Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up!

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up!"
Production number 108
Airdate September 14, 1989
Guest star(s) Fred Travalena
Title reference "Will the real [name] please stand up?" (from To Tell the Truth)
Cartoon episode Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
Zelda preview Cold Spells
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"Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up!" is the ninth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em".

Plot synopsis[edit]

Inside Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario, leaving a room dressed in a red and gold Elvis Presley costume, begins to sing into a plumbing snake he's holding. After a few lines of his plumbing themed song, Mario walks to a nearby mirror and begins to look at himself.

When he's finished looking into the mirror, Mario, pretending he's performing a concert, begins to rain praise on to his adoring public and throws his golden scarf downward and prepares to sing a song, dedicated to his mother; before Mario can begin singing though, Luigi, also dressed as Elvis Presley and wielding a guitar, bursts into the apartment and begins singing his own, plumbing centered song. Finishing his song, Luigi begins to ask Mario if his Elvis Presley costume is good.

Mario responds to Luigi's question by saying his costume stinks and is an insult to the memory of Elvis Presley. Luigi, somewhat insulted, asks Mario what he's doing with his portrait of Elvis Presley, which is a part of a shrine-like structure. Mario tells Luigi that he's using the portrait to help "clear his mind". After saying this, Mario tells Luigi that he is going to be the one to win the Elvis Presley impersonator contest. Hearing this, Luigi begins to tell Mario that he is going to be the one to win the impersonation contest, sparking an argument between him and Mario.

The argument between Mario and Luigi is suddenly interrupted when Mario sees someone behind their apartment door. Going upstairs, Mario opens the door, only to quickly shut it and tell Luigi that the New York Inquirer was right, Elvis Presley is still alive and he's at their door. Still shocked and surprised, Mario opens the door, letting Elvis Presley in; once Elvis enters the apartment, Mario asks him what he thinks of his costume. Elvis proceeds to tell Mario that his costume is pretty shoddy.

Later, Elvis, thinking Mario and Luigi need help with their costumes of him, decides to teach them how to be more like him. Going to a nearby stand with paper on it, Elvis begins to draw a diagram for Mario and Luigi on how to do his signature lip twitch. Finishing his diagram, Elvis calls Luigi up to try the lip twitch while showing him how to do it. Seeing Elvis do the lip twitch, Luigi tries to do it, though fails miserably, with Elvis telling him it was "close enough".

After Luigi is done, he goes to sit down again by Mario as Elvis prepares another diagram. Showing Mario and Luigi a diagram of his dance moves, Elvis explains how to do his dance moves and calls Mario up to try them. Getting up, Mario begins trying to dance; at first Mario does good, but eventually he begins to dance haphazardly while singing some of Elvis' songs rather badly. Eventually, Mario begins to accidentally knock things down, including a portion of the apartment wall.

After Mario's disastrous dance lesson, both Mario and Luigi begin to thank Elvis for helping them, but the two begin to have doubts about competing against one another, saying that the two of them competing would break their mother's heart. Hearing Mario and Luigi, Elvis comes up with a solution to their problem and calls the two up onto another floor. Once Mario and Luigi are up on the floor, Elvis has the two dance and sing with each other, which Mario and Luigi enjoy.

After some singing, Mario and Luigi turn to thank Elvis again for helping them, only to notice he's gone without a trace. Perplexed about Elvis' disappearance, Mario and Luigi suddenly hear a loud voice exclaiming "Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the basement!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Il Ritorno di Elvis
Elvis Returns
Portuguese Imitando o Elvis
Imitating Elvis