Ghost Island

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Ghost Island
Ghost Island.png
Game DK: Jungle Climber
Level(s) 6
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“What's with all this fog? I can't see the beard on my face!”
Cranky Kong, DK: Jungle Climber

Ghost Island is a large and dark island and the third one explored in DK: Jungle Climber. Located between Lost Island and Chill 'n' Char Island, Ghost Island is covered in large forests with rotten trees and fog, and also has sickly green water and a large factory. Located near the center of Ghost Island is a gigantic tree with a glowing sinister face on it. Creatures that inhabit the island include Lockjaws, Puftups, Klobbers, and Zingers. The boss of this world is the Mega Amp.


Level Preview Description
3-1: Spooky Woods Spooky Woods This level takes place in a deceased forest with ghosts and fog covering the pegs. Read more...
3-2: Veggie Patch Veggie Patch This level takes place in a spooky forest, until the Kongs travel into a vegetable dimension with many pegs. Read more...
3-3: Boogity Bog Boogity Bog This level takes place in a green swamp, filled with whirlpools, Puftups, Lockjaws and Shuris. Read more...
3-4: Toybox 2 Toybox 2 This level revisits the toy dimension found in the previous level Toybox, but with a rotation wheel to flip the level. Read more...
3-5: Panic Factory Panic Factory This level takes place in an ominous factory, with the incomplete Mega Amp as the boss. Read more...
3-6: Little Ghost Island Little Ghost Island This level is similar to Panic Factory, but features switches and an automatic rising area. Read more...


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴース島
Pun on "ghost" and「島」(-tō, island)

French Ile Fantôme
Ghost Island
German Geisterinsel
Ghost Island
Italian Isola fantasma
Ghost island
Spanish Isla Fantasma
Ghost Island