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The Wii.
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The original Nintendo DS, in a silver color
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Artwork of Birdo in Mario Party 7 (also used in Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit cameo)
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The Wii.
Sprite of the Super Appeal badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Yoshi here
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Mario's artwork for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
Luigi's Mega Strike from Mario Strikers Charged
Artwork of Mario from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Artwork of Mega Mario about to crush a brick for New Super Mario Bros.
Mario b-boying from Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.
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Petey Piranha from Mario Super Sluggers

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Mario's artwork from Mario Party 8WELCOME TO MY USER PAGE!

Hello! My name is Mario304 and I've joined this wiki on September 5, 2008. I'm a big fan of the character, Mario and I think he's really cool! I'm a HUGE Nintendo fan and I think Mario is the best Nintendo hero ever! You can also find me on the Donkey Kong wiki as DK101.

My friends

A list of my friends:

Super Mario Bros.





I was reading about Paper Mario on Wikipedia until I saw this link to the Super Mario Wiki. I curiously clicked on the link and then I found myself on this wiki!

I read the main page and then started to look up about Paper Mario. I read the article and it had more stuff about the game. Now I stay on this wiki when I want to look up about Mario.

What I like about this wiki

I think the Super Mario Wiki is awesome. It has the most information about Mario, his friends, his enemies, and the games he was in then any other wiki I've been to. This wiki has everything! It also has the most information on the Mario series, the Donkey Kong series, the Yoshi series, and the Wario series. My favorite article is the one about Mario because it has a lot of information about that porky plumber.

My opinion on Waluigi

He's Wario's brother, his favorite color is black, he loves Piranha Plants. His name is, Waluigi!

Waluigi is character only invented for spin-offs but is now one of my favorite spin-off characters. It'll be very cool if he was in a Wario series game with his brother, Wario.

I used to hate Waluigi but he's now one of my favorite characters because he's funny, has his temper easily set off and is a very evil character.

Waluigi should be in more then just spin-offs. He should be in an adventure game like, Wario and Waluigi: Superstar Saga! Get it?

Since Waluigi is now one of my favorite characters, I've replaced him with a character with gender problems, Birdo.

My opinion on Birdo

Birdo is my #1 hated Mario character. She's a boy who thinks she's a girl, she likes wearing a bow on her head and she's Yoshi's "girlfriend."

And that concludes my opinion on Birdo.

Favorite Mario characters and games

I have four Nintendo consoles, a Nintendo 64, a Wii, a SNES, and a Nintendo DS. I have a lot of favorite Mario games, some I own, some I played but don't own them. Here's a list of my favorite Mario games:

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 is my favorite Mario game and the best sequel I've ever played! It has an epic final battle, fun bosses, cool levels and even Luigi is part of the story! This game is awesome!
  • Super Mario Bros. is my 2nd favorite Mario game because the game is really fun and easy.
  • Super Mario 64 DS is my 3rd favorite Mario game because, unlike Super Mario 64, the player gets to play as not just Mario but Luigi, Wario and Yoshi as well!
  • New Super Mario Bros. is my 4th favorite Mario game because Bowser Jr. is the villain, Player 1 can play as both Mario and Luigi, and there are more levels!
  • Super Mario World is my 5th favorite Mario game. It has great graphics and gameplay, cool music, awesome secret areas, fun sugary coated worlds, and fun boss battles!
  • My 6th favorite Mario game is Super Mario 64. It's a gigantic playroom in the game. I usually use the game to make my own Mario adventures and cartoons.
  • My 7th favorite Mario game is Paper Mario because of the Koopa Bros.. But I still like the game because the player can upgrade their powers.
  • My 8th favorite Mario game is Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I like it because of the amazingly awesome boss battles!
  • My 9th favorite is Super Mario Galaxy because it was the last Mario adventure game made. The Bowser battle was pretty fun too.
  • And last, but not least, Luigi's Mansion! I like the game because it's Luigi's second adventure game. I like the boss battles, the plot, and the worlds. But the music creeps me out.

And now, here are my favorite Mario spin-offs:

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl is my all-time favorite Mario spin-off and Super Smash Bros. game because it finally has Wario in a Super Smash Bros. game, a new Stage Builder, all-new Final Smash's, and my favorite, a whole new adventure mode!
  • Mario Party 8 is my favorite Mario Party game because there's a parade in the carnival and fun carnival themed features added to it.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is my favorite Mario Kart game because the player now controls two characters in a kart!

Now that you know about my favorite Mario games, let's see my favorite characters. This list is even larger now!:

Here are my Top 10 favorite characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

Top 10 Favorite Mario Villains

Here's my 10 favorite Mario villains of all time!

