Clubosaur in Excitement Central
First appearance Wario World (2003)

A Clubosaur[1] is a triceratops enemy that Wario encountered in Wario World. It wields a large club. Their name is a portmanteau of "club" and "dinosaur". At any time, the Clubosaur may charge up and go on a small rampage, swinging its club frantically. The Clubosaur is invincible in this state, but the attack does not last very long. The club also blocks all frontal attacks, so Wario needs to sneak up on a Clubosaur from behind in order to attack it.

After three punches, the Clubosaur loses its club and reverts to standing on all fours. In this state, the Clubosaur can charge at Wario, a powerful attack that leaves the treasure hunter dazed for a few seconds. After being punched three more times, the Clubosaur is knocked out, allowing Wario to pick it up. Clubosaurs are too resilient to be harmed by ordinary throws, so Wario must either throw it into another enemy or use a Mad Move to defeat it.

Aside from the basic Clubosaurs in Excitement Central, other varieties include Skelosaurs in Horror Manor, Gatorbabies in Wonky Circus, Polar Bears in Shivering Mountains, Grizzlies in Beanstalk Way, Masked Clubbers in the Mirror Mansion, and Club Mummies in Pecan Sands. Aside from a few costume changes and choice of club (the Polar Bear uses an icicle, for example), these enemies behave in exactly the same way as Clubosaurs, though they do get progressively more aggressive.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリケラー[2]
A partial elongation of "Triceratops"


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