Heal Slime

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This article is about the Itadaki Street DS character also known as Healer. For the Super Smash Bros. Brawl item, see Team Healer.
Heal Slime from Fortune Street
Heal Slime's appearance in Itadaki Street DS

Heal Slime, often known as Healer, is a support/guest character in Itadaki Street DS. Players are able to summon it for extra help after they have obtained its card. Heal Slimes are some of the many different Slime species there are in the Dragon Quest series. As their name implies, their purpose is to heal their fellow monster teammates in battle.

In Fortune Street, Heal Slimes give free suits when the player passes by them or if the player lands in the same square that has them. The player gets to choose what suit they want or if the player has all of their suits, he will give them a Suit Yourself card. Heal Slimes appear the same way as in Itadaki Street. The Heal Slime in this game is named Healie, a reference to a character from Dragon Quest IV.