Coins Amassed in a Maze

Coins Amassed in a Maze
Rainbow Ride Star 3
Location Rainbow Ride
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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Coins Amassed in a Maze is the third mission of Rainbow Ride in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The mission's objective is to collect the eight Red Coins.


Once the player reaches the four spinning platforms, they need to take the moving lift ahead of them past the Spinning Heart. The lift leads the player to a maze, in which are the eight Red Coins. In order to collect all eight, the player has to use somersaults and Long Jumps to reach high areas and cross large gaps. The player also has to avoid getting burned by the flame throwers that are tucked in corners. Mario can wall-jump to collect the Red Coins, Luigi can backward-somersault to collect them, and Yoshi can flutter-kick to collect them. Wario can use a series of Triple Jumps to collect the Red Coins. Once all the Red Coins are collected, the Power Star appears at the Star Marker at the bottom of the maze.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タテめいろの あかコイン
Tate Meiro no Aka Koin
Red Coins of the Vertical Maze

Chinese 迷宫中收集硬币[2]
Mígōng zhōng Shōují Yìngbì
Collecting Coins in the Maze

French Labyrinthe des pièces rouges (SM64)
Amas de pièces dans le labyrinthe (SM64 DS)
Labyrinth of Red Coins
Coin Cluster in the Labyrinth
German Finde die 8 roten Münzen! (SM64)
Münzlabyrinth (SM64 DS)
Find the 8 Red Coins!
Coin Labyrinth
Italian Monete nel labirinto (Super Mario 64 DS)
Le monete del Labirinto Verticale[1]
Coins in the labyrinth
The coins in the Vertical Maze
Korean 세로미로의레드코인
Sero miro ui redeu koin
Red Coins of the Vertical Maze

Spanish Las Monedas del laberinto vertical
The Coins of the Vertical Labyrinth


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