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Congratulations to Yoshario (talk), our new Editor in Chief!

Issue XXXIII December 22nd, 2009 About        

Director's Notes Fun Stuff Upcoming Games
Paper Pikachu
Fake News Interview
Non-Mario Review
Character Comparison
Pipe Plaza Ultimate Character Tournament
Art & Music Director's Notes Director Election

Fun Stuff

Mystery Images

By Tucayo (talk)

Guess who is the character in each image!

midbusmod.jpg pwallopmod.jpg bobombmod.jpg dinopiranhamod.jpg kamellamod.jpg



By Tucayo (talk)

Last month Papero guessed the 3 picross correctly again! They were a Piranha Plant, a Blooper, and a Bob-omb.

Now, this month picross. For a how-to on picross, check here.

picross1-1.png picross2-1.png picrpss3-2.png

Remember, if you know who the character is, PM me with the answers. Good luck!

Mind Bogglers

By Papero (talk)

Find the 10 hidden characters in the image.


Guess Who

By Reversinator (talk)

Guess who the characters are!

1.-I am an alien.
I have a princess to protect and a commander to obey.
Our species gets our army and energy from Toads.
I am able to control a spacecraft for mutating purposes.
Our language is incomprehensible to you.
We were frozen in a chamber, where only one escaped.

2.-I’m a little enemy from an RPG and RPG only.
I have three big brothers that will shoot projectiles at you.
I am a so-called “replacement” for another character, one everybody knows.
There are 43 characters below me and 212 characters above me.
I may look all cute and nice with my pig-like appearance, but I can *squash under foot*

Answers! <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>

Shroob and Squiglet
Here are the clues:
1. I am an alien - Shroobs are from outer space.
I have a princess to protect and a commander to obey - Princess Shroob and Commander Shroob.
Our species gets our army and energy through Toads - The Vim Factory and Shroobification.
Our language is incomprehensible to you - Shroobs don't speak a language that we understand.
We were frozen in a chamber, where only one escaped - Before Bowser fights Midbus, a Shroob can be seen in the seat on the lower right-hand corner. Later in the game, many Shroobs are seen in the cold storage of Bowser's Castle.

2. I'm a little enemy from an RPG and RPG only - He only appears in Super Paper Mario.
I have three big brothers that will shoot projectiles at you - Squig, Squog and Squoinker.
I am a so called "replacement for another character, one you all know. Squiglets fill in the role of Goombas.
There are 43 characters below me and 212 characters above me - Squiglet is Catch Card 44.
I may look all cute and nice with my pig-like appearance, but I can *squash under foot* - A reference to Squiglet's card description. "Awww...look at that adorable little Squiglet. So adorable under your foot.


Non-Mario Review

by Leirin (talk)

Super Monkey Ball is a Nintendo GameCube game released in 2001. It was one of the earlier titles for the system and is the first in a series of ball-rolling, mini-game based video games spanning Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, Adventure, Touch & Roll and Banana Blitz.

The game has an unusual concept, but is strangely addicting– you play as a monkey encased within a glass ball, and you must roll the ball to the goal at the end of each stage. Sounds simple enough, right? But as you advance, the levels become more complex in structure and have more traps. Some traps are almost inevitable, such as bumpers, which will bounce the ball away, and, if you don't stay in control, will land you in a bottomless pit or knock you right off the course. Stay on your toes and keep your balance, otherwise you'll lose your lives and have to start over again.

You can choose to play the main game, which, as described previously, involves pushing your chimp to the finish line, or join in on several party games, which are great for multiplayer. Among them are Monkey Billiards, Monkey Fight, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Race. Another nice addition is the ability to choose either Beginner (BE), Advanced (AD), or Expert (EX) for the main mode. While all three modes start out simple, they soon ease you into the difficulty. The courses aren't just the same levels with added traps for harder modes, either; they're brand-new courses for you to clear.

Perhaps the only major problem with Super Monkey Ball is that it can make you nauseous if you play it for long periods of time. The constant shaking of the camera (done so that you can feel like you're really in control of the ball) can cause dizziness to some players, especially older gamers. It's good to take 15-minute or so breaks in between plays.

For its time and even today, the graphics of Super Monkey Ball shine brightly, with a cartoonish touch and impressive visual effects; in the mini-game Monkey Target, for instance, we get a great view of the ocean, which is still beautifully rendered and lifelike in appearance. A lot of the greenery-based settings are very detailed and stylized as well.

The music of Super Monkey Ball is, while nothing earth-shattering, very pleasant and often contributes accurately to the overall "mood" of a stage; fast-paced and upbeat, or mellow and mysterious. Though unfortunately, there is a lack of orchestra in place of digital music.

The game has great variety, and those who like to strive to get top scores on every level will have a hard (but good) time trying to do it with this game. A recommendation for all GameCube owners for its crafty design and originality.

Overall Score: 8.3/10


by Cmario17 (talk)

Hi, Cmario17 here for User Interview! Or, at least it's supposed to be User Interview, but I was a klutz and lost the interviews. So this month, I bring to you User Summary. It's not quite as exiting, but to make up for it I'm covering two users instead of one - and I PROMISE that next issue will have an interview!

First up, Uniju :D.

Uniju :D is a friendly user that can usually be found in the Mariowiki chatroom. Why? Because Uniju (is it OK if I leave the smile off?) is an operator! I don't exactly know all the extra powers you get for being an operator, but basically I know that operators can kick you out if you aren't following the rules. Uniju joined the Mariowiki in the summer of 2007, which is a lot earlier than I did. Uniju's favorite character is Waluigi - who should appear in A LOT more games. Uniju's favorite games are Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy - but least favorite is Super Mario 64 DS because it was changed too much. Just one more random fact here...Uniju's favorite word is defenstration - which means, to throw someone out of a window on the roof (usually on the top of a tall building). I found this out when I first tried chatting - I was defenstrated for being a n00b.

I also have some info here on... Paint It Black.

Paint It Black also joined the Mariowiki in the summer of 2007 - coming from some site called Mario HQ. Paint It Black's favorite character is Dimentio, and he also has the original Super Mario 64 as his top game. During our interview, I was shocked to find out that Paint It Black is a Bureaucrat of Userpedia, and that he was promoted there in record time - only 2 weeks. I must have had a good first impression on Paint It Black, because he recommended me to join Userpedia - and he accepted my friend request. The rest was lost somewhere in cyberspace...

See you next issue -Cmario17!

Fake News

Director's Notes

by Ralphfan (talk)

We have a few announcements. First, Gamefreak75 is now our Ad Salesman, and Baby Mario Bloops writes the Cooking Guide and Interview. Also, Hyper Guy and Luigi 128 are now bi-monthly.

Interview List

If you want to join the Fake News, sign up here before Monday, December 21st. If you need to create a spot on the list, please make one. You can try out for Travel Guide and/or Fake Music. In the meantime, please get an account on the forum.

  1. LaLaLand123 (talk)
  2. Marioman23230 (talk)
  3. Birdofreak99 (talk)


<iframe width="800" height="400" vspace="0" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" src="<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=""></script><noscript> <a href="">Fake News Survey</a>"></iframe>

Travel Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

Come visit lovely Petal Meadows! We've got a freakish stalker, three hot chicks, and a big-ass dragon! Plus, you can see the sighs of lovely Shhwonk Fortress. There are lots of quizzical Thwomps! It's a great experience for the whole family, so come and get your vacation packages today, one week for four people at only $799.99!

Fake Music

by Super Paper Mario Bros. (talk)

SMB hasn't been able to turn in his sections yet. However, he explained why, and they'll be in soon.

