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Hello, I'm Vini64! I'm Brazilian and live in São Paulo state. I'm a fan of Mario series, specially Paper Mario series (except for Super Paper Mario) and Mario Party. I have a Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and a Super Nintendo.

About myself

(October 2010) Quite a while since I last came here, ay? Well, I think I'm back now...

As my nickname says, I'm a big Nintendo 64 fan. I signed up to Mario Wiki because I've always used it when I wanted to know something about anything related to Mario. I've liked Mario since I was 3 years old, when I got my N64 in a contest and my first game was Super Mario 64. I enjoy doing game records, especially of Mario series. I've participated of Cyberscore website and now I participate of Record Games Brasil where the best Brazilian recordists are found. I spend the majority of my time on the Computer, as I'm addicted to the internet and post videos on Youtube (my account have 4 years and i got more than 800 videos) like records, video-game commercials etc. The other part of my time I spend playing my Nintendo consoles. Since I got my Wii, I need play it at least one match per day on Super Smash Bros. Brawl using Mr.Game & Watch xD

My goals

  • Create and expand NSMB Wii stuff.
  • Upload more than 100 images.
  • Upload more than 200 images.
  • Upload more than 500 images.
  • Reach 1000 edits.
  • Create 30 articles.
  • Create 50 articles.
  • Add ABOUTFILE to various images.

Articles I've created

  1. Lava Bubba (15 August, 2009)
  2. Gravity Spotlight (21 August, 2009)
  3. Hotel Lobby's Secret (22 August, 2009)
  4. Scratch 'Em (23 August, 2009)
  5. Mario Kart 64 on Club Circuit (25 August, 2009)
  6. Mario Tennis 64 Original Soundtrack (26 August, 2009)
  7. Diddy Kong Racing Original Soundtrack (27 August, 2009)
  8. Nintendo Sound Selection Vol.1: Healing Music (27 August, 2009)
  9. Nintendo Sound Selection Vol.2: Loud Music (27 August, 2009)
  10. Nintendo Sound Selection Vol.3: B-Side Music (27 August, 2009)
  11. Donkey Konga: The Hottest Hits (28 August, 2009)
  12. Nintendo All-Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers OST (29 August, 2009)
  13. Mario Basketball 3on3 Original Soundtrack (29 August, 2009)
  14. Happy! Mario 20th - Super Mario Sound Collection (29 August, 2009)
  15. Nintendo Super Famicom Game Music (7 September, 2009)
  16. Trial Mode (9 November, 2009) (Now it's just a redirect page)
  17. Dream Alpine (9 November, 2009)
  18. Propeller Block (16 November, 2009)
  19. Jumbo Ray (16 November, 2009)
  20. Power-Up Panels (16 November, 2009)
  21. White Smile Block (16 November, 2009)
  22. Enemy Course (16 November, 2009)
  23. Pinball (game) (16 November, 2009)
  24. Missile Banzai Bill (17 November, 2009)
  25. Mario Party 4/Staff (17 November, 2009)
  26. Luigi's Mansion/Staff (17 November, 2009)
  27. Mario Pinball Land/Staff (17 November, 2009)
  28. Stone Spike (17 November, 2009)
  29. Mario Party 3/Staff (17 November, 2009)
  30. Huckit Crab (18 November, 2009)
  31. Heavy Parabeetle (18 November, 2009)
  32. Foo (18 November, 2009)
  33. Bonecoaster (18 November, 2009)
  34. Mike Vaughn (18 November, 2009)
  35. Penguin Mario (18 November, 2009)
  36. Mega Wiggler (18 November, 2009)
  37. Jellybeam (18 November, 2009)
  38. Bulber (19 November, 2009)
  39. Shroom Drop (22 November, 2009)
  40. Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium/Staff (28 November, 2009)
  41. Super Mario Sunshine/Staff (28 November, 2009)
  42. Super Mario World/Staff (28 November, 2009)
  43. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe/Staff (28 November, 2009)
  44. Nintendo Puzzle Collection/Staff (28 November, 2009)
  45. Mario Party 5/Staff (28 November, 2009)
  46. Mario Party 6/Staff (28 November, 2009)
  47. Mario Party 7/Staff (28 November, 2009)
  48. Mario Party Advance/Staff (28 November, 2009)

Redirect pages

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My Mario Games collection and ratings (in progress...)

Nintendo 64 (Got it in 1999)

Rating: 10/10 (awesome choice). Awesome music, awesome levels and their graphics, almost perfect controls :D
  • Yoshi's Story - (Beaten in 2000. Trial Mode completed.) My favorite game when I was 4-6 years old.
Today, my rating is 5/10 (fair choice). Graphics are fair, great music, easy controls and it's VERY easy to beat.
  • Dr. Mario 64 - (Not beaten. I haven't unlocked Metal Mario and Vampire Wario.) The best Dr. Mario game.
Rating: 7/10 (great choice). Graphics are fair, music is great, better controls as we use D-pad to play. It's a very fun choice to play with friends.
  • Mario Golf - (Well, I've used a cheat code included in Mario Golf to unlock all characters, but I've unlocked all courses without code.) The best Mario Golf game.
Rating: 9/10 (awesome choice). Really great graphics, great music, perfect controls. You can spend 4 hours of your life trying to do Hole-in-Ones ;D

Nintendo GameCube (Got it in May, 2006)

