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This article is about the card shops in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. For the card shops in Super Paper Mario, see Catch a Dream and Fondest Hopes.
The Card Shop in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
The Card Shop menu

The Card Shop is a shop in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam which lets the player purchase Battle Cards that gives the trio and/or enemies various effects when used in battle. The shops are run by Toads, and can be found next to the Item Shop and Gear Shop in Peach's Castle, in the yellow Toad House in Doop Doop Dunes, and in its own green Toad House on Mount Brrr. The player can also sell the Toad items, but not Battle Cards. The Card Shops, as well as the ability to use Battle Cards, open after the player frees the Paper Goomba from a cell in the Twinsy Tropics Dungeon.

Inside the Toad House, there is also a pink Toad who sells level 1 ? Cards for 200 coins, and level 2 ? Cards for 800 coins. He can also buy ? Cards from the player for the same price. There is also a yellow Toad who tells the player about Battle Cards, and a blue Toad who recommends a Battle Card to the player based on any problems they have in combat.