Cooking Guide

by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

This month's chef is the terrible great chef: Mrs. SAFFRON

Today, we are bringing a quite painful, but absolutely delicious, Roast Whacka Bump

Instead of the easy way, we will show you how to make the most tastiest way. You will need:

  • A live or dead Whacka (leave the blood in it).
  • A weapon of your choice (best is a sharp knife)
  • A cooking pot big enough to hold the whacka in
  • Hot Sauce
  • Turtley Leaf
  • Water
  • A oven
  1. Find a Whacka, and knock it out.
  2. Take it to a kitchen, and put it out of its misery.
  3. Put the dead Whacka into the pot, put dangerously hot water into it.
  4. Add hot sauce, it adds favor and removes the dead smell.
  5. Put in oven at the temperature of 454.3245 degrees exact.
  6. Let it cook for precisely 56 minutes, 23 seconds, and 8 nanoseconds.
  7. If done right, you should have a nicely crisped roast Whacka bump, and add the leaf (it keeps the favorite in it).
  8. Let it cool at room temperature for half an hour, and you have a bloody meal that would be great for any holiday feast!!!

Fake Ad

by Gamefreak75 (talk)



These leaves are full of magic pixie dust!

Eat it or smoke it, it doesn't matter!

You'll hallucinate and suddenly, you'll grow a tail and dumb looking raccoon ears!

You'll feel like that you have the ability to fly only to land flat on your face!

These leaves cost millions of coins, but why bother when you could go to your local dark alley and get them for a much cheaper price!

WARNING: Do not use around policemen.

Fake Interview

by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Hello, 'Shroomers, this is your interviewer Baby Mario Bloops with your Fake Interview. This month, we are going to interview Petey Piranha and his translator! Let's begin, shall we...

Baby Mario Bloops: So, Petey Piranha, is it a hard life, always fighting against the famous Mario?

Petey Piranha: Gwarrrr gwrrrrr gwrrrar gwar!

Translator: He says that it can be challenging, but far more things are worst!

Baby Mario Bloops: I see, so can you tell me those things that are worst?

Petey Piranha: Gwrr gwaaarrrr ggggwarr garrrrr.

Translator: What he is saying is that he's always has to spit out goop, and the fact that Bowser sends him out to icy places.

Baby Mario Bloops: So, would you say that you have a good relationship with Bowser?



Baby Mario Bloops: Okay, so then, what position do you want to be at?

Petey Piranha: Garrrrwrr gawrrwaar gawawrar garrrrwarf (sniff).

Translator: My client is saying that he is reaching for final boss coming up soon, and that to once defeat Mario on his adventure, and oh yeah, (sniff).

Baby Mario Bloops: Wait a second, are you crying Petey?

Petey Piranha: Gwarrfrrarrf Gwarrffffrr Warrrgwwarf wgarffr?

Translator: I think he says that the thought of always being defeated be a overweight plumber puts tears of pain in his eyes, but I am unsure by his crying.

Baby Mario Bloops: Man, I feel for you, anything else to add.

Petey Piranha: Gwarrrr Gwarrrrr Garwrrrrr Grrrrrrwr!!!

Traslator: His exact words are: Mario, if you are watching, I will get my revenge on you, just wait!!!

Baby Mario Bloops: Thanks for your time, Petey Piranha and translator!! On that note, that's our interview for the month. See you next time!!!

Fake Sports

by Ralphfan (talk)

Blue Team tops Red Team in Strikers All-Star Game
Today at The Wastelands, the Blue Team, made of Luigi, Wario, Bowser, and Yoshi, held off the Red Team, made of Mario, Waluigi, DK, and Daisy, 7-5. The Red Team was ahead 3-0 1:34 in thanks to a DK goal and a Mega Strike on which Kritter was unable to stop two of Mario's five shots. However, the Blue Team fought hard and equalized before the end of the half, taking 11 of the next 14 shots. Luigi scored twice and Wario also found the net during the last two minutes of the half.
The Blue Team took a 6-3 lead in the first two minutes of the second half as Bowser redirected a shot by Yoshi, DK tallied another goal, and Luigi completed the hat trick by going one for three on a Mega Strike. The Red Team was finally able to regain momentum, and Daisy and Waluigi scored goals by deking past Kritter. With just 11 seconds left, Yoshi put the icing on the cake by scoring a breakaway goal following an Egg Roll.
Following the game, Luigi said, "We played really well together, but it's time to get back to work. The season's far from over."

Fake Weather

by Clyde1998 (talk)

MON: Fire will take over Bowser Castle. On Rainbow Road, star bits will fall onto the track, making it hard to drive on.
TUE: The ice will melt at Sherbet Land and the sun will melt it's icy caves. DK Island will be flooded and will be evacuated before then.
WED: The sun will heat up Yoshi Island.
THU: The rain will postpone races on Mario Circuit.
FRI: The lava at DK Mountain will burn fences and some of the track.
SAT: The Tick-Tock Clock will stop because of heavy rain.
SUN: The Grumble Volcano racetrack will be destroyed by lava and fiery rain.

User Brawl

by Zero777 (talk) (with assistance from Baby Mario Bloops (talk))

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of..... USER BRAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's User Brawlers (with a special guest) will be:

Zero777 vs. Geno vs. Dry Paratroopa vs. Dimenshi Knight

They will fight in a limited 3-stock battle, with the twist of only five minutes to brawl. Thankful to them will be the Smash Ball, which will appear very commonly through the battle. The stage they compete on is a memory-filled deadly maze that Mario Wiki Users know as...Castle Bleck!!!

Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum
Castle Bleck

Time for the brawlers’ stats:

Fighters Offense Defense Jump Weight Speed Throwing Ability Tether Recovery
and/or Tether Grab
Projectile Final Smash Overall
Zero777 7 7 7 7 7 7 Both 7 7 7 7
Geno 8 7 6 5 6 5 X 9 7 8 7
Dry Paratroopa 2 8 0 4 4 6 X 4 8 6 6
Dimenshi Knight 3 10 8 3 8 5 X 3 7 8 7

Let us get some dirt from each of our fighters' from their bios...

Zero777: The bounty hunter of the wiki; be careful of what you do or say when you cross paths with this cyborg he might use his geass to compel you to do anything to his will, so watch out or else he will call out checkmate on you.

Geno: The warrior from Star Road who serve a higher authority, don't make the cute wooden doll look fool you, he is anything then dolly, he will bring the punishment hard, REALLY hard with his mysterious powers.

Dry Paratroopa: Dry Paratroopa is really just a single Dry Paratroopa in its species. He has somehow gotten enough respect from his lord, Dry Bowser, to be his messenger, even though he is constantly taking over Dry Bowser's Castle while he's gone. He builds buddy Dry Bones and is a very skilled flyer. He also loves pelting you with bones.

Dimenshi Knight: As known by many user opponents as mysterious, creepy, and unknown, comes the one and own Dimenshi Knight! Dimenshi is able to even outlast the toughest competitors, advancing with skills and speed on his side. If you were his opponent, you would have to watch out for thy Dimenshi.

The music for this brawl will be:

Now it’s time for the Brawl!:

Here come the brawlers, on the far right side of the stage, a white star fighter just flew pass the stage, wait a second, that's the White Rose, then that means, it is Zero777 dropping in, and he is set on Sword Form. On the center-right of the stage, hey look a star entity is coming down and it's going inside that wooden doll, wait the doll is growing, the doll can now move, well that's no ordinary or not even a doll in the first place, it is Geno! On the center-left of the stage a pile of bones just came falling from the sky, now there reassembling into Dry Paratroopa! Last but not least, on the far left of the stage, a clear square just expanded and contracted leaving a ripple in the surrounding air and space, who did that warp right now, well it's no other then Dimenshi Knight!

