude
German Blooper-Surf-Safari
Blooper Surf Safari
Italian Surf e safari sui calamari
Surf-safari on squids
Spanish (NOE) ¡Calamarsurfeando!
Squid Surfing!


The skybox in the Blooper surfing area.
  • When in the Blooper surfing area, if the player stands next to a wall with Mario's back facing it and activates the first-person view, the skybox for the area can be seen, which is the same background used in certain secret levels such as The Hillside Cave Secret or the Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret. The music in the area before starting the race is also the one used in said secret levels.


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