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Anywho, I'm now retired here... for good. I do not play on every returning here. I may come again to read, but not to contribute. Here are the reasons I'm gone for good:

  • I was more of a liability than an asect here (man I made so many mistakes here...).
  • Sometimes my computer has problems with this site (possibly anyway), and I don't have as much computer access as I used to.

If it were just these reasons, I might consider staying. HOWEVER, the next reason is the primary reason I'm leaving:

  • Look at how much stuff this wiki has that's not really Mario related: an article for every SSB stage, item, character, assist trophy, etc., etc. Heck, there's even an article for Rope Snake. This wiki also goes into too much info other cross-overs. I'M SICK OF HOW MUCH THIS WIKI TREATS NON-MARIO THINGS LIKE THEY'RE MARIO THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111ONEONEONE