3.... 2.... 1.... GO!! Zero777 uses Light Ray (standard) and it is going into a head on collision with Dimenshi Knight, with fast reflexes he uses Chaos Dash (standard) and he reflect them back to Zero777, but Zero777 uses The Bible (down) and it hits Geno. Dry Paratroopa being ignored uses Buddy Build (down) and it is now throwing those bones and everybody takes a bit of a beating. Geno gets up on the platforms and start abusing Geno Whirl (standard) everybody is getting hit. Zero777 and Dimenshi Knight run towards Geno, Geno releases one more Geno Whirl and gets on a higher level, it went over Zero777 and went to Dimenshi Knight, but he uses Chaos Dash again and it hits Zero777, this Geno Whirl gave Zero777 over 30% of damage. The smash ball just appeared, Geno charges Geno Flash (side), Dry Paratroopa uses Bonemerang (side) and it hits the smash ball dead on but it didn't break it, Dimenshi Knight uses Flame Spear to get the smash ball, as it's nearing to its target Zero777 uses Arm Reach Blast (side) on Dimenshi Knight and now he loses focus on Flame Spear, Flame Spear implodes giving massive damage to Dry Paratroopa and Geno, sending Dry Paratroopa to his first KO, but it also caused the smash ball to violently break, now Dimenshi Knight has the smash ball. Zero777 teleports to him by using Iron Rose (up), but it is too late, Dimenshi Knight activated his final smash Super Dimenshi, Super Dimenshi rams his gigantic fist into Zero777 launching him and causing him to violently crash into the wall. Zero777 is now getting fatigue and switches to Duo Form, he then uses Energy Wings (up) to get on the highest platform to avoid Super Dimenshi, but the platforms now have demonic grins and start moving side to side Zero777 missed the platform causing him to fall in a helpless animation. Geno uses his already charged up Geno Flash on Zero777 causing him to go high into the upper boundary but he is not dead, as Zero777 descend down to join the brawl Geno position himself under Zero777 and use Geno Blast (down) and caused Zero777 to go to his first KO.

4 minutes on the clock. Dry Paratroopa is playing safe and avoiding Super Dimenshi as much as he can but Super Dimenshi uses an up smash attack giving him moderate-high damage, but the smash attack also got Geno and sent him to his first KO also. Super Dimenshi revert back to Dimenshi Knight, he then uses Triple Split (down) as a means of protection because Dry Paratroopa is using Bone Toss (standard) on him multiple times. Dimenshi Knight loses one of his clones and he receives high damage from the on-slot. Dimenshi Knight backs up a little to position himself just before he was about to do something Geno comes in by using Geno Boost (up) and use a side smash attack on him, sending him to the wall, he bounce back and use a aerial attack to cause him to go back a little, just before he could launch an attack on Geno a white laser bit was launched from a platform and hit Geno giving him extra damage. Dimenshi Knight uses Flame Spear and hit Geno while Bonemerang hit him at the same time, but Zero777 drops behind Dry Paratroopa and use his powerful backwards aerial attack launching him a little far off. Dimenshi Knight sees the opportunity and takes it, he uses Dimension Blast (up) to teleport himself to Dry Paratroopa, he teleport directly near to Dry Paratroopa causing him to be paralyzed, as he charge his up smash attack to finish Dry Paratroopa, Zero777 used Shadow Gun (standard) and hit the both of them, causing Dry Paratroopa and Dimenshi Knight to be caught in a black hole of time and space, Zero777 runs to the center of it and use his up smash attack on the two but it didn't launch them, the black hole disappear and they are launched upwards, Zero777 uses an upward aerial attack on Dry Paratroopa and both Dimenshi Knight and him are launched to a KO.

2 minutes on the clock. The smash ball just appeared again, Geno jump and use Geno Flash on the smash ball, but Zero777 uses The Bible reflecting the ball of light back to Geno sending him to his second KO. Zero777 gets fatigue and switch to Wing Form. As he looks around for the smash ball he sees the Bonemerang hitting the smash ball and it breaks, just before Dry Paratroopa could use it Dimenshi Knight use Flame Spear causing Dry Paratroopa to lose the smash ball, he then uses Dimension Blast on it but it wasn't enough, then Zero777 jumps in the air and use Light Ray, hitting the smash ball twice and breaking it, Zero777 then activate the smash ball unleashing his final smash White Knight. All platforms with the demonic grins have now started an on-slot, launching white laser bits in all directions. Dry Paratroopa, Geno, and Dimenshi Knight all are being damaged while it has no effect on White Knight, White Knight starts to swing his MVS at Geno then he uses a smash attack making Geno fall to his last KO, Geno..... DEFEATED!! White Knight then uses a Slash Harken on front of him missing the both of them; he then uses Zero Beam pointing at Dimenshi Knight. As Dimenshi Knight is ready to use Chaos Dash even though he will take the punishment a white laser bit hit him, causing him to fly upwards a little then the on-slot of white laser bits stop, White Knight then unleashed Zero Beam hitting Dry Paratroopa instead, costing him his last KO, Dry Paratroopa..... DEFEATED!! The final smash ended, Zero777 is fatigued again and switches to Normal Form, as the two brawlers are ready to dash into each other Zero777 uses Iron Rose to get behind Dimenshi Knight and use an up smash attack sending him past the upper boundary line, Zero777 taunts for his success but before Dimenshi Knight died 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... TIME!!

SUDDEN DEATH... GO!! It is now down to a sudden death, Zero777 versus Dimenshi Knight, it is knight versus knight, Zero777 runs as far away as possible from Dimenshi Knight and charge up the Shadow Gun, it is now fully charged. Dimenshi Knight uses Flame Spear on Zero777 but Zero777 uses The Bible to reflect the attack doing nothing to him. Zero777 then uses Iron Rose to get up close grab Dimenshi Knight throws him into the other direction causing him to very violently bounce off the wall. When he comes to a stop Zero777 uses the Shadow Gun on him but didn't expect him to use Chaos Dash with a cat-like reflects, sending Zero777 to a KO, Zero777.... DEFEATED, GAME!!


The Super Mario franchise emblem, from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

The winner is........... Dimenshi Knight!!

Dimenshi Knight spins around in circles while floating and doing a crazy laugh.


1st: Dimenshi Knight


3rd: Dry Paratroopa

4th: Geno

Fake Shop

by ohsnap! (talk)

Shopkeeper:Well, I got the shop ba-

Fawful: I HAVE FURY!!

Shopkeeper: What?


(Fawful attacks the shopkeeper)

Fawful: I HAVE CHORTLES! Welcome to the Fawful Fury shop, where you get yummy mushrooms. I HAVE CHORTLES! Beef? Fawful shop is lacking in beef. Fawful shop is beefless. ALL FAWFUL SHOP HAS IS BLORB MUSHROOMS! HERE! EAT ONE!

Shopkeeper: Hey! I'm back!


Shopkeeper: OK, hey look at this yummy mushro-

(Shopkeeper becomes infected with Blorbs)

Shopkeeper: -om. HELP! MARIO! LUIGI!NO! DON'T LEAVE!

Character Comparison

By Artwork of Mario from Mario Party 9 Mario304 (Talk) Mario SSB Artwork.png
Mario Party 8 Artwork: Luigi
Artwork of Yoshi for Mario Party 8 (reused for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games)

Luigi vs. Yoshi

Hello users of the Super Mario Wiki! Welcome to my December comparison! Since the holidays are coming up, I've made a special comparison for all of you, Luigi the green plumber vs. Yoshi the green dinosaur! Both of them are Mario's sidekicks, they both have the flutter jump, they're both green and they have their own game but what's so different about them? Let's find out!

Physical Appearance


Luigi has green clothes, blue overalls, a slim mustache, a green hat with an L on it, brown shoes and he's very skinny.


Yoshi has a huge nose, red shoes, a red tongue and a red seat on his back.



