Francis (The Super Mario Bros. Movie)

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Francis (The Super Mario Bros. Movie)
Screenshot of Francis staring angrily at Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Species Dog (Golden Retriever)
First appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
“That's Francis. He likes you!”
Brooklyn couple woman, The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Francis is a pet Golden Retriever of the unnamed Brooklyn couple appearing in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Francis has golden fur and a brown collar engraved with his name.

When Mario and Luigi arrive at the house of the Brooklyn couple to fix a dripping pipe under the couple's sink, Francis starts to happily lick the woman's face. Luigi accidentally steps on Francis's bone and breaks it, causing Francis to get angry at him, and Francis furiously gazes at him as he walks with Mario into the bathroom. After Mario and Luigi fix the pipe, Francis enters the bathroom with the broken bone in his mouth, closes the door behind him, and attacks Luigi. Mario throws a shampoo bottle at Francis to distract him, and Mario manages to trap him in the shower. A few other pipes (as well as the sink) get broken during the commotion, filling the shower with water and helping Francis escape the shower from above. He jumps after the Mario Bros., but he falls out the window. Luigi grabs Mario, who grabs Francis in midair with a plunger, saving him from falling down. Francis can be seen outside the window of the room where the Brooklyn couple is relaxing, but the couple does not notice him. The scene then cuts to Mario trying to get Francis out of the toilet as the owners walk in being shocked at the damage done to their bathroom. Mario fully pulls Francis out of the toilet, jokingly calling him "the problem" with the plumbing.

Francis and the Brooklyn couple are later seen after the final battle with Bowser, cheering for Mario and Luigi. Francis gives Luigi an affirming nod showing he has dropped his grudge with Luigi for accidentally breaking his bone.

In promotional artworkMedia:TSMBM Render Brooklyn.jpg of Brooklyn, a dog resembling Francis can be seen being taken out for a walk by a child in the background.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フランシス

Catalan Francis
French Francis
Italian Francis