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It has been requested that this article be rewritten. Reason: see talk page. Sources are needed for content related to the website. We need to one day figure out what the content from the articles actually are; these are all summaries which may or may not be accurate to the source material. (tagged on 17:53, May 27, 2023 (EDT))

Wario's Warehouse is a series of articles co-written by Mark Green and Richard Moulton[1] that appeared on Nintendo of Europe's website from 2001 to 2003.[citation needed] It reappeared in July 11, 2006 with a two-part article containing cheats for New Super Mario Bros.[citation needed] After this, it disappeared again.

The articles were mainly there to provide players with hints and cheats, but it also divulged apparent facts about Wario and Waluigi. The following are some claims found in the articles (originally written in Wario's first-person perspective):[citation needed]

  • Wario's Mother used to say "You can never have enough cash." Wario later wedged her inside her kitchen bin and pilfered all her money.
  • Wario sends Waluigi on errands to steal new cheats/codes/hints straight from the Nintendo HQ.
  • Wario and Waluigi do hang out with Mario - Wario says "Waluigi almost blabbed the whole deal to Mario".
  • Wario stashes the cheats in very odd places - Such as under a pile of his dirty socks.
  • Wario says, "I don't spend my whole life shaking my fist and cackling - that's Nintendo and their stinking propaganda for you."
  • Wario puts Waluigi on a rack to make him even taller.
  • Wario has had to endure an infestation of hermit crabs, an infestation of sparrows (Who dropped into his tea out of exhaustion), an infestation of foxes (Solved by setting loose a grizzly bear), and an infestation of marmosets (Solved by Waluigi's singing). Waluigi also took something Wario said the wrong way once, and released 7000 hamsters into the Warehouse. Hamsters invaded again when Waluigi wrongly ordered 5 tons of sunflower seeds.
  • A storm once swept through his Warehouse right after Waluigi repainted it, causing all files to be scattered around the streets.
  • Wario had a 273-meter high stack of crates full of cheats he called "Big Mama", which was in the Guinness Book of Records under "Most Senseless Attempt to Defy Fundamental Laws of Gravity".
  • Wario had a chicken coop empire named Wario's Wingery.
  • Wario illegally held a monkey, who proceeded to attack the mailman and knock over all shelves.
  • Wario is saving for a home cinema system.
  • Wario had a hamster named Fluffy, who died in 1986.
  • Wario plays MMORPGs.
  • Wario likes rhubarb crumble.
  • Wario has a policy not to give any help on his own games.
  • Wario has a very persistent leaky roof.
  • Mario frequently peeks around Wario's Warehouse - Once, Wario slammed open the door in Mario's chops and asked Mario when HE was getting a column.
  • Wario apparently does NOT lead the life that some of his games make it look like - he says "While my persona in Wario World had a golden castle filled with treasure, the truth is sadly more humble".
  • Wario keeps a matchbox with ants in the cupboard, waiting until they worship him as a god.
  • Wario likes to stand still and calmly watch special "Waluigi moments" - moments when Waluigi does extremely stupid things.
  • Wario once stole dungarees from Mario because his own had a big hole in them.
  • Wario visits E3 and has to fly there with a first class seat - the others aren't big enough.
  • Wario calls Mario "Facial hair disaster Mario", and Donkey Kong "Donkey 'Too-much-toothpaste' Kong".
  • Wario prefers using a thermal printer for his computer, "none of that laser rubbish".
  • Wario once sent Waluigi out to buy 500,000 dancing Elvis car ornaments, believing that in 50 years, they will make him a millionaire.
  • Wario once wanted a week of peace and quiet. Waluigi bought two cheap travel tickets to a "desert island". It actually turned out to be the island in the middle of a boating lake. The "hotel" was a shed, and was overrun with ducks. He ate duck soup every day to get through the week.
  • Wario hates "Mario's ugly touch screen background" in New Super Mario Bros.
  • Wario ceaselessly tries to make Waluigi more intelligent and usually fails.
  • Wario once entered Waluigi in a beauty competition, which turned out to be a dog show.
  • Wario refers to Waluigi as his brother. Nevertheless, he still regularly beats him up for making stupid mistakes.


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