Luigi is very timid and he has an extreme fear of ghosts. He's a coward and will always run and hide when extreme danger is afoot. He is jealous of his brother, Mario and would wish he's the hero.


Yoshi is very courageous and he is never afraid to run into any type of extreme danger. He's not jealous of Mario and he's always willing to help him on any adventure. He's not afraid of anything.

Appearances as Mario's sidekick


Luigi was Mario's sidekick in the first four Mario classics, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World as the second player. After Super Mario World, he wasn't seen again helping his brother until the DS game, New Super Mario Bros. as a secret character and Super Mario 64 DS as an unlockable character. He recently assisted Mario in the Wii game, New Super Mario Bros. Wii in multiplayer mode.


Yoshi was one of Mario's sidekicks in his first appearance, Super Mario World as powerful transportation. He next appeared helping Mario in Super Mario 64 DS saving the plumber as well as Luigi and Wario. He helped out in the GameCube game, Super Mario Sunshine as transportation once again. He recently assisted Mario in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.



Luigi has the ability to flutter-jump in the air for a short time. He can also jump very high, run very fast, shoot green fireballs and summon a thunderbolt.


Yoshi can use his long red sticky tongue to eat his enemies and lay them as an egg. His flutter jump can lift him into the air a little longer than a regular jump. He can also throw eggs, ground pound, and he can breath fire if a red shell is in his mouth.


Well, that's the end of this comparison. I hope you had fun reading this section as I did with you. Don't forget to vote for the new 'Shroom director! So, who is the best sidekick Mario has ever had? Press "Show" and find out!

Artwork of Luigi from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

LUIGI - Luigi is the sidekick for Mario. He is Mario's brother, he appeared in more games assisting the plumber than Yoshi and he has cooler powers! Well, that concludes my December comparison. I hope you have had a great time reading this! See you! Oh, and Happy Holidays!


Hello 'Shroomers! Welcome to the latest Music and Art section! Now that SMB has left, P.Trainer and I are now directors and we are looking for top-quality writers to write for us and will only be accepted if grammar is top notch. We have some vacant positions, so if your interested in a job, apply for it and you will undergo an interview to see whether you're good enough or not.

  • Joseph363 (talk) has been late the past months, once more and he will be FIRED!
  • Pie Shroom (talk) has resigned leaving her two positions vacant.
  • We have a couple of spare jobs which we need someone to fill. They are Sketch related to Mario, Photoshopped image of the month and music factiod. Check them out!
  • Thanks Tucayo (talk) for another great 'shroom issue and well done Yoshario for your new position.

Co-Directors Notes

Paper Pikachu here, welcoming you to this edition of Art and Music. As many of you already know, Super Mario Bros. has become the director of Pipe Plaza, so I’m joining YellowYoshi127 as co-director of Art and Music. Other then that, as the Suggestions Receptionist as well, don’t forget that if you have any ideas contact me, and I’ll pass them along! Enjoy the issue!

Box-Art of the month (User:Tucayo)

Well, covering the user who resigned just for this time, I bring you teh cover of one of the most anticipated games. Galaxy? M&L 3? Nope, it is SUper Smash Bros Brawl!!
Super Smash Bros. Brawl box art

For me, it is a great cover, as it includes characters that come from different series, which is really nice. And it also includes Pit who makes his glorious debut after more than 20 years of abscense. Well, this is all for this back-up section. BYE!

Character artwork of the month (User:YellowYoshi127)

NSMBW Bowser Jr Artwork.png

I'm pretty sure everyone got excited when they saw this picture because Bowser Jr. has now got his very own Koopa Clown Car in NSMBW! This picture also puts Bowser Jr. into a very cute perspective as you can really see the baby in him. It also looks like he;s commanding his own army because of the pointing finger as if he;s saying 'after him'.

Random Image of the month (User:Booman)

"Sorcerer" Boo

This is an image of a Boo from MP4 dressed up as a wizard.

Photoshopped Image of the month


This position is available for the taking at the moment, check out the signups to apply for the job! Anyway, I'll take over for this month so here's one of my latest boxart's I made for Vgboxart. Its of a game called Mario kart X which was the original name for Mario Kart Wii. It has the main characters on the front and their courses.

Sketch related to mario

This position is available for the taking at the moment, check out the signups to apply for the job!

Screenshot of the month (User:Clyde1998)

I've Edited the Pic to have Info on it.

If you can't read it - I put: Baby Mario & Luigi trying to catch up, Yoshi & Mario - Mario Holding a Green Shell, Background: Daisy, Peach, Birdo, Bowser, Shy Guy, Banners


It's a colour full picture. It has lots of Characters in it.

Soundtrack of the month (User:Paper Pikachu)

Destruction Dance [1] from Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix is not just an amazing composition, but the winner of this issue's Soundtrack of the Month. Originally composed by Hirokazu Tanaka for the game Wrecking Crew, this composition is used for the dance off with Waluigi. I chose this composition because not only was the original great, but the remixing of the song was just impressive, especially how they incorporated the piano.

Sprite of the Month 8User:Fire Kirby)


Pipe Plaza

Director's Notes

Hey guys, this is SMB. Turns out this will be a monthly project, so that's pretty good. I'm sorry to all of those who had confusion, I was busy with other things and I couldn't create a warning to send out, so nobody is in trouble for not sending in their sections (as it is my fault). MG1 is co-directing the Pipe Plaza from now on with me, so please make sure you send all of the sections to him as well as me.

We have a few interesting things going on this month, I'm pleased to see that my background idea got implemented (this is based on the one from the special issue, so credit goes to 2257 for the original white and silver background.

Anyway, here is the first Pipe Plaza section that will be released on The 'Shroom. Enjoy!

Featured (MG1)

OK, here's my section Featured

Hello there! I am Marioguy1 (talk) and I am so excited to be both the user in charge of this position and the sub-director of the Pipe Plaza team! I hope I can do as well as all of the other directors have done in the past. Anyhow, I'd better get on to doing my job and listing all the featured stuff this month.

This month we have had a surprising amount of featured articles articles which passed the nominations considering the pace we've been going at. There was a total of three new FAs and they are:

There were no articles unfeatured this month (that's a surprise ).

In the way of Featured Images we had many pass and fail so I will list them below:

That gives a total of 10 fails and 3 passes.

This month on the main page we have had several articles and images including:

There's four articles and three images on the main page.

OK, that's all that happened this month! I'll see you again next month with some new featured articles but until then, read on!

Maintenance (Tucayo)

Hi readers, and welcome to this first issue of the Pipe Plaza, I will bring you for this only occasion the Maintenance section. Here, you will see some tips to edit the wiki. Let’s start.

Signatures are a very important part of the wiki, almost everyone has them. To create it you just have to edit this magic page. However, sigs do have rules, here they are:

  1. They MUST link to your userspace, they cant link to other user page.
  2. They can’t have more than 2 images.
  3. They must fit in this box . Check if yours fits ->
  4. They can’t have more than 1 variable.
  5. Images can’t be larger than 35px.

Now, we need to use it obviously. You can always out in the pages {{User:Blah/sig}}, however, it is easier just to click on the sig button. To make it work you have to go to the Preferences page (Top of the page), and now, in the Signature box you just paste this: {{SUBST:nosubst|User:Username/sig}} (Changing username with your actual username). Next, you check the Raw signature box. If you don’t do so, all the code will be pasted instead of just the template.
And now your sig is ready! However, if you want even MORE personalization, there are things you can do.

If your sig has a variable, take mine for example, sometimes you are just too busy to write something, so there are 2 things you can do:

  1. Make your sig so that if you don’t write anything it automatically fills with something (Like in mine). You just write this : {{{1|Text you want to see}}}. And voile! Don’t write anything and the default text will show up.
  2. You can also make it so that if you don’t write anything, that variable disappears, like in Stooby’s sig. You just need to write this: {{{1|}}}. So there it is, don’t write anything and it will disappear.

