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Status:My talk page is empty go on and full it!!.
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Luigi 128
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Who's online: Mario jc, Juju1995, MARK9000, Infinite8, Jdtendo, NewSuperMarioBrosFan, Sakai, Shadow2

There are December 16 2009 00:00:00 EDT untill my birthday


Hello, I'm Luigi 128 Welcome to my Super Mario Wiki user page I like to participe in the Poll Selection and help on the pages

About me

My real name is Fernando Emmanuel, I am a great Luigi Fan since i played Luigi's Mansion for Gamecube, and I like series like Paper Mario or Super Smash Bros, I'm from Mexico and I 13 years old another character tha i like is E. Gadd here are my friends

Also I write for the Fake News if you haven't readed my section DOIT RIGHT NOW!!!

My Gallery

Here are some of my favorite characters (se the at the botom of my Userbox)

About my games


Rating What I tink Game Image
9.5 Very great game I was bored whit super mario sunshine is one of the best games of mario. I have beaten Bowser and98 stars Super Mario Galaxy Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy.
9.5 Good game I like it . Complete I only need to pass the 2 pit of 100 trials Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario North American cover art
9.5 A great game I enjoy the story mode, the gamplay and the minigames.I have every character and every stadium beat almost all minigames Mario Super Sluggers North American boxart of Mario Super Sluggers
9 A good game I like the gameplay. Complete Wario Land: Shake It! WarioLandShakeIt.jpg
9.5 I like the game but the stages are repetided version of another thats a thing that I don,t like.All stages Donkey Kong Barrel Blast Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
10 AWESOME!!! extremely good game.beat story mode Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. Brawl box art


Rating What I tink Game Image
9.5 A great game I like it unfortunately The disk got decomposed (what do you expect I have it when I was 5). Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion boxart
8 Good game but I got bored fast and I dom,t like collecting blue coins.Complete Super Mario Sunshine North American box art for Super Mario Sunshine.
8 good game wiht great efects and story.Chapter 6 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door North American box art for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
9.5 Amazing game I can,t Wait to buy Brawl.All characters and almost all stages Super Smash Bros. Melee North American box art for Super Smash Bros. Melee
9.5 good game I like the idea of having two characters in the same kart.Complete Mario Kart: Double Dash!! European Game Cover
9.5 good game.Complete Super Mario Strikers File:SuperMarioStrikers.JPG

Nintendo DS

Rating What I tink Game Image
8 I like it.116 stars Super Mario 64 DS Sm64ds.jpg
9.5 Amazig game I like it all (as a userbox say I can,t wait to play Mario & Luigi RPG 3).Complete Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time MarioLuigiPartnersTime.jpg

Brawl Card


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