Super Mario Oreos
A package of Oreo cookies from the OREO × Super Mario promotion

Oreo is a brand of cookies manufactured by Mondelez International. On June 26, 2023, Nintendo announced a promotion with Oreo titled OREO × Super Mario, featuring a limited-edition series of Oreo cookies themed to the Super Mario franchise.[1] On the same day, Oreo also published a webpage with details of the promotion on its website, where the cookies were able to be preordered.[2] The cookies were made available at retailers on July 10, 2023.[1]

The description of the OREO × Super Mario promotion on Oreo's webpage reveals that the promotion features a story:

Princess Peach is missing and Bowser is trying to take over her castle! Will you join us and find the right OREO cookies to help Mario and the other heroes save the kingdom?

The webpage also includes instructions for a mission "to help Mario and the other heroes save the kingdom," encouraging consumers to share a video of themselves participating in the activity on social media:

The Mission
Balance the Bowser OREO cookie on the side of a glass of milk. Stack hero OREO cookies on him until he falls in. How many can you stack? Show us on TikTok with #SuperMarioOREO, or on other social platforms.

In Nintendo's news article revealing the promotion, Vishnu Nair, the Senior Brand Manager of Oreo, hinted at the possibility of a surprise being revealed to those who complete the mission.[1]

On August 16, 2023, it was announced that Bowser had been defeated and the Mushroom Kingdom had been saved.[2] On the same day, sweepstakes for a set of four Princess Peach-themed Oreo cookies began. Participants could enter by filling in a form on Oreo's website.[3] The sweepstakes ended on August 23, 2023.[4]

OREO × Super Mario cookie designsEdit

16 unique cookie designs were made for the OREO × Super Mario promotion, each of which is based on a character, enemy, or item from the Super Mario franchise. The designs are listed in the order they appeared on the promotion's webpage.


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