Rating: 8/10 (very good choice). Awesome graphics, really great music, perfect controls. Great character roster (first Mr. Game & Watch appearence ^^) and really great stage selection.
Rating: a perfect score of 9/10 (must-buy choice)! Perfect graphics, awesome music, perfect controls. You have a GameCube? So you must have this game!
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - (Beaten in 2008, when I got this game. Gold trophy on all cups, even All-Cup Tour on Mirror.) Tied with Mario Kart 64 in the battle of the best Mario Kart game.
Rating: an almost perfect score of 9,5/10 (perfect choice). Awesome graphics, awesome music, perfect controls. One of the best games to play in Multiplayer mode with friends. Also, the 2-in-kart feature makes the game even better, because co-op play. The tracks in this game are some of the best, but they still lose to Mario Kart 64's (in my opinion).
Rating: an almost perfect score of 9,5/10 (perfect choice)! Awesome graphics (for a Paper Mario game), awesome music, perfect controls. This game is much harder than Paper Mario for N64. It also have more features and badges. Bonetail is pretty invincible, you just can beat him using the Danger Mario technique.
  • DDR Mario Mix - (Beaten? If beat this game is complete Story Mode and Story Mode EX, I've beaten xD) I just like the musics from this game.
Rating: 3/10 (horrible choice). Graphics will change something in this game? Awesome music. Controls? Just like every DDR game. You will buy this game? Buy at your own risk.
  • Mario Party 5 - (Beaten in 2007, when I got this game. Completed Story Mode and got all mini-games.) The only Mario Party for GameCube I've played.
Rating: 8,5/10 (really great choice). Really great graphics, really great music and really great controls. Not so good as its Nintendo 64's predecessors but it's still a very good game. Very fun mini-games and perfect multiplayer indeed.

Nintendo Wii (Got it in April, 2009)

  • Super Mario Galaxy - (Beaten in 2009. 121 stars with Mario and 121 with Luigi.) The best Super Mario 3D platformer game!
Rating: a perfect score of 10/10 (must-buy choice)! More-than-perfect graphics, perfect and beautiful music and perfect controls! This game is perfect, nothing more to say!
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - (Almost beaten. I don't got all the trophies, stickers and Challenges.) The 2nd best game ever!!!!
Rating: a PERFECT score of 10/10 (must-buy choice)!! Perfect graphics, the greatest music selection ever and controls? All ways to play are awesome! Specially Wii Remote on horizontal. Awesome character roster (Mr. Game & Watch and R.O.B!!!), wide stage selection (including custom stages!). An awesome Adventure mode and another modes which are really cool too... I need to say more? xD
  • Mario Kart Wii - (Not beaten. There's 4 characters remaining and some vehicles, but I've got Gold trophy on all cups.) A great Mario Kart game.
Rating: 7/10 (great choice). Really great graphics (tracks), great music and... Wii Remote + Nunchuk (awesome controls), Wii Wheel (horrible to manage). Baby Daisy? Dry Bowser? Funky Kong? In the next Mario Kart game, they will put Cheep Cheeps or even a Thwomp...
Rating: an almost perfect score of 9,5 (perfect choice)! Great graphics, great music and perfect controls. The only thing which matters in this this game is the gameplay! Awesome animations for the characters ("WALUIGI, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!"), using Megastrikes are like cheating xD and awesome techniques (Dry Bones' electric shot, Birdo's guaranteed egg-goal, Shy Guy's Bullet Bill-assist technique, Koopa's Dizzy Shell technique, and etc.)!
  • Wario Land: Shake It! - (Not beaten. Ehrm... It's not beaten cause I don't wanna beat this game xD) Nice Wario game.
Rating: 5/10 (fair choice). Great graphics, cool music, great controls. When you got nothing to do, play this game. It would be nice xD.
Rating: 6/10 (nice choice). Graphics will change something here xD? Pretty catchy music and the controls are pretty hard to manage. Microgames are fun, but this game gets sick easy.
Rating: 6,5/10 (cool choice). Graphics are pretty identical as GameCube version, cool music and controls are pretty poor. Perfect game to burn calories :D!
  • Mario Party 8 - (Not beaten. I don't got all Carnival Cards and I don't unlocked Blooper.) Another awesome Mario Party game!
Rating: 8/10 (very good choice). Graphics are pretty identical as GameCube's Mario Parties, catchy music and great controls. Mini-games are really cool but this game gets sick easy. The only mode which don't gets sick, is Test for the Best! This mode is awesome! It's even better than Decathlon modes from MP5, MP6 and MP7.

Virtual Console

(OBS.: All games here I've played in its own console (Nintendo 64, SNES, etc.) and the ratings will be based on that.)

  • Paper Mario (N64)' - (Beaten 5 times in the N64. The first in 2003.) THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!
Rating: a PERFECT score of 10/10 (must-buy choice)!!!! Great graphics, perfect music and perfect controls! When I was 6, I've rented this game from the rent office and from that day, I started to love this game! I even stayed with the cartridge for more than 30 days by renewing the delivery date :D!
  • Mario Kart 64 (N64)' - (Beaten in 2001 in the N64. As I remember, I got all gold trophies on all cups.) Yeah, that's the best Mario Kart game :DD...
Rating: a perfect score of 10/10 (must-buy choice). Reasonably graphics, awesome music and perfect controls. Even being a simple Mario Kart game, it is awesome. It was the first Mario Kart I've played and this game mark my childhood.


Rating: 5,5/10 (reasonably choice). Really great graphics, really catchy music and perfect controls. I hate the Virus Buster mode ¬¬. We can use our Miis and the GameCube controller :D!

Facts about me

  • I live in Brazil.
  • I am 13 years old.
  • I got my Nintendo 64 in a contest.
  • My first console was a Sega Mega Drive.
  • I like Mario series since 1999 (when I was 3).
  • My older nickname was ViniYoshi (2000-2006)
  • I have more Wii games than GameCube's and Nintendo 64's.
  • I've reached the conclusion that Paper Mario TTYD is better than Paper Mario for N64 (October 2, 2009)

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