Mario games I have

Here's a list of Mario games I have:

  • Tetris: I realized that I can't beat this game.
  • Super Mario 64: Beaten, not completely (70 stars)
  • Super Smash Bros.: Completely beaten (Unlocked all characters, sound test, item switch, stages)
  • Dr. Mario 64: Not yet beaten. Completed story mode with Dr. Mario.
  • Donkey Kong 64: Beaten, not completely (Need all 200 bananas)
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Beaten, not completely (Need all trophies and stickers).
  • Super Mario World: Completely beaten
  • Donkey Kong Country: Not yet beaten.
  • Super Paper Mario: Completely beaten.
  • Mario Party 8: Not yet beaten.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: Not yet beaten.
  • Luigi's Mansion: Completely beaten (Got A-Rank).
  • Super Mario 64 DS: Completely beaten.
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Not yet beaten (Need to collect all Star Bits and beat all comets).
  • Mario Party DS: Completely beaten.
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (DS): Beaten, not completely (Need all missions and medals).
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Beaten, not completely (Need all of the Star Coins and to beat the ninth world.)
  • Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: Completely beaten.

Game Ratings

Here are some ratings for all the games I've played:

Game Rating Description
Super Smash Bros. 6/10 (Good) The Classic Mode is fun from the start but it gets boring after a while because the player keeps fighting the same order of fighters over and over again but the only fun part about it is when the player can get points and beat high scores. The fun part about this game is the VS. Mode where players can beat up other Nintendo characters such as Captain Falcon.
Super Smash Bros. Melee 8/10 (Amazing) Now this Super Smash Bros. game is better then the first one because now there is an adventure mode added to it! Cooler bosses, Metal Luigi to heat things up and a new hand boss, Crazy Hand! For the VS. Mode, 13 new characters join the brawl including Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Dr. Mario, Falco etc.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl 10/10 (Perfect) This is the best Super Smash Bros. game I've played because an all-new adventure mode was added, The Subspace Emissary where the player can fight bigger bosses, create teams out of Nintendo characters and turn enemies into trophies! The VS. Mode became funner too because now the player can create their own stages with the Stage Builder, play events, fight in a multi-man brawl and 16 new characters including Wario, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Snake and Sonic! The only problem is that they've replaced Mewtwo with Lucario and Young Link with Toon Link.
Paper Mario 8/10 (Amazing) One of my favorite Mario RPGs because it's the only RPG that has Bowser as the main antagonist, plus, enemies have lower HPs! Also, unlike the prievous game, Luigi appears more and has a secret diary the player can read in the basement. If The Master wasn't an optional boss, I'll rate this game a 6/10.
Super Paper Mario 10/10 (Perfect) My favorite Mario game is the best of the three Paper Mario games because the player is free to attack enemies and use items any time he wants, plus, there are no turn based battles (except the one with the Underchomp). Luigi is finally playable in a Paper Mario game and Bowser is finally a full-time playable character! This is also a n RPG that is quick to beat.
Super Mario Kart 2/10 (Bad) Probably the worst Mario Kart I've played yet because every time the player goes off the racetrack, it wastes time getting back into the race.
Mario is Missing! 1/10 (Terrible) One of the games I hate the most! Yep, you saw the rating, this is a terrible game. The worst part, the player can't die and the game teaches the player about history! Aargh! School is back, in form of a video game! The only good part is that Luigi is the main character!
Mario Kart 64 9.5/10 (Super) My favorite Mario Kart game. The music, especially the Rainbow Road one were awesome, it's easier to control the character, items are fun, the multiplayer is outstanding, great selection of characters and the courses are fun to play on. The only bad part about this game is because the characters don't look 3D. Why Nintendo, why?
Super Mario Galaxy 2 10/10 (Perfect) The best Mario game ever! Why? It's because it has an awesome final battle, cool levels and neat missions to try out. The only flaw in this game, however, is that it has the worst plot in any Mario game. I mean, c'mon. The plot is the same as the first game.


  • Add better images to MarioWiki articles.
  • Have a sig.
  • Make friends on the Super Mario Wiki.
  • Fix up MarioWiki pages.
  • Finish my User page.

Articles created

Here is a list of all of the articles I have created, in order they were made.

Funny Stuff

Favorite Quotes

"I HAVE FURY!!!" Fawful from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

"Its-a me, Mario!" Mario from Super Mario 64

"I lost, to a bunch of losers!" Wario from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

"Oh, Princess Peach! Your cuddly old Bowser is here!" Bowser from Paper Mario

"Master of dimensions, pleasure of crowds, I am Dimentio!" Dimentio from Super Paper Mario

"Gwa, ha, ha, ha!" Bowser from any Mario RPG.


Here are my subpages.


Wiki Birthday

There are September 11, 2010 00:00:00 EDT until my wiki birthday!


There are February 10, 2010 00:00:00 EDT until my birthday!

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