Dragon Kremling

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Dragon Kremling
The Dragon Kremling from DK Jungle Climber.
Species Dragon, Kritter
First appearance DK: Jungle Climber (2007)
The Dragon Kremling.

The Dragon Kremling is a large segmented purple dragon formed from a Kritter with a strange stone and the combined power of a Crystal Banana.

In DK: Jungle Climber, the Dragon Kremling appears as the boss of the fourth island, Chill 'n' Char Island, in the Kremling Dock; King K. Rool has one of his Kritter henchmen, empowered by a Crystal Banana, merge with a giant stone with seemingly magical properties to create a fearsome dragon with a hook at the end of its tail and do battle with Donkey Kong.

In order to damage the Dragon Kremling, which hides in eight holes on the two walls (four strategically placed on each side), Donkey Kong must strike the boss while it rampages from hole to hole, leaving it momentarily stunned. If Donkey Kong takes too long to attack it and stun it in its beginning phase, the Dragon Kremling sometimes stays in the walls to shoot damaging fireballs. While it is stunned, there is a high probability that the hook at the end of its tail will land on one of the three conveniently-placed chains at the bottom of the battlefield, or one of the three at the top. In a desperate effort to get free, the Dragon pushes the Kritter out of its head and Donkey Kong must hit it. After this, the Dragon goes to the top of the screen and sends out waves of fireballs that bounce adjacent to the left and right of the point of impact. The Dragon Kremling then goes back to its hole-to-hole rampage. This entire cycle repeats twice more, and each time, the dragon gets a little shorter (making it harder for Donkey Kong to hit), the chain in which the dragon was previously grappled detaches, and the fireballs become more frequent and intense. Once the cycle is completed four times, the Dragon Kremling is defeated, earning Donkey Kong the fourth Crystal Banana.



  • This boss is very similar to another boss, Davy Bones, from DK: King of Swing in attack patterns, design, and weakness.
  • This boss is similar in color and its face is nearly identical to Spyro's.