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Wario battling a red Gem-Bodied Creature.
Gem-Bodied Creatures[1] are enemies that Wario faced during the events of Wario World.

Gem-Bodied Creatures resemble huge crystals with a torso and head on top. They come in three colors: red, yellow, and blue. A Gem-Bodied Creature may show up by dropping in from the sky or rising up out of the ground. In either case, the Gem-Bodied Creature will form a barrier around her[2] general area, forcing Wario to fight her before he can move on.

Gem-Bodied Creatures are completely immobile. Instead, they summon smaller Crystal Creatures to attack Wario. The Crystal Creatures come in two varieties: ground and flying. The ground ones wield weapons to hit Wario with and the flying ones can dive-bomb him. The greedy anti-hero can use these strange offspring to damage and defeat the Gem-Bodied Creature; after knocking them out with some punches, he can throw them at the Entity to hurt her. (there is no other way to hurt her; the Creatures are immune to his punches)

After being hit, Gem-Bodied Creatures will retaliate in one of three ways, depending on their color. Red Gem-Bodied Creatures will emit a laser beam that sweeps upward. Yellow ones will fire multiple purple energy blasts in a straight line. Finally, blue Gem-Bodied Creatures will fire three homing lasers at Wario. Fortunately, these attacks can also damage the Crystal Creatures.

Once a Gem-Bodied Creature has taken three hits and is dazed, Wario can then pick her up and use any one of his attack moves to destroy her.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラーミー
killer and army or from ちら見 (tirami), meaning once-over



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