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by Cmario17 (talk)

Hi, Cmario17 here for User Interview! Or, at least it's supposed to be User Interview, but I was a klutz and lost the interviews. So this month, I bring to you User Summary. It's not quite as exiting, but to make up for it I'm covering two users instead of one - and I PROMISE that next issue will have an interview!

First up, Uniju :D.

Uniju :D is a friendly user that can usually be found in the Mariowiki chatroom. Why? Because Uniju (is it OK if I leave the smile off?) is an operator! I don't exactly know all the extra powers you get for being an operator, but basically I know that operators can kick you out if you aren't following the rules. Uniju joined the Mariowiki in the summer of 2007, which is a lot earlier than I did. Uniju's favorite character is Waluigi - who should appear in A LOT more games. Uniju's favorite games are Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy - but least favorite is Super Mario 64 DS because it was changed too much. Just one more random fact here...Uniju's favorite word is defenstration - which means, to throw someone out of a window on the roof (usually on the top of a tall building). I found this out when I first tried chatting - I was defenstrated for being a n00b.

I also have some info here on... Paint It Black.

Paint It Black also joined the Mariowiki in the summer of 2007 - coming from some site called Mario HQ. Paint It Black's favorite character is Dimentio, and he also has the original Super Mario 64 as his top game. During our interview, I was shocked to find out that Paint It Black is a Bureaucrat of Userpedia, and that he was promoted there in record time - only 2 weeks. I must have had a good first impression on Paint It Black, because he recommended me to join Userpedia - and he accepted my friend request. The rest was lost somewhere in cyberspace...

See you next issue -Cmario17!