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Valiant Comics
Valiant Logo.svg
Founded 1989
First Super Mario Comic Series Nintendo Comics System

Valiant Comics is an American comic book publisher founded in 1989. Early in its life, the company published several Super Mario comic books as part of its Nintendo Comics System line.


Former logo

Valiant Comics was founded by longtime Marvel Comics editor Jim Shooter and other former Marvel talents. Although initially successful enough to become the third highest-selling comic company, behind established giants Marvel and DC, Valiant faced financial difficulties following a controversial attempt to retool its properties and the publication of Deathmate, a disastrous crossover event with competitor Image Comics. In 1994, the company was acquired by video game publisher Acclaim Entertainment, who rebranded it as Acclaim Comics and rebooted the entire line. Acclaim Comics was closed in 2004 when Acclaim itself went bankrupt.

A group of entrepeneurs purchased the right to Valiant's properties in Acclaim's bankruptcy sale and formed a new company known as Valiant Entertainment, which started publishing new comics in 2012.