For even more custom stuff you can change the cursor that appears in the links. Normally, we have the boring hand (in windows, at least). You can change it to any other cursor, just do this, lets use my sig:

[[MarioWiki:The_'Shroom/XXXIII/Director_Election|<span style="font-family:font; color:Green; cursor:help; font-variant: small-caps; hover:first-letter;"><font>{{{1|Vote for me!}}}</font></span>]]

We have the span style tag, and in there, we have something saying “cursor:help”, you can change that text so different cursors appear, like:
default , crosshair , e-resize , hand, help ,move , n-resize , ne-resize , nw-resize , pointer , s-resize, se-resize, sw-resize, text , w-resize or wait.

There are also even more stuff to do, like font-variant, where you can change the text style, like the small caps my sig has, the font, or more! But unfortunately, my section ends here. Goodbye and have fun editing your sig.

Main Collaboration (SMB)

Hello 'Shroomers! Welcome to another awesome edition of The 'Shroom. As of today (the release date), here are articles nominated to be featured (on a side note, there are no articles nominated for unfeaturing):

As for collaborations, you should go check out the New Games PipeProject, which is for adding content to newly released Mario-games, and getting the latest information on the articles. I recommend this especially because Super Mario Galaxy 2 is coming out soon, so it would be helpful if as many people possible could help expand these articles when new details are announced.

Mario Calendar (Sunshineisles2)

Date unknown:
  • Super Mario Bros.+Duck Hunt+World Class Track Meet (1990)
  • Mario's Time Machine (1993)
  • Super Mario All Stars+Super Mario World (1994)
  • Tetris and Dr. Mario (1994)
  • Dr. Mario (1990)
  • Wario's Woods (December 10, 1994)
  • Wario's Woods (December 10, 1994)
  • Mario Party 6 (December 6, 2004)
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee (December 1, 2001)
Game Boy Advance:
  • Mario Tennis: Power Tour (December 5, 2005)
Nintendo DS:
  • Game & Watch Collection (December 15, 2005)


Welcome to the 1st annual Ultimate Character Tournament! I'm Ralphfan, and I'll be your host. What is the tournament? It's a series of polls in a bracket to determine the best character from the Mario, Sonic, Kirby, DK, Zelda, Banjo, and Conker games! Right now, we're in the sixth round, and you can vote in the polls listed below. Meetings were held in #mwUCT, which can be accessed here, on Userpedia, Darkmyst, Mibbit, mIRC, PJIRC, Chatzilla, or etc. We are also on the forum!

Click here to see the bracket


Meeting 1


SMB and I covered the Banjo and Conker series with help from MG1 and SLNO.


We determined a schedule:

  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda and DK
  • 9/30: Sonic and Kirby
  • 10/7 - ?: Mario

Mario might take a long time.


14 Conker and 7 Banjo characters were accepted, and 4 more from Conker are on the bubble:

  • Jolly Roger
  • Gobi
  • Cheato
  • Roysten

Meeting 2

SUMMARY We covered Zelda. SMB missed a lot because of dinner, Tucky was there for most of the meeting, SLNO was logged on but inactive, Castle Toad was there towards the end, and MG1 was there throughout. We didn't have time for DK, plus I pinged towards the end.


New schedule:

  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 18 Zelda characters, and two others are on the bubble:

  • Agahnim
  • Evil Wizard

Meeting 3

SUMMARY We covered DK. SMB was there for the last half-hour because of dinner, but MG1 was able to cover, and Tucky was able to drop by.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 18 more, and put 6 on the bubble:

Meeting 4

SUMMARY We covered Sonic. SMB helped out, as did MG1, Turboo, Noahp89, and Tehchomps. Tucayo was probably watching the Yankees-Twins game.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added another 17, and put one on the bubble:

  • Super Sonic

Meeting 5

SUMMARY We covered Kirby. SMB was my only assistant, but he did a great job!


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 11 characters and 0 maybes.

Meeting 6

SUMMARY We began Mario and got about halfway through because we ran long. We got through every game from Jumpman to SMRPG. We're going in chronological order by when the games were released. MG1 was there for most of the meeting; Tehchomps was very active as well; Packy was there for a good chunk of time; SMB, SLNO, and Yoshario also pitched in. Hopefully, we'll finish Mario next week, but I have the feeling it will go into November 4th's meeting.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - 11/4?: Mario

We hope to finish next week, but it'll probably run through the start of the November 4th meeting.


We added 46 more characters and 0 maybes.

Meeting 7

SUMMARY We finished the Mario series. SMB was there, but busy, SLNO was there for a while, and Tucayo dropped by for a while, and Tehchomps was there for a bit.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - 10/28: Mario
  • 11/4 - ?: Brawl, Seeding, and Bracket


We added another 63 characters for a total of 109 from the Mario series and 194 total.

Meeting 8

SUMMARY We did final touch-ups, covered SSB, and began seeding, but we didn't get much done, due to the World Series and people not really wanting to pay attention. However, I was able to work with a few users during the week, so we were able to make progress nonetheless.
For seeding, we have 222 characters. To narrow it down to 128, we will need to eliminate 94 of them. Therefore, 34 of the entrants are being given first-round byes and will advance directly to the second round. The next 94 will be matched up against the bottom 94.


Continue seeding and fill out bracket.


We added 28 characters, for a final? (unintentional) count of 222. I was going for something between 128 and 256, so it worked out well.

Meeting 9

We worked on the second tier of seeding. SLNO was there for a bit; Tucky and MG1 were the major contributors. We didn't add any new characters, but MG1 suggested the SMG bosses; you can now vote whether to include them or not.

Meeting 10

MG1, SMB, and SLNO helped nearly round out the second tier of seeding in a short meeting. It looks like the SMG bosses are going to pass; the poll will close at the start of the next meeting.

Meeting 11

MG1, SMB, Noah, and Tucky finished out the seeding groups. Since the Galaxy bosses pass, we finished with 231 characters. We're going to organize them into a bracket and set up dates beginning next week.

Meeting 12

MG1, SMB, Tucky, SLNO, and Noah helped organize the bracket. Because of the number of characters, 25 characters get byes, or free passes, to the second round. They have been placed throughout the bracket. We plan to open the first round of the tournament on January 6th or 13th.


The characters
The bracket


Here are the dates:

  • Round 1: 1/7-1/27
  • Round 2: 1/28-2/24
  • Round 3: 2/25-3/24
  • Round 4: 3/25-4/28
  • Round 5: 4/29-5/26
  • Round 6: 5/27-6/29
  • Round 7: 7/4-7/29
  • Round 8: 7/30-8/28

Director's Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

'Ello readers! I am your incredibly awesome director Tucayo, and welcome to December Director Notes. I hope you liked this issue with all the changes we had. It worked out better than I thought, it became more organized and such.
This month, the Pipe Plaza team makes its debut to replace the old Pipe Plaza (RIP) and as its directors we have none other than Super Mario Bros. (talk) and Marioguy1 (talk).
Also, this month, as you've surely noticed, we have the first of four new season backgrounds made by SMB! Thanks SMB!
More important, this issue there is a Director Election, so be sure to vote, and, if you think you have got what it takes, run for Director!
Well, this is all for this year. I hope you really liked all we had during this year. Any suggestions, or anything, you can contact me wherever you want. See you in January for our (Staff) last issue.
From part of all the 'Shroom writers, I wish you happy holidays! Have fun and stay sober! Now off with Stooby! (And Yoshario if we will write notes).


