World 2-5 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

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World 2-5
SMAS SMB3 World 2-5 Screenshot.png
Level code World 2-5
World Desert Land
Game Super Mario Bros. 3
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 2-5 is the fifth main level and the seventh level overall of Desert Land in Super Mario Bros. 3. It is accessed by completing World 2-Desert and its own completion will open the way to World 2-Pyramid. Additionally, this level introduces Chain Chomps.


The player starts on a plain with several Wood Blocks and a Chain Chomp, and in one of the two ? Blocks nearby is a power-up. Past the stacked Semisolid Platforms is another Chain Chomp and a Koopa Troopa walking along a row of Brick Blocks, underneath of which is a Wood Block the player can bump to get a power-up. Across a pit are more Semisolid Platforms with Goombas and another Chain Chomp. In the area afterward with an enclosed space with Brick Blocks at the bottom; the player can kick a Koopa's shell into the narrow area to create a Vine that leads to a secret room with coins and a Switch Block, the exit pipe of which will drop the player into a floating Semi Solid Platform area where a power-up can be collected. Afterward is the goal with a Chain Chomp underneath it.

In the NES version, this level uses a palette where green is replaced by light brown; the stem of the Fire Flower in the goal (while it is flashing before Mario collects the card) is affected.


Name Count
Chain Chomp sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Chain Chomp
A red Koopa Troopa in SMB3
Red Koopa Troopa
A sprite of a Goomba from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Level statistics[edit]