Blustery Basin

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Blustery Basin
Cooligans and Ty-Foos on Blustery Basin.
How to unlock Update to version 3.0.0
Number of holes 18
Par 72
Appears in Mario Golf: Super Rush
“A snowy, mountainous course prone to strong crosswinds from Ty-foos and blizzards that affect how the ball rolls.”
In-game description

Blustery Basin is a golf course added in version 3.0.0 of Mario Golf: Super Rush. It is a snowy course with Snow Pokeys and Cooligans serving as obstacles, with the latter sliding around in designated routes. Cooligans will knock away golf balls and stun any players they run into during Speed Golf, though they can be defeated with jumps or Special Dashes. Additionally, like in Ridgerock Lake, there are Ty-foos that periodically blow gusts of wind, altering the trajectory of balls caught in the gusts. Blustery Basin only has two tee sets: Standard and Back. The course's holes are not separated from one another; instead, the tee boxes and greens are located around the outer edge of the course, while the fairways are clustered together in the middle, with the exception of holes 3 and 11. Deep bunkers and ice-filled potholes dot the fairway. Trees appear frequently throughout the course, potentially obstructing the players' shots.


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The yardages listed may differ due to variable pin locations.

Hole Par Standard Tee Back Tee
1 4 349 yards 359 yards
2 4 348 yards 373 yards
3 3 88 yards 102 yards
4 5 429 yards 451 yards
5 4 323 yards 355 yards
6 4 303 yards 322 yards
7 4 393 yards 413 yards
8 3 156 yards 188 yards
9 5 439 yards 464 yards
10 4 341 yards 365 yards
11 3 94 yards 132 yards
12 4 325 yards 338 yards
13 5 410 yards 438 yards
14 4 338 yards 367 yards
15 4 325 yards 355 yards
16 3 143 yards 170 yards
17 4 334 yards 348 yards
18 5 396 yards 428 yards

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビューゴースノー
Byūgō Sunō
Ty-foo Snow

Chinese (simplified) 飙风云雪原
Biāofēngyún Xuěyuán
Whirlwind Cloud Snowfield

Chinese (traditional) 刮風雲雪原
Guāfēngyún Xuěyuán
Windy Cloud Snowfield

Dutch Ty-foo-toendra
Ty-foo Tundra
French Combe-aux-vents
German Winterwindebene
Winter Wind Plain
Italian Bacino burrascoso
Blustery Basin
Spanish Tundra Turbulenta
Turbulent Tundra