Sub-Director's Notes

by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Well, it's certainly going to be an interesting month! With the excitement of the Director's Election, certain reforms of The 'Shroom, and some staff changes, it's bringing the paper back to life slowly but surely. And even though this is the last issue of the year, we might just have some more surprises in store for you for the holiday season. ;)

Stooben Rooben

Director Election

Well, the contract we were obliged to sign says that we must have an Election in December, so here it is!

What is This?

  • This is an election to decide the new director of The 'Shroom. Naturally, the one with the most votes wins the title.
  • If a director retires, then an election is held again in the latest issue of The 'Shroom.
  • An election takes place every December Issue regardless whether an election has already been held that year.
  • The current director may run in elections if they wish.
  • This election will start December 9th.
  • Unlike last year, there will be a January issue, so in the date of the January issue (Thursday 7th, 18:00 EDT) the winner will be announced, and he or she will have at most a week to announce his Core Staff in the comments section at the bottom of the page
It is currently 10:36, May 21 (EST/EDT)

This election ends 16.00, January 7th (EST/EDT)
Candidate Rules
  • Anyone may run for director during any time of the election (except in Overtime), but they must have a forum account.
  • Only a user may run for himself or herself, another user cannot nominate him or her.
  • All candidates must say what changes will they make. They can also campaign to promote voting for them.
    • Campaigns must use acceptional grammar (judgment is given to the Core Staff).
    • Campaigns must be original. Nobody is allowed to steal one another's ideas. However, if campaigns, for the most part, differ from each other or have key elements to which the candidates disagree on, then sharing a few ideas here and there is allowed.
    • No joke campaigns are allowed to be ran.
    • No bribing voters is allowed.
  • Candidates can also hold debates among them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
  • This is what a voting section should look like:
What will you do, etc.

So as you can see, that candidate has three votes.

Voter Rules
  • Voters may vote with their username, no signatures allowed, or they leave an "anonymous" vote ('''X'''). Note that people may see who voted anonymously when viewing the page history.
  • Voters may only vote for one person.
  • Voters may change their votes at any time while the election is in progress.
  • Voters do not put down a reason when they vote for someone, they simply sign.
  • If there is a tie, then the vote goes into Overtime. During Overtime, only the tied finalists remain in the election, with all the other candidates being crossed out .
  • The election is in Overtime for a week until it finally ends.
  • During Overtime, no new candidates are allowed.
  • Users who voted for defeated candidates can now vote for the remaining candidates. This also applies to the candidates, just as long as their previous candidate was eliminated and they do not vote for themselves.
  • If a tie continues, then the finalists go into overtime again and again until it ends. Only the tied contestants with the most votes advance to the new Overtime (example: There are three finalists, but two are tied for the win. The two tied contestants go on to another Overtime while the third candidate is eliminated).
Duties of the Director

This is what you must do if you win, so read carefully.

  • The director must accept or decline all new writers' ideas for sections they want to write.
  • The director assigns a section to users who want to write, but don't know what to write.
  • The director gives out a warning to users who have not yet sent in their sections one week before The 'Shroom is due.
  • The director puts The 'Shroom together, and edits the front page, the single page, and the 'Shroombox template.
  • The director writes the Director's Notes section, which comments about the month's issue.
  • The director includes the due date of the next 'Shroom in the Director's Notes, and in the Shroomwarning template.
  • The director gets to choose his Core Staff, this is, Fake News, Fun Stuff, Music & Art, Pipe Plaza directors and Sub-Director (Though it is recommended that the runner-up is chosen as sub-director). The director does not get to choose the Editor in Chief.

Looks easy? It is not. So get ready.

Now get out there and go!




Well, I like short and straight points, so let's skip the "I have experience" thing, however, I will elaborate this a little bit. If I get chosen to be director, I promise to keep inviting guest writers, to get The 'Shroom always on time, to mantain just the writers who meet our quality standards, and I also promise contests and those things for users to participate in. I think I did an overall good job this year, specially with the Special Issue, so I think I am fit to be re-elected. (Well, I was actually never elected at first...... anyway....). Ok, I wasnt planning to say this, but if I win, I will make everything possible to include a podcast in The 'Shroom, yes, a podcast, with actual users recording it. I have seen other podcasts made in other online communites I am in, so I guess this should work. My motto: "Like The 'Shroom the way it is? Vote for me". Of course that doesn't mean it will stay the same, it will get better. I joined the wiki because of The 'Shroom. The 'Shroom is what keeps me here. I have a dream. And I actually had a really weird one last night, but anyways. Vote for me if you feel I am appropiate for the job. Summarized? Here. What? Wrong campaign? oh sh-- True. Anyways, vote, please :).
Ok, I was told to improve this so people would vote, so here is my experience:

  • I joined The 'Shroom June '08, and from then on I have written from 3 to 5 sections per issue, and I have never been even a day late. Under my directorship, The 'Shroom has always been released in the day it is supposed to.
  • I am good working under pressure. I had to direct one issue fully on my own, as I was told like 4 days before the issue that Stooby wouldn't be able to direct it.
  • I have sometimes done the work of the Fun Stuff director.
  • I am a "kinda-veteran" user, having been here for 2 years.
  • I am a sysop of the Super Mario Wiki.
  • I am a regular user of chat, so I can be found there to discuss 'Shroom matters.


  1. Paper Pikachu
  2. Stooben Rooben
  3. Paula
  4. Count b
  5. SMB
  6. DarkMartio
  7. Supermariofan14
  9. ohsnap!
  10. LaLaLand123

Super Mario Bros.


Hello. I am SMB. Not much to say about me. Well, here are my qualifications:

  • Wiki Administrative experience:
    • I am a Patroller of the MarioWiki.
    • I am a Bureaucrat and Sysop of the UnMarioWiki.
    • I am a Sysop of Animal Crossing Wiki.
    • I am a Sysop of the Jorge Wiki.
    • I am a Bureaucrat and Sysop of the Sports Wiki.
    • I am a former Sysop and former Patroller of Userpedia, until I resigned for several reasons.
As you can see, I have been trusted on a few affiliate sites with administrative power, so I know wiki syntax and how to edit well, and can manage the wiki-aspect of The 'Shroom well.
  • Forum Administrative experience:
    • I am a Global Moderator of the Userpedia forum.
    • I was a Global Moderator of the Link Jorge (Jorge Wiki) forum until it was shut down and revamped. I have not bothered to get my powers back since.
    • I administrate the Sports Wiki forum and my own forum.
As you can see, I have experience on administrating and moderating on other forums, so I know how to moderate The 'Shroom's forum child board if elected as director.
  • Chatroom Experience:
    • I am a #mwshroom operator already.
    • I am an operator of #mwikitalk (the on-topic channel).
    • I was once a #userpedia operator, but was demoted due to resignation.
    • I have experience enforcing rules in several user-chatrooms where I was entrusted with power.
    • I know how to manage a chatroom and how to own one.
That said, I have experience in all three places that a director will need experience in.
  • Directing experience:

What I Plan On Doing

What I plan to do?

