Luigi fighting Amadeus Wolfgeist in the Auditorium.
Floor The Great Stage
Boss Amadeus Wolfgeist

The Auditorium is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the fourth floor of The Last Resort, The Great Stage. Amadeus Wolfgeist is fought here. The green gem can be found here.

When Luigi enters the auditorium, he sees a piano playing itself onstage, with the Toad's painting nearby. Once he walks onstage, Amadeus Wolfgeist reveals himself and notices Luigi, then retracts the stairs allowing him to get onstage. His first attack is levitating all the chairs in the auditorium and throwing them toward Luigi. Next, a group of Goob ballerinas appear and start attacking Luigi. Once he has captured all of the Goobs, an angered Amadeus possesses his piano and starts attacking Luigi himself. To defeat him, Luigi must wait until Amadeus opens the piano to reveal himself, then flash him with the Strobulb to stun him for a moment. He then moves his piano onstage, where he tosses bombs out at Luigi. Luigi needs to launch a bomb at the piano while it is open, causing it to stand upright. Luigi must then use a Suction Shot on the piano and forcibly throw it onto the floor, which both damages the piano and reveals Amadeus. The third time Luigi does this, the piano collapses, leaving Amadeus vulnerable to be captured. Once he is, Polterpup appears and activates the steps, allowing Luigi to walk back onstage and use the Dark-Light Device on the Toad's painting to rescue him and obtain the sixth floor elevator button.

If Luigi returns to the auditorium later on, he will often see a Hammer on stage. If he approaches it, he must defeat the Hammer along with other Hammers, Goobs, Oozers, and Mini Goobs which appear.

Once Luigi has learned the Super Suction later in the game, he can return to the auditorium and locate a trapdoor on the stage in front of the painting. Using a Burst on it reveals a socket for the Super Suction. Luigi is then able to vacuum away the wall to reveal an orchestra of Goobs. Capturing all of them gives Luigi the achievement "Found and defeated the ghost orchestra on 4F". Luigi is then able to flash the green light on the television with the Strobulb to show a color picture of the auditorium, then enter it to end up in a balcony with a bucket of popcorn with the green gem inside.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
German Konzertsaal
Concert Hall
Italian Auditorium
Spanish (NOE) Auditorio