Entrance Hall

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Entrance Hall
The Entrance Hall in Paranormal Productions
Floor Paranormal Productions

The Entrance Hall is a hallway in Paranormal Productions in Luigi's Mansion 3 connecting the Elevator Hall to the Studio Entrance. The layout of the room consists of an open doorway on the left side of the room leading into Elevator Hall and an open doorway at the end of the room leading into the Studio Entrance.

When the player first walks into the room, there is a trash bin. Luigi or Gooigi can use their Poltergust G-00's vacuuming power or Suction Shot to get money out of the bin. Directly across the trash bin, there is an invisible fire extinguisher that the player can uncover using their Dark-Light Device.

Across the left and right walls of the Entrance Hall, there are framed movie posters, many of which are references to other media, such as Little Mac and Doc Louis from Punch-Out!!, Luigi fighting King Boo in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Mario kicking the football in Mario Strikers Charged, and have money adorned on the top of them which can be sucked down with the Poltergust G-00. The third poster down the hall on the right can be destroyed with a Suction Shot to reveal money and a boxing glove (which is identical to the ones worn by Little Mac). The boxing glove can be grabbed with the Poltergust G-00 by vacuuming it and then be blasted at some audio boxes in the Elevator Hall and Studio Entrance by using the Poltergust G-00's exhaust. Doing so will bust the audio boxes and make some Bills come out of them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Eingangsbereich
Entrance Area
Italian Corridoio d'accesso
Entrance hall
Spanish (NOE) Pasillo de entrada
Entrance Corridor