Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn"
"Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn" in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Production number 162
Airdate November 10, 1989
Guest star(s) Maurice LaMarche
Title reference The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Cartoon episode "Hitch in the Works" (The Legend of Zelda)
Zelda preview N/A
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"Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn" is the fiftieth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode was "Hitch in the Works" from The Legend of Zelda.


The episode opens with Luigi attempting to watch television. However, Mario is doing some noisy plumbing, and Luigi tells him to hurry up as he is trying to watch the baseball game on television. Mario says that he only needs to remove an object from the pipe and, after some tugging, pulls it out. Mario realizes that he has pulled out a treasure map of the Mario Brothers Plumbing apartment, and the two brothers look at it. Since Mario doesn't have his reading glasses with him, Luigi begins reading out some of the directions and the two follow it, but they do so in different ways. They soon bump into each other, and Mario complains that they'll never find buried treasure in their apartment. Luigi agrees, but suggests showing it to Inspector Gadget. Mario says that Gadget's phone number is on his special "gadget hat" (a propeller cap), and he reads it out as Luigi dials it. Since it is "555-1234", Mario jokes that it continues with "869", but Gadget quickly answers the call (the theme song for the Inspector Gadget cartoon also starts playing). He tells Gadget that they need help finding buried treasure in their home, and Gadget responds by telling him that he'll be right over to give them a hand. As soon as Luigi hangs up, they are surprised to see Inspector Gadget at their door. As Gadget enters, he reiterates that he meant that he'd be right over to give them a hand. As if on cue, his hand then involuntarily extends off of his arm, confusing Mario and Luigi as the show soon fades to the commercial break.

The show fades in to Inspector Gadget shouting at his hand, holding a hammer, to work. It fails to do anything, and he starts hitting it. Luigi asks if he can help, but Gadget asks him to step back before the hammer starts working. Before he can finish his thought, though, the hammer "activates" and promptly hits Luigi in the face. He apologizes and then begins demolishing part of their wall. Mario congratulates Luigi for seemingly fixing his hammer, but Luigi only complains that they could have demolished the wall without him. Gadget turns to another wall and attempts to hit it, but a puppet on the wall comes to life and hurriedly tells him that there is no treasure next to him. He then continues down and tries to demolish that part, but the CooKoo Bird pops out, shouting at Inspector Gadget to leave and telling Mario and Luigi to kick him out. Mario quickly realizes that, if Gadget continues, he might destroy the entire building.

Mario, Luigi, and Gadget then begin following the directions on the map again. Gadget takes three steps forward and Mario says that the treasure could be under his feet. He tries to check by lifting up a chair, but he ends up lifting it with such force that he tumbles into the floor and creates a hole. While stuck in the floor, he mentions that his sensor for balance sometimes stops working. Mario reassures him by saying that it could happen to anyone before helping him out. Luigi looks into the hole and says that he sees something lying at the bottom. He assumes that it is the treasure, and he decides to go down and look for himself. Mario tells him to be careful, but he responds by saying that it is no issue for a Luigi like him. He soon comes out with a box, still believing it to be treasure, but Mario tells him that he pulled out the breaker box. The lights in the apartment also flicker after Luigi pulls out the box. Gadget then looks at the map himself, and exclaims that it is actually a plan for Brooklyn's electric grid. Luigi, not hearing him, then pulls out some wires. As Gadget reads the warning on the wires that says to not remove them, otherwise the entire district loses power, all of the lights go out. Luigi shouts for an electrician as the episode ends.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Der Schatz der Sierra Brooklyn[1]


  • This is the second episode to use the Inspector Gadget theme since both it and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show are produced by DIC Entertainment.
  • When Inspector Gadget accidentally hits Luigi with his hammer, he remarks, "Sorry about that, Luigi." That would be a reference to the "Sorry about that, Chief" catchphrase from the show Get Smart, which also starred actor Don Adams.
  • When Inspector Gadget answers the phone, Luigi identifies himself as Luigi Mario; along with Mama Mario and Grandma Mario, it is one of the earliest instances of "Mario" as the Mario Bros.' surname. Previously, the episode "Dance" also had an instance where Luigi referred to himself as Luigi Mario.
  • When the company Shout Factory released the complete The Legend of Zelda series on DVD, they only included five of the 13 original live-action segments that corresponded to the Zelda episodes.[2] The episodes "Magic's Magic", "Mommies Curse", "Tutti Frutti, oh Mario", "The Magic Love", "Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn" and "The Ghoul of My Dreams" were only released as bonus episodes on a PAL DVD set in Germany, where they are presented with only German language dubs.[3][4][5][6] "Magic's Magic" and "The Ghoul of My Dreams" were released in English, but only on Kids Klassics VHS tapes in the US. "Slime Busters"'s only DVD release in the US was on a single disc called Mario Mania. The live-action episode "Tutti Frutti Mario" did not make it onto any DVD or VHS release.

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