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Nintendo Research & Development 2 (often abbreviated as Nintendo R&D2) was one of Nintendo's first internal development teams. The division focused on hardware development and porting games.[1] It was headed by Masayuki Uemura, the designer of the NES and SNES.

In 2004, all of the R&D departments were disolved due to a corporate restructuring. Most of the staff were folded into Nintendo EAD or the newly created Nintendo Software Planning & Development group.

Super Mario games developed by Nintendo R&D 2[edit]

Home consoles[edit]


Game Release date
Donkey Kong 1983
Mario Bros. 1983
Donkey Kong Jr. 1983
Donkey Kong Jr. Math 1983
Golf 1984
NES Open Tournament Golf 1991

Handheld systems[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]

Game Release date
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe 1999

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Game Release date
Super Mario Advance 2001


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