Lost Island

Lost Island
Lost Island in DK: Jungle Climber.
Game DK: Jungle Climber
Level(s) 5
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“Brr! It's rather chilly here in the ruins, eh? I'm shivering like a clunky old car!”
Cranky Kong, DK: Jungle Climber

Lost Island is the second world of DK: Jungle Climber. This world is set in a temple ruins, but a few of its levels are jungle-themed. Lost Island is the first world where Xananab takes Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to another dimension from the Spirowarp.


Level Preview Description
2-1: Tropical Treetops   The first level of Lost Island. It is a colorful jungle setting, with many pegs accenting upwards. The level is also home to multiple Auto-Fire Barrels. Read more...
2-2: Glass Labyrinth   The second level, originally marked as "???". A small portion takes place at a waterfall. DK and Diddy eventually find Xananab, who shows the Spirowarp to them, and he transports them to the Glass Labyrinth dimension. There Donkey Kong accidentally falls through a glass door, and his mirrored counterpart appears on the top screen. Read more...
2-3: Road to Ruins   The first ruins-based level, possibly a tribute to Donkey Kong Country's temple stages. The Kongs learns how to use Wings and throw Rocks in this stage. Read more...
2-4: Forest Ruins   Another ruins level, infested with many Zingers. The rocks also return and must be used to break TNT barrels. Read more...
2-5: Toybox   The final regular level of Lost Island. As the name suggests the level's theme is a very colorful toybox. The pegs themselves are given brighter colors. King K. Rool tries to steal a Spirowarp, and the Kongs must stop him from doing so. Read more...
2-6: Little Lost Island   The secret stage, which the Kongs can access after collecting every oil barrel in the world. Read more...


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロストロス島
Repetition of "lost" with the latter half being a pun on "lost" and「島」(-tō, island)

French Ile Perdue
German Schatzinsel
Treasure Island
Italian Isola perduta
Lost island
Spanish Isla Perdida
Lost Island