Mario's Star (course)

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This article is about the course from the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Golf. For information about Mario's star from Luigi's Mansion, see Mario's Star.
Mario's Star
Space Peach Course.png 
Location Mushroom Kingdom, Space 
How to unlock Buy in Star Pack 
Number of Holes 18 
Par 72 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf (Nintendo 64)
Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario's Star is a golf course in Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 and Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS. Each hole is based on a character from the Mario series, such as the first hole being shaped like Yoshi and the last hole being shaped like Mario and Luigi. If Mario or his friends are able to beat Bowser or Metal Mario in a game on this course, a different version of the credits rolls along with a new ending image. The OB zone here is represented by Piranha Plants, sunflowers and Fire Flowers. In Mario Golf: World Tour, the holes are based on the same designs as in the original Nintendo 64 version, but the course is remade to be set in space, with Super Mario Galaxy elements, as well as the hole layouts being altered. It can be downloaded with Rock-Candy Mines and Rosalina in the Star Pack.