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Hello there, folks! The name's Seth Allen, and I'm the son of a civil engineer and a former registered nurse. I was born in Savannah, Georgia in the early 1990s, and have lived in my current hometown of Cary, North Carolina since 1994.

I have a versatile personality which allows me to possess many different interests in many different topics and people. I claim that I possess a great degree of intelligence, and I prove to be very literate. I'm able to read and write proficiently, and speak not only English but several foreign languages as well. I show a diverse interest in studying, and though I may not have had a proper education (I was taught only in a couple of primary schools, an elementary school, and then I was home-schooled for a few years), I love to show diverse interest in my world.

I joined this wiki because of the fact that I was obsessed with the Mario franchise as a young kid. I wanted to contribute to a wiki that supports the video game universe I once knew and loved so well, so now, here I am!!

I've created a 21st-century Mario TV series concept!

My Mario fandom is not limited to my childhood experiences alone: I've shown my love of Mario and his games on deviantART, where I created a concept for a 21st-century TV series based around the world's best-selling video game franchise. That series' title is The All-New Super Mario Super Extravaganza!, which partially derives from the "Mario Extravaganza" title that was given to Super Mario All-Stars by its Japanese production team during development.

The show deviates substantially from the basic formula of the Mario franchise, being set in an utterly overhauled version of the Mushroom Universe. There is a greater emphasis on story and characters on Mario Extravaganza than in any of the games, even the RPGs. A great many of the pre-existing Mario meta-franchise characters (including characters from franchises that have merged from it, such as the Donkey Kong and Wario franchises) return, as do many of the preexisting Marioverse scenarios. However, all the preexisting Mario characters and locations are completely redesigned and overhauled for this new program, yet they are still recognizable, unlike some of those miserable efforts that were tried with the Super Mario Bros. movie. In addition, the Mario cast is vastly expanded with many new characters, most of whom are related to one or more of the returning characters from the games in any number of ways: as parents, spouses, siblings, children, relatives, friends, companions, employers, employees, household staff, subjects, old acquaintances, or just members of the same species.

The show also makes up for what the games seem to lack in terms of story, by incorporating more complicated plot lines than the source material. Mario games don't say more than "Bowser has kidnapped the princess," but Mario Extravaganza goes far beyond that, focusing on not only the adventures of Mario himself, but also other events in the lives of the Mushroom World's residents.

Other work

I've started a new wiki called the "Super Mario Fanworks Wiki!" I chose to create this because my effort to include dedicated Mario fan-works in the article List of Mario references on the Internet got reverted by admins, and when I realized that fan-made material is not allowed on the Super Mario Wiki, even when mentioned in article context, I decided to create my own wiki for such fan-works. You should try and give me some time to finish all the core pages! By the way, that wiki can be found here.