  • I want to make The 'Shroom more dynamic.
    • This as in letting users have more say in what goes on, allowing more competitions, discussions, polls, etc.
    • This also includes awarding users for their hard efforts (for those good and hard-working writers). Perhaps giving them a week or two of special operator status on #mwshroom, creating special userboxes of recognition to add to their page, a special mention in the Director's Notes, a special commentary they can write (similar to the Director's Notes), and other goodies.
    • This also extends into allowing competitions (perhaps a logo design competition or a design layout competiton, things like that).
  • I will try to manage quality more than on the amount of sections or length of sections. Having quality is key to running a good newspaper.
    • This includes having more wiki-related and Mario-related sections instead of off-topic content. All of that other stuff, such as sections that involve users, can go to another wiki that needs it (like Userpedia).
    • I will require writers to be interviewed before joining our writing staff to control the quality of the paper.
    • I will not lower our standards to fit any user's liking. I understand that we have younger users who don't know a lot about proper usage of grammar, as we also have users that don't speak English as a first language. I will do my best to work with them and help them with their sections if there is a need to do so.
    • I know we all have different styles of writing, and that is perfectly fine. What I mean is that we need writers who have grammatical knowledge and are creative in their section. I do not want boring sections that will drive users to sleep when they are reading, and I don't want "teribible useage off gramer" on every line of text.
  • Core Staff policies:
    • If elected as director, I will try to give my sub-director more power so that they can aid me on my quest to improve The 'Shroom. I will not be biased in choosing a sub– I will pick who I feel is correct for the job, not by who gets second in the Director's election or who is my friend. I will choose someone just as dedicated to improving the quality of The 'Shroom as I am.
    • I will increase the standards that are needed to become an Editor-in-Chief. If elected, I might allow one or two to join– one for the main sections and one for the sub-sections. I don't want to tire a user to go through and continously have to check for grammar mistakes and coding problems to the point of them possibly not doing as well of a job as they can.
    • As for the Core Staff of the sub-sections (Fake News, Fun Stuff, Music & Artwork, and Pipe Plaza), I will make sure that they put in as much work as the rest of us. I will be sure to monitor their activity and remove any unfit for the job. I won't be a tyrant about it, I guarentee you this.
    • I will do my best to never have a section missing– I will have the directors of the sub-teams and the Director and Sub-director create grammatically-correct and quality back-up sections in the case that one or more of their writers is fired, quits, or is late.
  • Rules
    • I will try to make the rules as fair as they can get. Yet again, I will be open to any suggestions or comments regarding the addition and subtraction of our rules, and will do my best to enforce them. I will not be a pushover, though, and will stick to my guns if I know that a suggestion or comment is detrimental to the quality, upkeep, or handling of The 'Shroom.
    • I will interview those who want to sign up in order to preserve quality, but I will also do my best to be strict and fair as opposed to being a tyrant. I will also come to some users requesting special sections to include a more broad aspect to The 'Shroom.
  • Changes
    • As noted above, I will try to make The 'Shroom more friendly towards users while maintaining a high quality and official presentation. We want to look good and appeal to as many audiences as we can.
    • I will try to change up the appearance of The 'Shroom every month or two. this includes the layout, the background, the templates we send out, the logo, everything. Having tradition is good, but keeping something for too long is a whole other ballpark.
    • I will try to make the chatroom more friendly towards users coming in and having casual conversations without it breaking into havoc. I will have my Core Staff as operators of levels:
      • Director: 200
      • Sub-director: 190
      • Editor(s)-in-Chief: 150
      • Sub-section directors: 120
      • Back-ups/dedicated writers: 100
    • I will also try to have one or two special issues, with parties going on in the chatroom on these releases and a possible ceremony in the forum to celebrate The 'Shroom and cherish its history as well as commemorate our best and most trustworthy writers.

As you can see, I am more than dedicated towards making the 2010-2011 directorship a success and perhaps the best era in The 'Shroom's history. If there are any more questions as to what I will do if elected, please contact me on my user talk page or down in the comments section below.


  1. Reversinator
  2. Pie Shroom
  3. Duplibumpty
  4. Marioguy1
  5. FunkyK38
  6. Booman
  7. OhlawdsHunter
  8. Mario64fanatic
  9. Brock1221
  10. Knife
  11. Nihaho13
  12. X
  13. LuigiMania
  14. X

Stooben Rooben

Where do I start?

Why I'm qualified

  • I've been a member of The 'Shroom for two years now. I know all the ins and outs of the system, and can easily manage anything that's thrown at me.
  • I am a superb and dedicated writer. As such, I will ensure that only the highest quality sections are allowed in the paper; not only to reflect well on the community, but on the wiki.
    • To further that, I will not lower our standards. If someone can not write good enough to be a member of The 'Shroom, then that is their own problem. Not to sound harsh, but I am looking solely for writers that are willing to improve upon the 'Shroom as much as I am.
  • Because I have recently retired from Userpedia (and its forums), I will have more time to dedicate to managing The 'Shroom. In other words, you won't need to worry about me switching places with the Sub-Director constantly. I will be able to hold my own just fine.
  • I visit #mwshroom (The 'Shroom's official chatroom channel) and the forums on a daily basis, which means I will receive sections shortly after they are sent to me, and I take willing part in the administrative side of The 'Shroom. (There is a board on the forum for the 'Shroom staff only, where many important decisions are made. I will ensure that all voices are heard, and that any approved ideas will be put into place).
  • I have had previous directing experience.
    • Furthermore, I am extremely knowledgeable in wiki coding, which will ensure that no errors will be encountered on 'Shroom sub-pages.

What I'll do to improve/change The 'Shroom

  • I will make sure that every writer's work is appreciated. Our writers do things out of the goodness of their heart — it's completely voluntary. Those of them that happen to be dedicated writers will receive certain appreciative awards for their work. I won't give out an award because someone writes; I'll give out an award because someone writes well and wants The 'Shroom to succeed.
  • I plan to introduce interesting features to the paper each month, and each one will be a total surprise. This will make The 'Shroom a little more intriguing, and will introduce a thrill that has been long gone in The 'Shroom.
    • To further that, a section where readers can voice their opinions will be introduced. Everyone's opinions matter to me.
  • I will redesign the layout of The 'Shroom, making it not only more aesthetically pleasing, but making it much easier to navigate.
  • I will bring more organization to each release of The 'Shroom. The paper will be split into two sections: Wiki News (which will have information from the wiki, such as recent promotions and articles that need help), and Entertainment (which will contain sections like Fun Stuff, Fake News, and the like.)
  • I will ensure that only the most responsible members are hired for members of the Core 'Shroom Staff.
  • I will make sure that members are interviewed before being officially hired. This will ensure that no poor writers become a part of The 'Shroom.
  • Lastly, I will hold events during certain issues of The 'Shroom that will draw more attention to it as a whole, and will make people want to read The 'Shroom. Too long the paper has went without the attention it deserves. It's time to bring that back.

In closing, I will not be a "dictator". I'm not going to seem like an evil person when I direct the paper. I will be friendly, but fair. I'll give advice and help to those who need it as well. I want to bring a better balance to The 'Shroom — which I guarantee I can do. It's time for The 'Shroom to reach a golden era, and that time will arrive in 2010, as long as you elect me as Director.


  1. Tucayo
  2. Yoshario
  3. Edofenrir
  4. X
  5. Baby Mario Bloops
  6. Vini64
  7. MacGyver
  8. Randoman123456789
  9. GalacticPetey
  10. Dark Bowser
  11. General bob-omb
  12. Uniju
  13. Grapes
  14. MrDrProfSock
  15. Tac0bell89
  16. Mario Galaxy97
  17. Frostyfireyoshi
  18. Fawfulfury65
  19. Mario304
  20. Crackin355
  21. Clyde1998


I am sorry my vote is so harsh St00b/Tucky :( But it's just business, it does not challenge you personally; just your campaigns...PLEASE DON'T KILL ME IN MY SLEEP!!!!! Marioguy1 (talk)

Don't be surprised if my vote changes. It's a tough decision. That's why I've removed my vote for the time being. – Ralphfan (talk)

Hey Ralph, who are you voting for? Reversinator (talk)

One vote per user Marioguy1 (talk)

IDK. It'll take a while to choose. – Ralphfan (talk)

As much as I think Super Mario Bros. would be suited for the job, Tucayo, you have experience under your belt and as a staff member I'm happy with how you've directed this year. Paper Pikachu (talk)

