Lizard-Head Kremling

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“Play with THIS instead!”
King K. Rool, DK: Jungle Climber

The Lizard-Head Kremling is an enormous lizard head formed from a Kritter with several toys from Toybox 1 and the combined power of a Crystal Banana, and it appears in DK: Jungle Climber.

The Lizard-Head Kremling's red form

In DK: Jungle Climber, the Lizard-Head Kremling appears as the boss of the second island, Lost Island, in the first Toybox level; King K. Rool has one of his Kritter henchmen, empowered by a Crystal Banana, merge with several toys from the level and do battle with Donkey Kong.

In order to damage the Lizard-Head Kremling, Donkey Kong, while avoiding the two rotating crystal spikes around the boss, has to strategically hit the Lizard-Head Kremling in a place where the crystal spikes are not present. Doing this turns the Lizard-Head Kremling red, and both spikes stop rotating. It then starts to home in on Donkey Kong, and if Donkey Kong stays still for a long time, it falls down on him. If Donkey Kong avoids the attack, the toys fall off of the powered Kritter, leaving it vulnerable. If Donkey Kong hits it, the face reforms and reverts to its original green color

The next phase involves waves of four missiles, which protrude from the Lizard-Head. Once the boss is hit again, it turns red, and the downwards-crystal spike phase happens again. If it is hit again, it reverts back to a faster version of the missile attack. Once the face is hit again and Donkey Kong hits the Kremling a third time, the face once again turns red and sends out two red flashing boomerangs. It then reverts to the crystal-spike phase one last time. One last hit causes the defeat of the Lizard-Head Kremling and enables Donkey Kong to collect the second Crystal Banana.