Now that's a nomination! Ralphfan: Just because something "aint broke" doesn't mean it can't be improved, Tucayo and St00b have both listed no points in improving the shroom (no offense guys). Tucayo is simply saying he will do what is currently happening and St00b is saying that he has the credentials to do it but doesn't actually say he'll do anything except create a talk page and a table of contents and through the process of elimination, SMB's nom is the only one that stands. Marioguy1 (talk)

SMB greatly details all that he'll do, while Tucayo and Stoob... say some stuff that doesn't neccesarily mean they'll improve the 'Shroom. Reversinator (talk)

Stooby: About the easier to navigate look, I think SMB and you knew I was gonna propose that. WOuld it happen to be the same as The Disconnected new look? Overall, you convinced me. Tucayo (talk)

Actually, I didn't know, lol. I just happened mentioned a lot of the stuff I did in that reform topic on the 'Shroom Staff board on the forum a while ago. But, it wouldn't look like the Disconnected. I have an idea of how it would look, but I'm still working on it. ...That said, if we were to (somehow) get the Tabber extension installed, it could look like the new layout I proposed for The Disconnected. -- Stooben Rooben (talk)
WHAT? I heard the disconnected's name - disconnected has <tabber>, we did that so we wouldn't look like the shroom Marioguy1 (talk)
That's kinda what I mean. Because we don't have the Tabber extension (and because we'll likely never get it) I'm coming up with a new redesign for The 'Shroom. I guess it wasn't very clear. -- Stooben Rooben (talk)

Ok, there are probelms now, BMB removed an anonymus vote, I put it back there, but now it will seem as if it was mine...... Tucayo (talk)

Also, SMB came up with the idea of a debate. It would be public, and take place in #mwshroom (Direct link). users will ask us candidates questions and that. It will be organized and we will have rules. WE just need a time and day. Is Monday 20:30 EDT fine with you? Tucayo (talk)

That time probably won't work for me; I might be able to attend the first half-hour or so, though. Maybe next week,something like (Saturday) the 19th or (Monday the) 21st. – Ralphfan (talk)

SMB: Could you please not include rewards for users that involve things like access to the shroom staff boards or op on another channel? Maybe things like userboxes or a week off work (I have an idea that I will propose to you on chat). I just don't like the idea of non-staff being able to do almost anything they want. Marioguy1 (talk)

Well, I excluded the access to The 'Shroom staff boards, but my opping promise stays. That wouldn't do any harm. Super Mario Bros. (talk)
SMB's idea gives users something good for their efforts in the shroom. Most of the other two's nominations consist of "I will do this to make the newspaper more interesting" but did they ever think of the people writing the newspaper? Those people are working day and night to get their sections in meanwhile they get nothing out of it except a userbox; this is not enough. Let the people who do the work get a reward! Marioguy1 (talk)
Which is exactly what I proposed I will do if elected. Those who work hard should get a more concrete style of appreciation, such as awards. Also, on the subject of getting together for a meeting/debate, I think I'll be available on Wednesday at around 8pm EDT. -- Stooben Rooben (talk)
Yes but SMB's awards are more impressive such as a week of op on chat or something like that. He also has your little awards in his speech. Oh, and if it matters, me and ralph will be there for wednesday. Now we just need SMB and Tucky...Marioguy1 (talk)
Giving a user power in chat because of making a good section is not a good idea. Would you give a user Sysop powers just because they made 100 edits? Besides, I'm already working on an example of just a few of my plans for awards. - Stooben Rooben (talk)

Ug... so hard!General bob-omb (talk)

How is it a bad idea? It will reward users for their efforts making them feel that their jobs are not just work and no play. Marioguy1 (talk)
Chatroom operators should be promoted based on their experience, maturity, activity, and the like in the chatroom, not for duties on the wiki. -- Stooben Rooben (talk)
It beckons hunger for power, and makes room for abuse... :/ - Edofenrir (talk)
I don't see how active, trustworthy, and deserving writers will go over-board. They can easily be demoted from the op status if they misbehave. I'm not going to promote any random writer, if that's what you think. · SMB (Talk) · 01:57, 13 December 2009 (EST)

Tough vote! Supermariofan14 (talk)

Sooooo.... Is Wednesday 8pm EDT fine? Its fine for me. Tucayo (talk)

8 pm works, but 8:30 is better because of UCT. – Ralphfan (talk)

Debate? This is real politics! Which are you, Tucayo? PRI, PAN, PRD??? :P Supermariofan14 (talk)

XD Id rather be the PAN XP Stooby will be PRI and SMB the PRD XD. He is Peje And S-Y is Dr Simi!!. MEXICAN JOKE DO NOT EXPECT TO UNDERSTAND :) Tucayo (talk)
S-Y: the user of the month award has failed many times. Also, is your nomination serious? Well, I know it is not, rethorical question. Tucayo (talk)
Per Tucayo. Super Mario Bros. (talk)
stop being jelous over my crazy ideas Super-Yoshi (talk)

Yo SMB, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but S-Y would be the best 'Shroom Director of all time! OF ALL TIME! A Pimp Named Slickback (talk)

Good Luck to everyone ;) Mario64fanatic (talk)

S-Y is making ridiculous promises that are sure to fail. This ain't gonna happen.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ralphfan (talk).

and how do you know? Super-Yoshi (talk)

BTW, bribery is illegal. S-Y: How could you actually benefit The 'Shroom? I believe you submitted a joke response to the Fake News Survey. – Ralphfan (talk)

no your just jealous because im getting more votes and your not Super-Yoshi (talk)

Wrong. I'm concerned that you'll destroy The 'Shroom. So, no bribery. Yes, it's bribery. Now get lost. – Ralphfan (talk)

Thanks Tucyaco for helping me out A LOT! You got my vote! ohsnap! (talk)

S-Y: We have some important logs. – Ralphfan (talk)

S-Y: Your nomination has been deleted for being invalid per the shroom staff. Marioguy1 (talk)

Okay guys, I think our first debate went rather well (although it could have gone better). Here is a view of the debate that went on in #mwshroom, with only things such as spam and the kicking of spammers being edited out for your convinience. The Core Staff is planning another debate in the same exact location, tenatively for Wednesday, 23 December 2009 at 8:00PM (this is subject to change, so be on the look). We will try to fix any problems that occurred in the first debate so that the second one will run smoother next time.

Thank you to those who participated and contributed, your efforts have helped us decide to have more debates and have urged all of us campaigners to work harder! Until next time,
· SMB (Talk) · 22:47, 16 December 2009 (EST)

It seems PRI is going to win, followed closely by Peje XD Supermariofan14 (talk)

D: At least Dr Simi is out XP Tucayo (talk)

I vote for Tucayo because he's a nice guy and has creativity THW (talk)

Okay guys, the election is over (at least in my time zone). The final amount of votes is:
  • Stooben Rooben: 21 votes
  • Super Mario Bros.: 14 votes
  • Tucayo: 10
This means that Stooben Rooben has won the election! Congratulations Stoob, you'll do great as director. :) · SMB (Talk) · 17:30, 7 January 2010 (EST)

WEird... I tried to post from my cellphone, but apparently I didn't... Well, anyways.. This is over. I want to thank everyone who voted. Thanks. And I wanna congratulate SMB and STooby for the great work they did in the election. So, by the power granted upon me as 'Shroom director, I hereby name Stooby (21 votes) as the 2010 Director of The 'Shroom. Congrats and good luck! This is all for me, BYE and thanks! Tucayo (talk)

Woo, I'm so psyched! Thanks for all your support, guys! And kudos to Tucayo and SMB for doing such a good job with the election as a whole. =) I'll make an announcement tomorrow, since my time tonight's gonna be cut short tonight. Stooben Rooben (talk)
Alright, I've decided that the Core Staff will remain the same. The only thing that will change is the Editor in Chief; the Core Staff is currently working on finding a good EiC, so no worries there. Cheers. -- Stooben Rooben (talk)